How did ashish sharma and archana taide meet the browns

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how did ashish sharma and archana taide meet the browns

TV actor Ashish Sharma shares how he and his better half Archana Taide met. now wife Archana Taide (she is currently the part of Qubool Hai)! “I was and that was our first meeting and we enjoyed each other's company. TV actor Ashish Sharma, who is known for essaying the role of Lord Ram in the recently shared a video of his photoshoot with wife Archana Taide which will. Ashish Sharma, the handsome hunk who is seen in Rab Se Sona Ishq on Zee TV , is shooting in London since the last two months. Archana.

We are best friends even after getting married. One thing you like about each other and one thing you dislike?

how did ashish sharma and archana taide meet the browns

Archana — Ashish is a very liberal man. He always encourages me to pursue my dreams. My goals are his goals. He is very forgiving and he lets go of things. I like all these qualities in him.

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I dislike his carelessness and laziness. Ashish — I Love her honesty and hate her stubbornness. Who makes peace first when you fight? Ashish — Of course me. I am the man. It is always my duty to bow down. Ashish — Always be honest and transparent about everything. Loyalty to your partner is a must.

how did ashish sharma and archana taide meet the browns

Craziest thing you did together? Archana — One day late in the night, we felt really hungry. How has the journey been so far walking together hand in hand? Archana — Beautiful and very smooth.

Ashish — Still warming up, still trying to figure out each other and life along with it. A special thing you both did for each other that brings a smile on your face?

how did ashish sharma and archana taide meet the browns

Archana — This Easter, in spite of having hectic shooting a schedule Ashish made all the arrangements and surprised me with a beautiful evening. He baked a cake and even cooked a lovely meal for me.

His loving gesture did bring a smile on my face. From my side, this anniversary, I took him for a romantic hot air balloon ride early in the morning. Ashish — She plans surprises really well and knows me enough to plan things that will make me happy. Looking back, what is it that you will like to change in the relationship?

how did ashish sharma and archana taide meet the browns

Ashish — Nothing at all. If marooned on an island, what are the things you would like to take along? Ashish — Just Archana, rest she will figure out.

When you are away from each other how many times do you call each other? We call each other five to six times in a day. Ashish — Depends on how my schedule is. Endearing names you use for each other? Archana — I Call him baby.

how did ashish sharma and archana taide meet the browns

I don't even remember the last time when I addressed him as Ashish. Ashish — She calls me Sharmaji.

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I call her babu. The most memorable date? Archana — I had signed a new show and when I came back home to share the news with Ashish, he had already arranged a very beautiful candle-light dinner to celebrate my success. We make them believe that love does exist. Ashish - I was on the horse dancing and when I entered the venue I could see Archana across the wall and she was hell scared, I believe my happiness and excitement kind of soothed her down a bit. Suddenly everything was fine, the first thought that crossed my mind was that he is the right man for me, he will love me forever I did and she ran away and then for the whole courting period I was practically chasing her only.

Archana- Ashish proposed first. He never proposed me for dating, he directly proposed me for marriage. We were in long distance relationship during our courtship period.

Real-life couple Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide spill the beans

In all his scenes he used to give bare body shots and I used to find it very hot and sexy. In this area I am more fortunate because she is a master in giving surprises. Last birthday party during Jhalak was the best I needed that breather during the entire hectic schedule, she just knows how to do it.

Archana-when I had signed a new show. Ashish had prepared a candle light dinner for me and after having 2 glasses of wine he proposed me. According to him professional life sort ho gayi thi so why not sort personal life too.

Ashish- Archana is almost a dream machine she sees almost dreams every night and she even remembers all of them. Archana- Ashish is very lazy.