Creative meet and greet ideas for school

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creative meet and greet ideas for school

Dec 12, Activities for Meetings, Training, and Team Building Sessions Meet and Greet Meeting Ice Breakers: Looking for simple, fun ways to have your Fun and Funny Ice Breakers: Want to laugh with participants as you break the. Oct 11, Q: Students are not showing enthusiasm for greeting the way they did . 99 Activities and Greetings: Great for Morning Meeting and other. the event and sending them home with relevant materials, the ideas are .. come in for the pre-first day of school meeting, they can . a creative backdrop?.

Use social media to promote it. Be a Podcast Star If you have plenty of time before your event, start a podcast and begin to build a following you can promote and tap into that way. In return offer the influencer free tickets to attend and to give away to their fans. Chatbots Use AI technology to take care of anyone looking for answers on your website before they are willing to commit to tickets.

Live chat on your website, Facebook messenger and text chatbots can answer and reassure potential attendees that have specific niggles holding them back from booking a ticket. Local Graffiti Ask local artists to create a piece of original art that also has your event information in it!

Of course, make sure you get permission from the wall owner, or you can set up a temporary wall and canvas specifically for them to create their promotional art on.

Event Promotion: 100 Creative (Free and Cheap) Ideas to Try Now

Offer services in kind or create an opportunity for them to sell their own prints or artwork at the event itself. The artwork could even be commissioned and made into event merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags and mugs. Pick a theme they will be interested in and that offers value worth sharing. World Record Attempt Investigate world record attempts in your event niche. If there is a current record make a serious attempt to smash it in the lead up to the official event.

If there is no record, think creatively for a record attempt that will capture attention. This could even generate some TV coverage ahead of the live event which is the type of promotion you generally cannot afford. Temporary options such as cardboard tables and chairs can be easily printed, decorated or written on to promote your event and give potential attendees somewhere to sit at the same time. Or, if you have a little budget available, hire an oversized deckchair with the fabric custom printed to your design.

You could also repurpose for your event too! Guerilla Performances If your event has a performance element or theme you can play on, create a preview performance on the subway or another public area.

For example, for concerts have acts start playing, for themed events, dress event staff in outfits and interact with the public. Make sure signage and information makes it clear the full details of the event. Temporary Signposts Create signposts that lead people to your event or venue easily, they can be made from anything, including cost-effective cardboard or recycled and reclaimed materials. Just be careful not to tamper with any existing signage or confuse your guests, and remove them afterwards.

creative meet and greet ideas for school

Well-Known Mascot Characters Do you have a beloved mascot in your hometown? Or perhaps a relevant cartoon character that everyone loves? Pose for photo opportunities and have your staff dress up to hand out event details. Host a Free or Sponsored Webinar For business related events or those that offer some sort of expertise, a webinar can give a preview of what to expect and entice them in.

If you can give them some really valuable information for free in the webinar, imagine how much more they can get at the event. Set Up A City Photo Booth Photo booths are one of the most popular activities at events so use it as a promo opportunity in advance instead! You can also give options to print the image for a momento to take away. Social Promises Get everyone working together by sharing a common goal online to encourage engagement and promotion. Utilise Storytelling Share personal stories from people that have attended the event in the past and what it meant for them.

Storytelling often sees better results and conversions. Animated Digital Invites Make your digital invitations pop by using animations and cartoons that move when the attendee opens them. You could also include interactive elements that become live or animated when hovered over or clicked on. For example, offer to volunteer at a local event in your area in exchange for promotional opportunities for your next event and sign a service based sponsorship agreement rather than exchanging monetary payment.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Setup Take your audience on a journey and give them exclusive peeks behind the scenes at your event to build buzz. This could be setup photos, pre-event interviews on what to expect or even a live feed from the backstage area to grow their excitement.

Ask for Referrals The highest converting type of promotion and most effective marketing tactic is often word of mouth or referrals so get in contact with previous attendees, industry professionals and vendors that have worked with you in the past to encourage them to share the event details with others.

Many technology tools offer ways to freely generate invite codes and turn past attendees into ambassadors. Link Your Events Create recurring or linked smaller events so that you can use them to cross-promote your main event. For example, if you establish a business networking event on websites such as Meetup. Speak at Other Events Offer your expertise by speaking at relevant industry specific events.

Without giving a sales pitch you can tap into their pool of attendees with minimal effort and make sure they have heard about your event. Ensure Event Branding is Consistent Share social media collaterals such as images or videos, with those who will be marketing the event on your behalf, like industry influencers, speakers or sponsors.

Make it as easy as possible for them to schedule and share content that will promote the event. Try to make the images customized for each stakeholder. Use Image Quotes From Past Attendees Take a quote from an attendee and overlay it on an interesting background, such as an image from the event. Note their name, job title and organization if they are happy for you to share it. These are great to share on social networks, in blog posts or as stories. A Photo A Day Share photos from previous events on social media each day to give a flavor of the event.

Make sure you have permission and if you do, consider tagging them in the photo too, to encourage them to share it as well. Invite Local Journalists There is bound to be events listings in your local newspaper so submit the event details in plenty of time.

Furthermore, preemptively contact journalists and invite them to attend and offer a newsworthy angle and key facts why they should cover the event. Spend Time Making Conversation on Social Invest some time on social media each day to get the conversation flowing without selling.

Just aim to be helpful and genuine, offering solutions when you can. Try to participate in groups, forums and on popular hashtag chats online. Comp Passes Give sponsors, exhibitors and vendors attendee free passes so they can share them with their best clients or invite along colleagues, friends and family.

Encourage the favor to be returned by asking them to share widely on social and help to spread the word. Promote your event using exclusivity tactics, such as the first tickets will each receive a VIP upgrade. Find a Milestone Milestone events such as a 25th anniversary are always popular because everyone wants to be part of something exciting.

Figure out a way to make your event a milestone and promote it from that perspective, e.

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Ask Your Personal Network What are friends and family for? Ask them to share, spread the word and get involved to help the promo cause. If every member of event staff did this too you would reach a very wide network for free. Crowdfunding Campaign If you want to raise awareness, test the water and gain support financial and otherwiseconsider launching a crowdfunding campaign.

This can help your event to get noticed and offer a registration boost within a set time period often a month. Donate Tickets to Charity Auctions Donate tickets or a VIP package to a charity auction or fundraiser which not only helps worthy causes but means that your event will be written or spoken about in order to explain the prizes. It gets you in front of a ton of people to promote to, while also helping others to fundraise, a win-win situation.

Reach out and contact them to let them know they are missed. If you can take the time to share a notecard with a handwritten message that could be even more effective in showing them that you care. Give Great Deals Probably the oldest trick in the book, but offer deals, discounts and vouchers as an early booking incentive with a clear deadline. Deals tend to spread like wildfire and if people think they are getting a bargain they are more likely to share with others.

Turn on Social Sharing This is a given but make sure you have social sharing capabilities on all of your registration software so that it is easy and prompts others to share their excitement when they got a ticket for your event.

creative meet and greet ideas for school

Social Media Takeover or Challenge Hand over the reins of your social media accounts to an alternative voice. This could be the intern or a blogger you are working with.

The key thing is to present a different perspective and hopefully to encourage some of their tribe to start following and interacting more with your event account. Another great free idea is to create a challenge, such as a day photo challenge on Instagram.

Tap into your niche and set promote that will appeal to your audience. Furthermore, make sure that you like and converse with everyone that gets involved. If you have a little bit to invest here are 20 of the best low-cost event promotional opportunities. Attend Networking Events There are networking events for a reason! Take brochures, posters and business cards with you and spread news of your event strategically but as far as you can. Perfect your elevator pitch so you can explain succinctly what your event is about.

Blogger Outreach Research bloggers, vloggers and micro-influencers that have a loyal following in your event niche and approach them to get them on board. Arm them with the chance to earn a commission on those that sign up and buy tickets through them using dedicated discount codes.

Make sure you provide them with the access they need and look after them on site too, ensuring the WiFi is up to scratch so they can do what they do best. Give them a voucher when they register to exchange for swag on site at the event.

creative meet and greet ideas for school

This makes them more likely to come along. Many of the channels offer credits, particularly for those who are starting out so use them to promote your event!

Alternatively, consider starting your own awards ceremony if it fits your event niche. Everyone wants to be a winner. Branded Cupcakes Free food and treats are always a big hit. Invest in some cupcakes with the event details in sugar paper and hand them out.

Colored icing and pretty sprinkles are a surefire way to get some social media pictures surfacing too. Grow Your Event Specific Opt-In Take every opportunity to build your email list with people that want to hear from you for future event promotion.

Make sure that your list is GDPR compliant and that your audience have confirmed that they are happy for their data to be held by you, within specific criteria, as detailed in your privacy policy.

Offer a Loyalty Program For those that want to hear from you, consider starting a loyalty program. This could mean that the more event tickets they book the closer they get to a lifetime event discount or that on their birthday each year they get a special promotional code entitling them to a free drink at the next show they attend.

Use this to your advantage by partnering with brands so that both sides win. This could be product placement at your event in exchange for free signage and advertising of your event to their networks or another quid pro quo. Banners Get vinyl banners printed and get permission to put them up in high traffic areas. These are robust and can cost next to nothing to produce.

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Request eyelets so you can secure them effectively in outside areas. Also invest in pull up banner stands which can be used inside to promote your event and ask the venue if it can be displayed at the venue for a month or more in the lead up to the event.

creative meet and greet ideas for school

The student who receives the ball of yarn greets another student across the circle and rolls the ball to that student, making sure to hold onto the unraveling strand with one hand. This continues until everyone has been greeted and the yarn has created a web across the circle. To unravel the web, students greet each other in reverse order until the ball of yarn is wound up again. Flightly Flight Give the first greeter a paper airplane. The student being greeted waits until the airplane lands and then retrieves it.

Remind students that only the person being greeted retrieves the airplane. He returns the greeting: Repeat until everyone has been greeted. How can I keep up? One way to gather new greetings is to ask colleagues to share ones their students enjoy. And remember that students themselves are excellent resources. When you ask for their help adapting familiar greetings or even coming up with new ones, their enthusiasm is sure to rise.

Say Your Name The whole class begins chanting the refrain: Say your name and when you do, we will say it back to you! The first child then says his or her name aloud: Perfect if you like to use a matching classroom theme. Magic Playdough — This idea is one of my favorites! If you have a night event like meet the teacher or a classroom preview night, then these glowing treats will be a perfect fit.

Glow sticks are very inexpensive to purchase for an entire class.

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This Year is Looking Bright — Here is a different way to give glow sticks. Sandwich the glow stick or two between two cards. You can use scrapbook paper that matches your classroom color scheme or theme.

Grab these cute printables some ribbon, cellophane bags and goldfish. Fun Dipping into Learning — There is something that most kids find novel about fun dip candy.

So, capitalize on that with these cut out circle tags. There are usually many great options during school sales so you can stock up for a whole class.

The chevron pattern is very much in style. Bubbling With Excitement to Meet You — Let your students know how excited you are to meet them with a stash of bubbles.