How did ward and june cleaver meet

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how did ward and june cleaver meet

Ward Cleaver, Jr. is a fictional character in the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver. Ward and his wife, June, are often invoked as archetypal suburban parents Ward met his future wife, June Evelyn Bronson, when they were teens. The two dated and went to State college together. They married and became the . 4 Why was June so upset when Beaver gave himself a horrible haircut? As Ward Cleaver, he wore a smoking jacket, and was seen smoking cigarettes When Miss Landers (Sue Randall) decided to get married, the newspaper carried a. June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver is a principal character in the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver. June and her husband, Ward, are often invoked as the archetypal suburban is mentioned in one episode as East St. Louis while Ward is teasing her about her upbringing and they are discussing how they met.

None of this was clearly a good influence on the Cleaver kids. Jerry Springer-like parenting was clearly missing in their lives.

how did ward and june cleaver meet

Remember, June met Ward as a teenager, and never had the chance to promote her own sexual freedoms and feminist attributes. She was surely a discontented woman masquerading as a homebody extraordinaire who coveted a Betty Friedan-like influence in her life.

This made her a very unstable woman.

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Plus, this display of oppression on national TV must have compelled thousands of young female viewers to grow up emulating June and her cloistered ways.

Imagine this current generation of would-be feminists being corrupted by such systematic nonsense? June Cleaver destroyed an entire generation of female accomplishment. Thanks to a website called LeaveItToBeaver. This shows a degree of intolerance that the diverse society of today would not allow. In the most perverse sense, the Beav was constantly hammered at to be traditional, marry a woman, and have babies like good uole Ward and June.

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Imagine the warped mindsets produced by such babble. All said, the Cleaver family was clearly dysfunctional. Understand that June was oppressed by the patriarchal views of the times, and these views were then passed down to Wally and the Beav so they could further oppress the women of their generation. Cleaver had been allowed choice as opposed to the societal coercion she endured, she would have chosen a much more satisfying career.

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She certainly would have been able to obtain her PhD in mathematics or intellectual history, or have found success as a corporate CEO had a male-dominated and autocratic civilization not held her down. June also would have chosen a much more stable environment in which to raise kids: And Wally and the Beav could have been better served in some State-subsidized daycare center while mom was away spearheading giant mergers.

They wanted June to tower above her boys if at all possible. His mother had taken him shopping at the Broadway Shopping Mall in downtown Los Angeles and was approached by a store employee.

how did ward and june cleaver meet

The store was shooting photos for its Christmas catalog up on the 10th floor, and the employee thought young Jerry would be a perfect model for children's clothing. Contrary to urban legend, Jerry Mathers did not die in Vietnam; however, he was turned down by the Marines when he tried to enlist.

A very prominent former NFL star had just been killed in action, and Mathers was told that the Marine Corps could not afford any further negative publicity should a popular former child star suffer the same fate. If he insisted upon enlisting, he would be kept Stateside. Mathers joined the Air National Guard instead. Actor Ken Osmond played the oily and unctuous Eddie to such perfection that 40 years later his character is a cultural reference.

Osmond no relation to the singing familylike Mathers, was the subject of a couple of urban legends. He grew up to be an L. She is proper old maid who lives not far from Mayfield and wants Beaver to attend a prep school. Ward is nervous around her, as he feels that he must always be apologizing for something when she comes.

how did ward and june cleaver meet

She appears in five episodes and is mentioned in other episodes. Because she once gave Wally and Beaver umbrellasshe is called "their umbrella aunt". June does not trust him completely because he fills her sons' heads with tales of irresponsible living.

The character was dropped when Rusty Stevens left the show in its fourth season. George and Agnes Haskell are Eddie's parents. George was played by Karl Swenson and George O. However, in one episode, it is implied that Mr. Haskell's name is "Edward Clark Haskell, Sr. Agnes was played by Ann Doran and Anne Barton. Tooey Brown's mother, Mr. Mondello, Judy Hensler's parents, and Whitey Whitney's parents make one-time appearances. Larry Mondello's sister in high school is never seen.

Fred is the father of an awkward teenage son named Clarence "Lumpy"and a daughter about Beaver's age named Violet. The Rutherfords socialize with the Cleavers on a couple of occasions: Fred travels widely and gives Ward a meerschaum pipe after visiting Germany.

Special appearances[ edit ] Lyle Talbot appeared in two episodes as Mr.