Meet the composer meredith monk juice

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meet the composer meredith monk juice

Who's Who Meredith Monk is a composer, singer, director/choreographer, and in site-specific performance, she has created such works as Juice: A Theatre . Sniffin has won awards for her compositions from Meet the Composer and. Meredith Monk in conversation with Bonnie Marranca. For more than four decades Meredith Meredith's work as composer, performer, director The generative meeting was with a friend of mine, Norman. Fischer . tion of the Girlchild or Juice. Break, the first solo Monk made after her graduation from Sarah Lawrence in , Monk's Juice, Needlebrain Lloyd and the Systems Kid (), and Vessel.

meet the composer meredith monk juice

Marking one of the rare times others have recorded the celebrated composer's work, Piano Songs underscores the music's vibrant and independent life. Ten years ago, WNYC radio host John Schaeffer suggested that Monk seek artists not usually associated with her music to perform as part of her 40th anniversary concert at Zankell Hall. Monk and Oppens were instantly smitten with each other's talents.

It was also at Zankell that Oppens first teamed up with Brubaker -- a dream team to-be.

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Monk discovered her fascination with two-piano musical composition when she created "Ellis Island," first playing one part, recording it, then overdubbing the other. What are the relationships and possibilities between the two pianos? How do you create dialogues between the instruments?

meet the composer meredith monk juice

What about interlocking phrases? The pair worked closely with the composer during the recording sessions of Piano Songs, her direction at times, exacting and at others, open-ended.

Kerry Andrew, composer, performer and writer

Every gesture is exposed and clear," Monk wrote. The range of music on the CD is wide: The first time I met Meredith Monk, she blindfolded me. As part of the downtown New Music New York festival inMonk offered a class in movement and awareness to critics looking for a thrill. With our eyes covered, she took us to the then mildly threatening Times Square and set us loose.

ECM to Release Meredith Monk's PIANO SONGS, 5/6

Be alert, be vulnerable, live a little, she suggested, bemused by her power to effect amazement and helplessness? Being a composer who is, in addition, a singer, keyboardist, dancer, choreographer, director, and film maker, she produces performance pieces in which the impulse for music is often movement, innovative non-narrative storytelling, and exploration of big philosophical and historical themes.

meet the composer meredith monk juice

She even works outside on occasion, making the environment in which she performs an essential part of the artwork. But Monk might just as well be considered the ultimate insider artist. The heartbeat is the pulse, she likes to say of her pieces, and the blood, the melody.

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Monk, moreover, prefers to operate like a tribal musician, putting together her scores with the trusted performers in her company, Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble, through a collaborative oral tradition.

Her accompaniments are rhythmically and harmonically basic and straightforward. Vocal melodies are instantly grasped. You might think them easily mimicked until you actually try to sing them yourself and discover hidden intricacies. As an experimenter with extended vocal techniques and delver into extended emotional states, Monk can seem as uninhibited as a child for whom glee or gloom are expressed with utter immediacy.

Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble: Vessel Suite (Live, 1993)

Nonsense syllables convey what words miss. She is at home in the cracks between meaning and feeling. She grew up singing her mother sang on the radio in New Yorkplaying music her grandmother was a professional pianistand dancing she practiced Dalcroze Eurhythmics movement exercises as a young girl.