Meet the fockers airplane scene from bridesmaids

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Clip Description: After taking some pills given to her by Helen (Rose Byrne), Annie (Kristen Wiig) starts to hallucinate and makes a scene on the airplane. #bridesmaids Bridesmaids Plane Scene, Bridesmaids Movie, Bridesmaids , If you love boy meets world, you know this isn't funny because you know. Bridesmaids has a memorable scene on an airplane with its main character make them very nervous meeting their girlfriend's parents, flying on a plane, etc.

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In it, Darth Vader wannabe Dark Helmet Rick Moranis is with his cronies searching their radar for the good guys, who are nowhere to be seen. Bluto, played by Belushi in his first major film role after breaking out on the first seasons of Saturday Night Livedoes his best to gross out an entire cafeteria. His tray already overloaded with food, he starts to squeeze sandwiches into his pockets, and when his pockets are full he takes a big bite out of one and throws the rest back.

He slyly slurps a wad of jello into his mouth, then shoves an entire hamburger into his gaping maw. Then he waltzes over to a table where his friend sits with some preppy rivals and steals some of their food.

When one preppy kid asks if he has any respect for himself, he squeezes jello into his pie-hole. And Young Frankensteinfromis pure gold, a true comedy classic. His delivery during this interrogation is spot-on.

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Is that what you're telling me? Plus, the new Ghostbusters probably wouldn't exist without it. The food poisoning scene is utterly disgusting and absolutely hilarious. The bridal party is checking out dresses in an upscale boutique after a meal when suddenly their skin looks clammy, bowels begin to rumble, and McCarthy's Megan dry heaves with an added touch of flatulence.

Suddenly, the other ladies experience the same symptoms. Then they move to the bathroom, much to the dismay of the saleswoman, and all hell breaks loose, literally, from their bowels. Finally, the bride, played by Maya Rudolph, runs out of the store and squats in the middle of a busy street to take care of business.

The first film was so funny that it was a hit with critics and viewers alike, so they went ahead and made the first of two sequels in The Smell of Fear.

meet the fockers airplane scene from bridesmaids

First, a little foreplay: If you can look past the year age difference, the sexy is first interrupted by a mysterious third set of hands, then somehow their feet get in on the action. Then, out of nowhere, something Frank suddenly has Arnold Schwarzenegger's torso.

Jane intently reaches down into his jeans and pulls out… mushy clay? And, finally, they seal the deal to a montage of ridiculous sexual metaphors, from blossoming flowers to trains entering tunnels to human cannonballs to a hot dog being placed in a bun.

In it, the male newscasters are down in the dumps and get lost while in search of a suit store.

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But along comes a rival news team out for a bike ride for no apparent reason, led by Vince Vaughan in a cameo, and the rivals taunt our heroes. But when they hear sirens, they scramble. Always a good rule of thumb: When in doubt, go to the toilet. You need a ride home later? Put a quarter in the swear jar. Good to see ya. And you started it.

No, you started it! Did you forget to take your Xanax this morning? Oh, I feel bad for your parents. I feel bad for your face. You call me when yours come in.

meet the fockers airplane scene from bridesmaids

What do you have, four boyfriends? You look like an old mop. You know, you're not as popular as you think you are. I am very popular. Well, you're an old, single loser who's never going to have any friends.

meet the fockers airplane scene from bridesmaids

You're a little cunt! Yes, it is you. Please go back to your seat. Yes I'm with him. Uh no you're not. You were just out here and you put sunglasses on. But I don't want to Sir, she can have my seat okay. Everyone should experience first class at least once in their lives and Annie shouldn't miss out just because she can't afford it. I'm afraid that's not allowed.

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Help me, I'm poor. This is supposed to be about my time. You have managed to ruin every event in my wedding, thank you very much. Okay well thank YOU very much. It's all her fault! It is not mine! And you would know that if you got your beautiful haired head out of your asshole. In fact, out of HER asshole. Which I'm sure, is perfectly bleached! And you know how I know?