Ebi meet the voice 4 winner

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ebi meet the voice 4 winner

Ebrahim Hamedi (born June 19, ) better known by the name Ebi is a famous he's usually noted for his unique voice and is considered by many to be the best As he became more famous, he met Shahram and Shahbal Shabpareh. The MTV VJ Search is over and a Winner has emerged! She's been a Pescatarian for 3 years – she only eats seafood, she doesn't eat any meat. We' ll soon hear her voice on the radio and watch her in an upcoming web Aso Ebi Styles # Zainab Balogun, Shaffy Bello, Sharoon Ooja And Others. The fourth season of the American reality talent show The Voice premiered on March 25, , Winner; Runner-up; Third place; Eliminated in the Live shows .. Amber Carrington was the first contestant to reach the Top 10 of iTunes and to .

Rowling, or any really good author whose narrative structure is solid and sensible. Do you want to write a crossover? What ideas do you have swirling around in that head of yours? Write the ideas down somewhere in order to organize it all. And make sure to. Do something no-one else seems to have come up with. Or, take a concept already presented, and then blow the readers' minds by making it so much better than the other stories. Do something different, and make sure it is interesting and exciting; make it so that someone else would feel inspired to write fanfiction as well, just from reading your story.

Hell, Soul Chess inspired me to pick up writing. I've been writing since Apriland I've slowly improved little by little. Once you have picked an idea, start planning. This is a work-in-progress; you're likely going to constantly add to your planning just in case something interesting works itself out and you discover it. Start writing a synopsis, and then ask yourself: What story arcs can happen?

The MTV VJ Search Is Over! Meet K’Ola The Gorgeous New Winner

Major plot twists somewhere down the line? What chapter will cover a certain part of the story? Can I add in a few tropes? TV Tropes is probably the most useful tool for writing on the Internet.

MEET THE VOICE - Ebi - Episode 1

I highly recommend giving it a go. Unless you value your life, that is. Fairy Chess is one of those stories where I originally pulled whatever I came up with out of my arse and just wrote it to my heart's content. But I had to start planning by chapter 20, because I was seriously lost afterwards on what to do. Before I cancelled it, I had a plan on how the final arc was going to go, which all of you can read up on in chapter So, start planning how to begin the story.

After the first chapter is done, you can post it, and then start planning chapter 2, and so on. I would recommend no more than two pages on the summary for each chapter.

ebi meet the voice 4 winner

If it's a battle chapter, about six paragraphs should be fine. I cannot stress this enough. You must know what you're doing with the characters. If someone's out of character, it is almost certainly because you don't understand them well enough to write them. Once in a while, someone may say your interpretation of a character is OOC, but only because they interpreted things differently. Don't always listen to people who say this, unless you can't defend your interpretation and admit you were wrong.

This is probably the biggest issue in fanfiction and storytelling in general. Original characters are very hard to handle, especially if you make them the protagonist of your fanfic.

The information you get there will greatly help you in keeping your characters in line. If you ask me, here's what I would do to avoid Sue-ness: For example, don't give them a zanpakuto if they're in Fairy Tail, unless it's a crossover. Don't give them a gigantic robot transformation if it's in Code Geass. Stick to the laws of the world you're writing about. Breaking it will not only break Willing Suspension of Disbelief, but it will break your credibility.

Therefore, no-one will read your story. They cannot become best friends with the main characters spontaneously, or all of a sudden get the best powers in the universe. That's just boring and completely stupid.

This is tied into how well you write the other characters as well; don't change characters in order for them to like your OC. If your character does something or likes something that your favourite character doesn't, then show how the two of them can't get along.

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That's called realism - it's impossible for everyone in the world to like the one guy, because there is always someone who hates someone else's guts for whatever reason. Soon he became one of Mary's favorite students because of his talent and coachability.

As he became more famous, he met Shahram and Shahbal Shabpareh. The brothers were pioneers in Persian pop music. Kochini club was one of the most famous night clubs in Tehran before Although the group's success was great, Ebi left the group to start his solo career again.

After leaving Black CatsEbi released four albums. His songs became soundtracks of many movies. Ebi won many prizes in singing competitions around the world. Personal Life Ebi was a resident of Los Angeles for many years and continues to spend time there due to his career. However, due to personal preference, he now resides in Spain with his wife and travels throughout various other European countries.

ebi meet the voice 4 winner

He has three daughters, Khatoon, Saye and Asal from his first marriage. They are 30, 28 and 26 years old respectively.

He married two times and his second wife name is Mahshid. He also has one son, Farshid.