Meet the blazer dancers calendar

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meet the blazer dancers calendar

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Asian pear, pineapple, papaya, banana, starfruit and watermelon offer a tasty burst of color and flavor. Our hotel is terrific.

A recent renovation added enough Vegas splash to traditional Chinese stylings to make for a very visual place.

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The giant, showtime lobby floral displays are right out of Wynn Las Vegas. During a minute break yesterday, we were able to bus back to our hotel and walk to a nearby tea shop.

The seven of us squeezed around a tiny table in the tiny shop to learn about and sample an array of special teas.

We learned which water temp to have for which tea, how to clean and ready the thimble-sized cups for the tea.

meet the blazer dancers calendar

Ginseng Oolong seemed to have topped most of our "favorite" list, but the rose blossom ball that opened in the steaming brew provided the greatest visual show.

The tiny dried spinach pellets would do Popeye proud. The Chinese crowds at Jam Van have been young, mostly male. Their enthusiasm and energy has been amazing.

At the conclusion of every routine, we have worked the crowd, high-fiving, waving and getting up close with everyone. I suppose that's the mission after all, getting to know new faces and places, realizing that the passion for hoops and its show, transcends any kind of barrier -- language, culture or politics.

Lisa has been with the Portland Trail Blazers for four years. A dancer and gymnast since the age of four, Lisa has an extensive resume as a cheerleader, dancer and instructor. Born and raised in Portland, Lisa has been a Blazers fan all of her life. After hard work and preparation, not only did Lisa join the team when the time was right, she also got to experience dancing side by side with her sister for two years. To tell us about this journey, Lisa in her own words describes it all from day one in an audition to game night.

Where does one start to become a BlazerDancer? You have to audition. What is an audition like? The first day usually falls on a Saturday.

You go and dance all day. From there the judges make their cuts. The second day the veterans join you and you get to learn three dances. On the final day the Blazers rent out the Newark Performing arts where friends and family join in to support you. They have you dance in groups of three and you also do a free style solo that you choreograph.

meet the blazer dancers calendar

After those they narrow it down to 35 for the finals and the final reveal takes place two days later. How do you find out if you made the cut? We all meet at the Moda Center as a big event. You know you made it if your picture comes up on the screen.

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We all cheer in support to those that made it. We practice twice a week for three to four hours.

meet the blazer dancers calendar

In addition to practices if there is a game we attend and perform that night as well. That does sound like a major commitment. Who are these women taking such a commitment on?

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We come from all backgrounds. We have dental school students, dance teachers anyone that loves to cheer and dance.

meet the blazer dancers calendar

Most work full time but some are still attending school. They have families, friends, etc. What drives someone to become a BlazerDancer? Most of us have a busy and fast pace lifestyle and we enjoy being a BlazerDancer because is a way for us to break away from everyday stuff and get to do something that we enjoy that happens to be completely different than what we do in our every day life.

What do you do in your daily life?

Meet the 2017-18 BlazerDancers

I am in the health insurance industry. Do you guys dance at all games? Only the home games. But we do a lot of promotional activities on game night.

They are very fun. Specially the ones that are for a good cause. Is nice to do something that is community oriented. We work with a lot of charities and support them in their efforts. We have raffles, take pictures, pass out posters, etc. What is the time expectancy of a BlazerDancer? Is there an age limit? Do dancers get monetary compensation?

We all truly enjoy what we do. The compensation of course is good and a bonus. Getting it is important especially because you are getting paid to do something you love.