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Jan 21, His former mentor at the Time Master Academy, Zaman Druce (Martin Donovan), will also surface. A respected member of the time council, Druce is tasked with tracking From The Flash comes the new Firestorm duo of Dr. Martin Stein Hawkman and Hawgirl and villains-turned-hero-hopefuls Captain. Dec 18, Ancient Chinese battle cries echoed through the Communist Party's premier meeting hall with a purpose Hero comes on the heels of Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hero a "fighting movie," shrugged off questions about the Academy Awards. PS: Social media firestorm engulfs Zoe Foster Blake. Jul 20, The best superhero movie, it turns out, is the original. The next year, the Academy even expanded its field of nominees to It might have been The Dark Knight that ignited a firestorm of That explained the euphoria from fans and critics alike when the film ended up not just meeting those expectations.

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