Meet the bates full episode

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meet the bates full episode

19 kids? Check. Faith and family first? Check. Reality television show? Check. No, it's not the Duggars of TLC's “19 Kids and Counting.” Meet. With Gil Bates, Kelly Jo Bates, Lawson Bates, Nathan Bates. Gil and Kelly Bates, and their 19 kids, are buzzing about the latest addition to their See full cast». Bringing Up Bates is an American reality television show on Up TV. It is centered around Gil .. Gil and Kelly head out to Florida to meet John and Alyssa's daughter Allie .. Erin and Chad have their hands full; puppy training; checking in on .. "Mother's Day - Bringing Up Bates - Episodes - - Family Movies, TV.

Kelly Bates has been pregnant for most of her adult life. I am happy holding a baby. And I'm happy that the children, our lives are so - I talk to so many parents who - their children are lonely. They don't have friends," said Kelly Bates. In the Bates' case, loneliness is not a problem.

Bringing Up Bates

Even with 18 children, Gil and Kelly Bates insist they have time to devote to each child, and for each other. Because we'll come home and they'll say, 'Dad, are you taking Mom out? The Bates say that the more children they have, the more they can minister to others. They held a Bible study and concert at a nearby nursing home, and used a bus to transport their family to the event. And then we just recently got the bus, so we're looking forward to being all in one car again," said Gil Bates.

Watch the full story or interview on "Nightline" tonight at The Bates' laundry room is similar to a dry cleaning business. There are five washing machines and four dryers. Sorting socks for 20 people is a family affair. Cooking, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, and getting the younger children ready for the day are not easy tasks, and everyone has to pitch in.

Gil Bates runs a tree service and is not wealthy. So how do they afford to feed all their children? Tree work you can make money with less time and turned out to be a blessing," said Gil Bates. Eighteen-year-old Lawson is in charge of food shopping. He says he goes to Walmart almost every other day. Kelly home schools her children. She teaches classes for the younger ones, and the older children study on the computer. So, a lot of my work is done for me, which is a real blessing," said Kelly Bates.

When asked if she thinks her children get a good education, Kelly Bates replied, "Yes, I do.

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In fact, Zach, Michael and Erin have been full-time students in college and all three of them ended this past semester with 4. He said, whatever you want, it's so nice. Some things are more important than others and definitely the paint of my room is definitely not on my high list of priorities.

meet the bates full episode

It isn't easy to get Gil's approval. Michael's watched two of her sisters get married before her. We pray for their spouses and just watching them grow together. But her wedding could be next. This is her suitor, Brandon. But first, it's Alyssa's turn. This is my little ring bearer. Yeah, you going to wear a tux? This is her last night in her childhood bedroom. Feels very weird, this being my last night here.

It's going to be an adjustment for everybody, but thank the lord for texting. Like everything with the bates, the wedding dress is different. I was fine with this. I didn't want it any lower. I was uncomfortable with it lower. In fact, Alyssa had to have her dress altered. She added the little cap sleeve and blended it in. But with her shoes, she can go wild. And -- I added my -- yes. For the mother of the bride, about to host wedding guests -- You call me if you need me.

The del is in the details. Feel like I need to be places at one time. This is only their third wedding there are 16 more to go. Money's tight, so Alyssa's wedding day is DIY. Oh, look, you have your groogroom at work. Luckily, more manpower has just arrived. Hey, hey, the work crew's arrived. The duggars are the most famous megafamily in America, thanks to their tlc show "19 kids and counting. The whole emotion of it is different, because the guy's the protector over the girl.

To give your daughter away to a guy, you have to be really careful. That's his baby girl. At the rehearsal, everyone is feeling emotional. What will be going through your head tomorrow?

I'm excited for them, but I'm going to be sad. To ward off the sadness, the rehearsal dinner is a tennessee-style barbecue.

But even good eating can't keep the tears at bay. One by one -- I don't know how I'm going to get along without you. Alyssa's family comes to the microphone.

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It's too much for Josie, who shares a room with her older sister. With all these emotions, tomorrow's wedding day is shaping up to be a tear jerker. The wedding day is finally here. But even a happy couple has pre-wedding jitters. I feel really strange. I'm really excited, more than I've ever been in my life. I can't even tell you how nervous I am.

I feel like I'm -- As Alyssa's dad officiates, the couple exchanges their vows in a whisper. Til death do us part. And then, the moment the groom has been waiting for. You may kiss your bride. Up nm now, the couple has barely touched each other. A bates family rule.

Today, everything in the wedding seemed to go really well. So, I'm happy for them.

It's Wedding Day for the Bates Family

It really is a celebration. After the honeymoon, John has kept the destination a secret. But just one day after the wedding, the new Mrs. Webster joins instagram as webster4ever and reveals their destination, lake tahoe. It's a bold step for a bates. Growing up, another rule. No TV, no internet. But within a month, she has more than 24, followers.

It's kind of weird sometimes that that many people would be interested in seeing our lives, but it's neat. She's not the only one. Lawson has over 13, people following him. It's a perfect showcase for his budding music career.

Like this video for his first album. After their honeymoon, the love birds settled here. A three-bedroom home just outside Orlando. I mean, my family has all good intenses and it love them to death, but it is kind of hard when you have, like, 21 people around you all the time and there's, like, no private conversation.

At home, John and Alyssa are the peck fact of wedded bliss.

meet the bates full episode

Alyssa has been spending her time cooking. I'm so used to cooking for 20 and 21 that it's different cooking for two people. It's kind of really cute.