Meet and greet marilyn manson 2014

Marilyn Manson at Modesto Centre Plaza | Modesto, California | 2/15/ (Concert Review)

meet and greet marilyn manson 2014

Where: Modesto, California Promoter: JMAX Productions (meet and greet portion – Adventures in Wonderland) When: February 15, MARILYN MANSON. TOUR DATES; OFFICIAL MERCH · MUSIC STORE · FACEBOOK · TWITTER · INSTAGRAM. TOUR DATES . Tweets by marilynmanson. When people hear the names Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper, many gasp It's and they've both calmed down quite a bit, due in part to age Fans who were there for the Meet & Greet, as well as fans who were there.

Was Manson going to be the scary figure society made him out to be?

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Or would he be a different creature behind the scenes? This made the wait seem like nothing.

meet and greet marilyn manson 2014

As we got closer and closer to his room, the hallway got colder and darker. There were black curtains set up to create a makeshift room where the only light shining was a dimly lit light bulb over a mirror where he did his makeup.

Despite the haunted house welcoming, Manson was nothing but patient, loving and supportive of his fans. He signed posters, books, CDs, action figures yes, he has his own action figures and a lot of body parts. I became more nervous as the line got shorter and my turn was coming up.

meet and greet marilyn manson 2014

Just like an awkward teenager about to talk to a pretty girl, I went over all the things that could go wrong: What do I say? How do I stand? What will he say?

A Date with Marilyn Manson

In the end, my main goal was just to tell him what his music meant to me and to make him laugh. He looked up, and from beneath his fashionable army-green cap I could see dark red lipstick encasing his deviant smile. He extended his hand to shake mine and asked how I was. I told him that I really appreciated him being a positive influence on me and he looked at me with a puzzled gaze. The kiss one is adorable! I wanted to ask him for one too but I am so damn shy lol, and I wasn't sure if he would be like LOL Mechamilla Even though it was kinda rushed a bit, I took the time to ask him for the poses.

First one I wanted to be "normal" and second one I asked for a B-Day kiss! I got 2 kisses actually, because the first kiss the photograph took the picture right after!

A Date with Marilyn Manson

I was like, Hey no! I want it on camera! First picture well he grabbed me, so I said to myself, what the hell, lets grab him too: He didnt really spoke, but he took nice pictures! I heard that he was sick with the flu or a cold, maybe that's why he was not too chatty! Ugh, 2 kisses, I am dying with jealousy hahaha. I am so glad I am not the only one that wants to ask for certain poses. Congrats though, those are def great photos.

Thats why I asked for a second shot I had his lipstick on my cheek to prove it as well, bu not the same: Man, all this talk about Manson kisses is making incredibly jealous, er I mean happy for you guys! Oh well, maybe next time I know the Golden Ticket probably won't be available next tour, but hey- a girl can always hope All of your pics are beautiful, Tater and Mechamilla!!!!

meet and greet marilyn manson 2014

Beautiful girls with an incredibley sexy man. Definitely the highlight of this thread!!! I would have gone alone, In fact I was alone!

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