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meet me at the a

Meet Me at The Albany grew out of a simple question shared by Entelechy Arts and partner organisation The Albany with senior managers from our local. Originally used by rock fans to meet in the 'mosh pit' which is a violent area of the crowd in most rock concerts. Also used to imply meet up for a fight. This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. By using this site, you consent to the placement and use of these cookies. Read our Privacy Policy .

Yet, they have found more comfort and companionship in each other than they ever thought possible. Tina Hopgood lives in East Anglia, England, on a farm. She has lived there with her husband for over 30 years. Her children, now adult 3. Her children, now adults, are part of the farm and her daily life.

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Tina writes a letter intended to be received by Professor P. Glob, a Danish archaeologist at the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.

meet me at the a

A book that was dedicated to her by this Professor when she was a child, had prompted her to write to him. His discovery and excavation of the well preserved Tullund Man from the bogs of Jutland, is a memory that stayed with her over all the years. One of these days, she will make the trip to the museum to see this man from BC, herself. But the Professor had died several years ago and Anders politely writes her back sending along some general Museum information. Not a long while later, Trina writes back as a means of explaining how all of this has become so important to her and why she has waited so long to follow this interest.

And this continues, not by e-mail, but the old fashioned way through the postal system.

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Anders begins to open up about his work and inquiries about her natural surroundings living on the farm in the countryside. What is it that determines what lasts?

Trina and Anders share a deep connection that evokes them to think. They are not always of the same opinion, but feel they can respectfully express themselves to the other.

Their vulnerabilities makes this novel sweet and real. The plotline expands beyond the two characters involving their families and what is happening in their lives.

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In parts you forget you are reading this entire novel in letters. There are moment of joy, despair, hope and loss. It is not a fast paced read. It renders so much honesty and simple goodness, it does not require speed or loud activity.

Meet Me at The Albany

It is a journey inward in a sense. Something to read while sipping hot cocoa. The guide books provide, for the most part, factual information, answers as to who, why, how, where and when. But, often something is missing, and that's the story behind the story or the amusement, the spirit, the story of risk and the origin of the seed of an idea that sprang forth.

meet me at the a

This is why you should have a private tour with an experienced company that will immerse you into the core of Porto and Portugal and take your mind and heart to places of historical, cultural and artistic interest to ensure that your stay is the most exciting and memorable one.

We have three goals when creating an event: We carefully consider budget because we understand that every event is an investment. Tailor Made Experiences The best way to travel Whether you're after a relaxing break, a romantic trip, or are planning the adventure of a lifetime a tailor-made travel experience offers the freedom to create the adventure of your dream. What people are saying about us 2h30 to cook 4 typical deesert at Porto; Our teacher Orlanda Monteiro was fabulous.

At the end, we taste our desserts with a glass of Porto's wine. A dream come true Izazazadji Excellent tour with very knowledgeable and over qualified tour guide named Diana and Ines. Very detailed explanations were provided at all times. Places2Beseen, Parma Our day with Miguel was outstanding…far exceeded our expectations. He was knowledgeable and fun, and really fit in well with our group. The private boat ride was a treat and lunch was extra special.

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She is very knowledgeable and passionate about Porto, a very intelligent and interesting young woman. Sydneysiders, Sydney Porto is a fascinating city, but with a guide such as Diana we were able to experience much of the city in just one day. Diana was knowledgeable and an extremely good guide for a very complete one day walking tour.