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meet the firefighters

Meet The Firefighters. Select a calendar below to meet the Firefighters from each calendar. Previous. Next. Firefighters Calendar 'Animal Calendar'. Best dating website to meet Firefighter local to you!. Meet the Firefighters. These are the faces of the men and women who work tirelessly to protect the people of their communities, often risking their own lives in .

The west side Planning Zone 2 had the steepest decline in compliance with the 8-minute standard in the past 11 years.

meet the firefighters

There, first companies made it to scenes within 8 minutes 92 percent of the time in Init was 86 percent, and this year, Firefighters fell short of the minute goal in west side, northwest and far east zones. And response times for a full call-out were slower in six of nine districts compared with Brian Vaughan says a variety of factors are at play, such as lengthy deployments that tie up firefighters and spread resources thin across the city. For example, he says, a high-angle rescue on the city's west or southwest side can span eight to 12 hours, leaving other firefighters to backfill those stations' territories.

If Station 13 at Cresta Road, for example, is occupied with an hours-long deployment, Station 4 at Southgate Road would cover Station 13's area, meaning Station 4 would face longer travel times to some calls. Multiple companies were tied up in response to a severe hail storm this summer that battered the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and injured at least a dozen people there.

Firefighters don't always push a status button in the cab of an apparatus — marking their arrival time.

That means they must reconstruct the timeline later. Demand, too, can contribute to slower times.

meet the firefighters

Inthe department ran about 45, calls, and inthe most recent full year, 68, As more open spaces become developed, new homes and businesses add to firefighters' work load. Take the 18,acre Banning Lewis Ranch on the city's east flank. Not much happened after its annexation, but after City Council amended the annexation agreement last spring to encourage construction, firefighters can expect to be busier there.

The new agreement charges fees to be used toward building an unspecified number of fire stations, whereas the original agreement required developers to provide land and build and equip five fire stations. While new stations are built — Station 21 opened in August at Dublin Blvd.

Meet Your Firefighters

The Charlottesville Fire Department ultimately helped coordinate a massive emergency response, one of the largest public safety deployments in Virginia history. Local firefighters spent 72 hours in what fire officials describe as a combat environment. Baxter was worried enough about their condition to bring in mental health counselors from around the country who specialized in treating firefighters.

That Monday, every Charlottesville firefighter took the day off. Five engine companies, a ladder truck, a battalion chief and four medic units from departments elsewhere in Virginia kept watch over the city. It was a special moment. Inthe last year for which data is available, fire departments in the United States responded to The striking thing is that, during that time, the number of fires that these departments responded to actually fell to less than half of the number in Byfires made up less than 4 percent of all the calls that fire departments responded to.

Medical emergencies accounted for 68 percent. The growing share of medical emergencies handled by fire departments is a long-developing trend, but departments still struggle to adjust to their changing mission. On the other hand, the more their core duties stray from fire suppression and rescues, the more difficult it is to train, recruit and retain the workers they need.

We save exponentially more people in emergency medical care. Pensions for veteran firefighters have generally remained intact, but retirement benefits for new recruits are less generous than they were before the Great Recession. This is especially true in smaller jurisdictions. Industry standards require a minimum of four firefighters assigned to every engine or pumper.

meet the firefighters

More than a third of cities with at least half a million people reported in that they did not meet that staffing threshold, compared with a fifth in But among cities with populations between 50, and , 80 percent did not meet the four-fighters-per-engine standard. Almost every department is seeing a decrease in people testing and applying to be firefighters.

Part of the problem is convincing candidates to sign up for the intense lifestyle of fire service. For career firefighters, for example, that usually means working a hour shift and then getting two days off. Dave Finger of the National Volunteer Fire Council says the number of volunteers has remained about the same, but call volumes have increased significantly.

Small-town residents who might be interested in volunteer fire work are traveling ever-longer distances to get to their regular jobs, leaving less time for pursuits like volunteering. Meanwhile, fire departments are struggling to become more diverse; they are still overwhelmingly white and male. Among career firefighters, only about 5 percent are women. Blacks and Hispanics are also underrepresented.

The gap is significantly wider in many major cities.

Fire Departments Struggle to Meet New Demands

But women and minorities are better represented among paramedics and emergency medical technicians working for fire departments -- 31 percent of paramedics and EMTs are women, 10 percent are black and 9 percent are Latino. Paramedics and EMTs are generally paid less than firefighters. In the MeToo era, sexual harassment, misconduct and discrimination lawsuits against fire departments create serious image problems and recruitment obstacles. In Fairfax County, Va.

The scrutiny came when a year-old firefighter killed herself, following online harassment from her colleagues it was unclear whether those comments played a role in her suicide. Fire Chief Richard Bowers ultimately retired after the widower of the firefighter called for his resignation.

meet the firefighters

In Chicago, five women paramedics sued the Chicago Fire Department, charging that they were groped and harassed by their superiors.