Christmas meet the cast of castle

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christmas meet the cast of castle

Watch the official Castle online at Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes. Meet the Cast · Richard Castle · Kate Beckett · Kevin. A Princess for Christmas, billed in the UK as A Christmas Princess is a American 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 Production; 4 Accolades; 5 References; 6 External links Arriving at the palace, Jules finds herself meeting Ashton (Sam Heughan), the that he was "working on a screenplay called Christmas At Castlebury Hall". You Can Visit The Castle From A Christmas Prince. Kaitlin Reilly . Meet The Terrified & Blindfolded Cast Of Bird Box. Just how does Netflix do.

He then tells the butler to send invitations out for the ball. Overhearing Ashton and Edward speaking disapprovingly of someone "untitled" and "crass" they'd rather not invite to the ball, Jules mistakenly believes it to be about her.

A Princess for Christmas (TV Movie ) - IMDb

Though they are actually talking about someone elsean "awful grizzly woman" called Bunny McCracken. When the staff accidentally burns Jules' dress, she takes this as an excuse not to attend.

christmas meet the cast of castle

Jules, feeling unwelcome, decides to go back to the US early only telling the children. Despite their efforts to make her stay, she leaves, asking them not to tell anyone until she is gone.

Birch, the housekeeper, finds that Jules is missing, so the staff retrieves her from the terminal.

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Meanwhile at the ball, Ashton verifies his girlfriend Lady Arabella only wants him for his title. Jules arrives at the ball.

christmas meet the cast of castle

When Ashton finds her, she says she is trying to not be an embarrassment. Confused, he asks for an explanation. From Jules' mistakenly interpreted eavesdropping, Ashton clears things up, and then they dance.

Amber also meets Richard, whom she is embarrassed to realize she insulted earlier after he, incognito, stole the cab she was about to get into at the Aldovian airport. Amber quickly becomes attracted to Richard upon learning that, contrary to rumors, he is actually a compassionate and responsible family man, though he is indeed reluctant to take the throne. During this time she also learns from Emily that Richard's cousin Simon is next in line for the throne, which he sorely wants; Amber also encounters Richard's ex-girlfriend Sophia, who Richard suspects was only interested in him for his future title.

Amber is eventually confronted by Emily, who reveals that she knows the truth about her identity. Amber prepares to leave, but Emily agrees to not reveal her secret so long as she writes a story that exposes Richard for the real person he is and ends the negative rumors about him.

After Amber follows Richard on horseback through the woods, her horse throws her off and she is nearly attacked by a wolf, only to be saved by Richard.

christmas meet the cast of castle

While warming up at his father's old hunting cabin, the prince reveals to her that he told his father he was going to renounce the throne; they had a fight over the decision, and the king died soon after. Richard shows Amber a mysterious poem written by his father, and the two almost kiss but are interrupted by the sound of neighing horses.

After Richard leaves to check on the animals, Amber searches the late king's desk and discovers a hidden compartment holding documents which prove that Richard was secretly adopted. Amber is reluctant to reveal the truth, as it would deeply hurt Richard, but decides to tell him during a walk; he kisses her instead, and she realizes she is in love with him.

At the same time, a suspicious Sophia and Simon search Amber's room, discovering not only her true identity but Richard's adoption certificate.

christmas meet the cast of castle

At the Christmas Eve Ball, Richard prepares to be crowned, only for Sophia to reveal his adoption and Amber's true identity. Simon asserts himself as next in line for the throne as Richard storms off and rebuffs a repentant Amber's apologies, and she tearfully leaves the palace.

The queen reveals to Richard that she adopted him after being told she could not have children, and that she regretted not telling him sooner, but that she and the king considered him their true son.