Meet the cast of gigolos

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meet the cast of gigolos

Make a date with the Gigolos. Showtime presents an extremely rare and uncensored look into the personal and professional lives of five hot guys in Vegas who. Sep 2, What started out as a simple speeding violation for "Gigolos" star Steven Gantt turned into a one way ticket to jail all thanks to an. Jan 11, The stars of Gigolos season six: Ash, Brace, Nick, Vin, and Bradley. . Meet the cast of Married at First Sight season 9, and watch as they tell.

Now meet the 5 ladykillers that make up the show.

Nick Hawk 27, 6'1 with hazel eyes, this guy though pretty is probably the densest in the bunch. And can't help exhibiting early signs of ultimate douche-baggery.

His short time goals include breaking a sweat six days a week. Jimmy Dior My personal favorite.

meet the cast of gigolos

Also 27, and no nothing has been photoshopped here, he is actually this gorgeous. Usually I don't go for the pretty boy type, but he's also sweet and a hell of a professional.

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Vin Armani I really don't get what it is with these guys and picking last names after designers that just don't fit their first names, but I guess creativity is not their strong suite. He's the newest addition to the Cowboys4Angels family, and the tallest at 6'4. By the second episode he had full-on earned his keep. Steven Gannt This one is another fave. A gentle soul who is whoring to support his 5 year old son.

meet the cast of gigolos

Sounds cliche I know. But he's a sweetheart. Bradley Lords Season 4- present: A former Marine and self-professed "cougar magnet". An actor Another Gay Sequel: Steven Gantt Season A single father who escorts to support his son.

After season one was taped, sources reported that Steven and Jimmy had left Cowboys4Angels. Production and development[ edit ] The series was created by Marklen Kennedy and co-developed by Richard Grieco.

meet the cast of gigolos

Speaking at the January Television Critics Association press tour, Showtime entertainment president David Nevins told critics that the sexually explicit Gigolos was part of an overall vision for the network.

First thing you're gonna do is collect the money from the client and then from there, whatever happens between you two is two consenting adults.

meet the cast of gigolos

It's illegal for you to take any money after that for any sort of sexual services or whatever. The Daily Beast located one woman who appeared on the series who stated that the show is entirely fictional and that the sex is simulated.

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They wanted to know what skills I had. Then they created a scenario where I would need an escort, and they hired me. She does, however, believe that the men are really prostitutes.