Meet the characters zootopia try

Zootopia Characters Meet & Greet at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

meet the characters zootopia try

ALL SPOILERS ARE UNMARKED. Beware if you haven't seen the movie yet. Main Protagonists A bunny who is the newest member of the Zootopia Police. The Zootopia cast is a bunch of animals literally. We couldn't have said it better ourselves, so we're not going to try. Let's get right to the. 1 Judy Hopps; 2 Nick Wilde; 3 Chief Bogo; 4 Clawhauser; 5 Dialogue; 6 Cast; 7 External And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. . [Judy meets two of her neighbors at her new apartment.].

Volunteers herself to the case of finding Mr. Otterton in front of the victim's wife without first seeking authorization. Blackmails Nick, her only lead in the investigation, into helping her find Mr. Manufactures an excuse to enter private property without a warrant.

During her apology to Nick, she breaks down in tears when she admits she was a horrible friend and hurt him and understands if he wants to hate her for it. Promotional material shows that Judy is very physically affectionate with her friends and family. The wiki even addresses that she likes hugs in her personal data.

Assistant Mayor Bellwether

Some promotional videos even have her giving Nick tackle hugs in an attempt to join his selfies. Suffers from this when she falls for Finnick's act as Nick's elephant-loving son and later when she discovers that Fru Fru is pregnant and planning on naming her daughter after her. She's very methodical in trying to uncover clues and potential leads to find Mr. Fighting a bully who's twice her size? Training to become a cop despite everyone telling her it's impossible?

Taking on a case even though she has only 48 hours and no resources?

meet the characters zootopia try

Whatever the goal, once Judy decides to take action, nothing can stand in her way. She means it when she says she doesn't know when to quit. When Nick confronts her about her prejudice toward predators, she responds with something that can easily be construed as You Are a Credit to Your Racewhich only makes him angrier. When Nick reveals that he saved a briefcase full of evidence from the exploding subway car, Judy gets excited and gives him a "way to go" jab in the arm.

She wasn't trying to hurt him, but in her adrenaline-fueled state she obviously punches him harder than intended given his flinch and subsequent "Ow" as he rubs his arm.

meet the characters zootopia try

In the A Minor Kidroductionwe see little Judy's passionate dream of being a cop, and she stands up to a bully in defense of her classmates, showing that she is a bunny who will risk her own safety in pursuit of justice for others. Also, the fact that she technically loses the fight but still successfully gets the stolen tickets back helps show that Judy is capable of thinking on her feet to accomplish her goals despite early setbacks. Her ears go straight up when she's happy and droop downward when she's depressed or annoyed.

Bonnie even makes note of this at one point in the movie: You are not fine, your ears are droopy. She's a cop and is quite pretty, though she tends more towards the "adorable" side. She even gets mistaken for "some kind of performer" by Mr.

Judy routinely leaps into action without thinking things through. It causes her to: Big; and destroy an entire train car full of evidence, rather than taking just a briefcase with key evidence to the ZPD. Female Flatfoot and Snarky Guy: Judy is a naive and idealistic rookie cop trying to make a difference in a world full of prejudice.

She's forced to work with the cynical and snarky Con Artist Nick because he's her only lead. At first Nick only helps Judy because she blackmails him with arrest for tax evasion, but after she saves him from a savage jaguar and plummeting to their deaths, Nick warms up to her and they start to become friends. As a rabbit, she is naturally very fast and agile, but not very durable. Friend to All Children: Judy has a soft spot for kids. She quickly falls for Nick's scam at the ice cream shop when she sees his "son" actually a disguised Finnick and hears of his dream to become an elephant when he grows up.

She not only buys the Jumbo-pop, but also gives him a ZPD sticker while encouraging him to pursue his dream. Later she spots Finnick again and excitedly goes over to greet him which causes her to discover she was hustled. Later in the film, she impulsively takes on the Otterton case when she sees the photo of Otterton, with his wife and two kids. A very energetic and feisty girl. She was the valedictorian of her class at the police academy and even when she's relegated to parking duty on her first day of duty, she still gives her best to show what she's made of.

Good Is Not Dumb: Upon meeting Nick for the second time, she makes it perfectly clear that despite the naivete she displayed during their first encounter, she is most definitely not just a "dumb bunny," and promptly uses her knowledge of the law and some quick calculations to force Nick into working with her. In general, her intelligence is one of her greatest weapons, which she uses to overcome what would otherwise be obstacles due to her size or due to police bureaucracy.

It allowed her to figure out that Bellwether was the Big Bad when she wonders how Bellwether knew where to find them and to set up a Batman Gambit with Nick to capture Bellwether's evil gloating leading to her arrest.

As she points out to Nick when confronting him about his felony tax evasion. I mean, I am just a dumb bunny but we are good at multiplying!

Judy is skilled at using her wits to solve problems, like how she hustles Nick into helping her. During the Hard-Work Montage where she's giving out parking tickets, she stretches her body between two cars to leave one ticket with her fingers and another with her toes. She has a pear shaped figure, both making her more feminine and factoring into her species' hind leg strength and prodigious fecundity.

The movie shows her character development through her determination and growth while proving her worth as a cop of ZPD. Hero with Bad Publicity: Her first assignment is parking meter duty, and she catches a lot of hate from the public because nobody likes getting ticketed.

She chastises others for their Fantastic Racismbut doesn't realize her own prejudice. A subtle example is when Mr. Big tells her that Otterton went savage. Despite her own struggles with being taken seriously as a bunny, she had trouble seeing an otter as anything other than sweet and harmless.

Judy wholeheartedly believes that anyone can be anything they want to be. She's consciously opposed to prejudice, but when she first comes to Zootopia she still retains some stereotypes about foxes. Her first encounter with Nick was the result of her initially Profiling him. She compliments Nick as "a real articulate fellow", then misses his sarcasm when he responds by calling her "non-patronizing".

Before they met each other, Judy and Nick had never thought that a rabbit and a fox could become such good friends.

meet the characters zootopia try

As part of her ZPD training, Judy is shown taking out a Rhino sparring partner by jumping fiercely into the ring ropes, bouncing off them into the Rhino's gloved fist and using her strong legs to kick his fist into his face, knocking him out. As a child, her In-Universe acting was this. Role in the Film "You know, it's - it's a real proud day for us little guys. Before her words can go any further, Lionheart rather rudely pushes Bellwether aside and takes photos with Judy, while Bellwether tries to get in the photos as well.

Later, when Judy tries to take on the case of finding Mr. OttertonChief Bogo is about to fire her for "insubordination" as she took on the job before consulting him, but Bellwether hears about Judy taking the case and texts Lionheart about it, forcing Bogo to give Judy a chance. Bellwether helps them look at camera records and explains she feels good helping them since she is more of a "glorified secretary" than an actual assistant mayor.

However, Lionheart calls Bellwether to cancel his afternoon meeting, so Bellwether leaves Judy and Nick to continue studying the cameras. The new mayor After Lionheart is arrested for illegally imprisoning the savage predators, Bellwether becomes the new mayor and tries to convince Judy to be the role model for the frightened prey populace by being the public face of the ZPD, but Judy refuses and, to Bellwether's shock, resigns from the ZPD.

Later, however, Judy discovers that the predators were not turned savage through "natural instinct", but through a psychotropic serum concocted by a ram scientist named Doug from unique flowers called " Night Howlers ".

Judy and Nick race to the ZPD with the evidence, but Bellwether intercepts them at the Natural History Museum and tries to take it from them, making Judy realize that Bellwether is behind everything. And I'll dart every predator in Zootopia to keep it that way.

The duo manage to distract her by placing a stuffed rabbit mannequin and make a run for the exit. After the pair are knocked into a pit exhibit by one of the ramsBellwether takes back the evidence a gun used to shoot predators with paintball-like pellets containing the Night Howler serum and reveals her plans of darting every predator in the city to maintain power and eliminate the predator minority before shooting Nick in the hopes of killing off Judy and making her a martyr while putting the blame on Nick, the only other witness.

Bellwether is arrested by the ZPD However, it is revealed that Judy and Nick switched the serum pellets in the gun with blueberries. Despite this, Bellwether furiously threatens to frame Judy and Nick for her crimes, like she framed Lionheart, but Judy reveals that she recorded Bellwether's crazed speech with her carrot pen.

Before Bellwether has a chance to run, Chief Bogo and the ZPD prey and predator reunited because of the confession, arrive and surround her, having heard everything, and she is arrested for conspiracy and fraud along with her henchrams.

As Finnick leaves, he reveals Judy to Nick, and Judy is pissed. Judy returns home defeated. The radio plays nothing but disheartening songs about loss and failure. Her parents call and she tries to put on positive face. They notice her meter maid jacket. Judy bids them good night, then the loud neighbors next door who heard everything through the paper-thin walls tell her to turn down the depressing music.

Then, a frantic shop owner reports a robbery. Suddenly stoked to be a real cop, Judy sheds her meter maid jacket and pursues the thief.

The chase continues into Little Rodentia where she saves a lady shrew about to be crushed by a giant donut the thief kicked down the street. She uses the donut to body-cuff the thief and returns him to police HQ.

While Bogo tries to kindly push off Mrs.

Script Analysis: “Zootopia” — Part 1: Scene By Scene Breakdown

Otterton, Judy volunteers to take the case. Otterton, then fires Judy and demands she apologize to Mrs. As he opens his office door, Bellwether is talking with Mrs.

She informs the mayor that Judy will take the case, then wishes her best of luck and that she has a friend at City Hall. As Bellwether and Otterton leave, Bogo gives Judy 48 hours to solve the case or she will be fired. Judy reluctantly agrees and leaves. She has a lead. Hopps tracks down Nick pushing a baby stroller and requests his help, but he refuses, mocking her.

He brags about how much money he makes. Nick reluctantly agrees to help in return for the pen. Nick leads Judy to the Mystic Spring Oasis which turns out to be a naturalist club. Naked animals are everywhere. Although uncomfortable, Judy refuses to give in. Still blackmailing Nick for help, she promises to give him the pen in 36 hours if he continues to help.

Reluctantly, Nick offers that he knows someone at the DMV. Judy says fine and tosses it over the fence. Again on the hook, Nick continues to help. They find the car with the proper license plate, and inside discover Mr. The interior of the car has been shredded. As they investigate further, Nick realizes who owns the car and panics. Before they can leave, they are captured by two large polar bear enforcers. During the ride to the home of Mr. Big, Judy asks why Nick is so fearful.

Judy and Nick are taken to the estate of Mr. Big, a diminutive shrew with a Godfather accent. Big wants to kill Nick for selling him a skunk butt rug, but it turns out Mr. Big forgives them and offers to help find Otterton. Big explains that Otterton attacked his limo driver. Both Nick and Judy are surprised an otter could act so aggressively. He gives them directions to the Rain Forest District to interview the driver, Mr.

Judy and Nick find the residence of Mr. Manchas and ask about Otterton. Judy and Nick investigate, but Manchas suddenly turns savage and attacks them. They dive into the jungle to escape and Judy calls for help on her radio.

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Judy reports their location, then loses her radio. She saves Nick by handcuffing Manchas to a light pole, but they are forced off the high bridge. Judy grabs a vine with one hand, holds Nick with the other, and swings them both into a net of vines. Safe for the moment, Nick is stunned that Judy would save his life.

The police back-up arrives and Chief Bogo steps out. Judy leads them back up to the bridge, but Manchas is gone. Nick steps in and chastises Bogo for refusing to give Judy the resources she needs and so little time to solve the case.

He excuses himself and Judy, and they leave to pursue the case with ten hours left. They take a sky tram. Judy and Nick ride over the forest in the tram. Nick recalls his childhood. He also decided that since others would only see him as a shifty fox, he would live down to their expectations.

Zootopia Characters Meet & Greet at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

The joke reminds him about all the traffic cams across the forest canopy which they could use to trace Manchas. Judy knows someone at City Hall who could get them access to the traffic cam feeds. She spills an armload of notebooks. Judy and Nick help her pick them up and ask for help. Bellwether gives them access to the traffic cams, then leaves. Judy and Nick watch Manchas be abducted by wolves.