Doctor who donna and the meet again crossword

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doctor who donna and the meet again crossword

Doctor Who returned to tea time Saturday with one of the jolliest romps in the The plot rattled along at a great pace, the Doctor and Donna's. In “The Crusade,” the Doctor (again played by William Hartnell) and his . He and his companion Donna initiate the explosion to save the world. I'd like to think the prima donna (in the old, non-rude sense) Summer drank argue that "the time being" should be The Doctor, not DOCTOR WHO. and Enigmatist have been the first compilers in our Meet The Setter feature, but it's stars-not-stars time again, the constellation CANIS MINOR hiding in the.

The week's most mouth-watering puzzle came from Scorpion in Tuesday's Independent. The theme was unannounced and revealed itself gently.

doctor who donna and the meet again crossword

It still took me longer than it ought've. I was in a solve-each-clue-and-move-on mood - my story and I'm sticking to it - even though the Independent's is a crossword that's always worth inspecting for some kind of unflagged jiggery-pokery, if only to help with the tricky blank spaces towards the end. What difference would it have made if the puzzle had announced its theme?

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It's a question that might seem a little inside-baseball, but one which some argue relates to a theme close to this blog's heart - the accessibility and appeal of crosswords to casual solvers and absolute noobs. Cluing coincidence Kudos to commenter keithdgs for this week's happy accident: Today I found a rather striking coincidence of clues: Let's look at both clues first and then the common answer.

The Top Ten Doctor Who Stories for History Buffs

From Thursday's Irish Times: Thanks also to Keith for setting me on a path that led to the Irish Times's new crossword blog written by setter Roy Earle, who's described by his paper as inhabiting a "leathery man-cave of books.

Not merely that each clue started with a different letter; the answers' initial letters spelled "Phi's thousandth daily cryptic". I make that either three - or 1, - caps to doff in tribute. Phi has form here; anyone rash enough to try the Listener crossword frequently might remember his "" puzzlewhich simultaneously celebrated his 50th Listener, his 50th birthday and three other new quinquagenerians.

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I'm concerned that if you haven't done either puzzle, I might have made you suspect that they smell of braggadocio - but the shared sense of fun is palpable from the comments on Friday's puzzle at Fifteen Squared. Notabilis in Friday's Telegraph Toughie was on fire with many masterfully written clues, including: The show has survived poor production values, the Doctor getting stranded on Earth for years, declining public interest in the show, cancellation in the late s, as well as a failed attempt to reboot the series in only to come back ingaining new fans and new respect.

Nearly all of these episodes are available on DVD or Netflix, although two of the episodes from the Crusades are preserved only as audio. One of the companions, history teacher Barbara, is briefly hailed as a divine reincarnation of a high priest and tries to put an end to the Aztec practice of human sacrifice.

doctor who donna and the meet again crossword

Her efforts fail, and history moves on. The story highlights the political machinations of the real-life leaders and the bloodthirsty nature of the Crusades themselves.

doctor who donna and the meet again crossword

But of course the Doctor fails, barely escaping a death sentence. The Doctor may be known for traveling through time and space, but his third incarnation played by Jon Pertwee was banished by his fellow Time Lords to present-day Earth. Time travel stories returned, however, with the Fourth Doctor portrayed by Tom Baker. Inhe and his frequent companion, journalist Sarah Jane Smith, found themselves in England in in the home of a professor who had gone missing while excavating a pyramid in Egypt.

Doctor Who - Partners in Crime was a good start to season four

The professor had accidently released an alien named Sutekh—which fans of Egyptian history will recognize as another name for the chaos god Set—who had been locked in that pyramid by his brother Horus and their fellow Osirians.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane must battle robotic mummies roaming the grounds before taking down Sutekh and saving the human race.

doctor who donna and the meet again crossword

The Doctor intervenes, setting history back on course. This is the time of the Luddites, a group of English textile workers who were protesting changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution in the early s.