Jetsons meet the flintstones soundtrack track

• The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones () Soundtrack OST •

jetsons meet the flintstones soundtrack track

If you can hum a few bars from the theme song for "The Flintstones," "The Jetsons " or one of the more than Flintstones, meet the Flintstones. It's the wackiest animated adventure of all space-time when the world's favorite Modern Stone Age Family comes face to face with the First Family of the Future in . The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones () Soundtrack - Listen Online ☆ Los supersonicos encuentran a los Picapiedra, Die Jetsons treffen die Feuersteins.

jetsons meet the flintstones soundtrack track

Fred introduces George to Slate, claiming George is a distant cousin. Slate is reluctant at first to trust George, but since rival businessman Turk Tarpit's cheating has set him back, Slate accepts their help in exchange for giving them their jobs back.

George and Fred use future technology to help Slate win several games, but in the last event, Astro and Dino's actions causes Tarpit to become the winner.

In the end, Slate refuses to trust Fred and Barney again. Spacely continues to vent over his failing business, Henry Orbit and Rosie the Robot Maid assemble a 'time machine retriever' to bring the Jetsons back. But when they turn it on, the time machine returns with the Flintstones instead. Upon seeing they really are cavemenSpacely introduces them to the press.

Stuck in the past, George asks Mr. Slate for a job.

jetsons meet the flintstones soundtrack track

Slate initially rejects, but when Tarpit offers George work, Slate immediately makes George his partner, and George soon becomes famous. Using their newfound fame and riches, the Jetsons buy multiple local businesses and are soon overwhelmed. Spacely makes Fred the spokesman for his company, but R. When Spacely is introducing Fred to some important investors, Cogswell introduces Barney instead, leading to a rift in Fred and Barney's friendship.

Meanwhile, Rosie requests R.

jetsons meet the flintstones soundtrack track

They fix the time machine and Rosie is transported to the Stone Age where she finds her family. Now able to return home the Jetsons leave, taking Fred's car with them, after Judy says goodbye to a teen idol - Iggy. Spacely concocts a plan to use Fred's car as a model for futuristic replicas, Cogswell sends his robotic dog Sentro to steal this information, but the two families manage to stop him.

Spacely's business of selling Stone Age style cars becomes successful. Fred and Barney repair their friendship, and George offers his partnership with Mr.

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Slate to give them their jobs back. Ironically, Bamboo Technology is what ultimately saves Spacely's company in the end mass producing Fred's Stone Age car as a collectors' item.

jetsons meet the flintstones soundtrack track

While ditching work to go to the poker game, Barney notes they've set the quarry dinosaurs to do the digging without their being present, but isn't sure that'll go well.

Fred dismisses Barney's concerns, figuring the dinosaurs should be fine on their own, since they've been doing the same digging for years.


Much later in the film, we see the quarry's dinosaurs are A unionized and B on strike. In a company picnic Slate's always loses against his rival company. While Fred tries to use the Jetsons' technology to break the streak extorting Mr. Slate for his and Barney's jobs back, plus other exorbitant demands, in the processit is subverted by Dino and Astro messing up the final event. Played straight in that after winning several events in a row with Fred handling one in his place Slate ultimately loses the final one.

After being brought back to the future with the Jetsons and seemingly forgotten about, it later serves as inspiration for saving Spacely's company by mass-producing them as a collector's item.

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones Soundtrack (1987) OST

It then comes back for a second use at the very end; residual energy from being sent through time is present in it, and the Flinstones and Rubbles are able to use it to return to their own time. Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are not in this movie. While the script doesn't give a definite reason, The Jetsons could have gone back to before they were born, or to the period after the kids had left home for college given the next Flintstones production was a pair of early 90s TV movies showing the adult Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm.

How the Flintstones and Rubbles make it back to the past. Fred and Barney have to settle for taking their wives on this after losing their jobs. Know When to Fold 'Em: One scene has Fred dressed as a professional gambler; complete with Barney in drag as his " girlfriend " proving he apparently does not know when, as he gets greedy, loses and blows both his and Barney's cover in the process and manages to get both of them fired by Mr.

Minor Disney Acid Sequence: The sequence with "The Bedrock Rock" qualifies during some portions of it. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Judy is crushed to leave behind Iggy, but is consoled when she meets his descendant in the future. Which corroborates George's conflict; Spacely believes George's disappearance means that his suspicions are correct.