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Starting with the TV movie Gargoyles in and continuing on through Meet the Hollowheads () is a bundle of absurdities involving a. The Hollowheads are a strange, futuristic family that live in a Jetsons type world complete with many cool gadgets. Henry is hoping for a. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just.

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While we're on the subject of things that are never properly explained, take also the subsequent scene where Cindy meets her date, where he gives a token of his feelings towards her with the gift of The closest I can describe it is a mutant piece of red broccoli.

Cindy is happy to get this gift, but once again, we are never told what this featured item is. These two scenes are typical of the major way Meet The Hollowheads constantly fails to meet its mark. Yes, in its attempt to make a quirky and off-beat world, the movie is constantly bringing up and showing off bizarre gadgets, weird locations, and characters doing what would be considered crazy actions in this world.

And yes, you do indeed have to do all those things if you want to make a quirky and off-beat world you could almost believe exists in some tucked-away parallel universe.

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However, it is a serious miscalculation to believe one can throw up a lot of various insanities on the screen and expect that the audience will immediately accept however the movie chooses to be crazy. Even for a world of insanity that the Hollowheads lives in needs to be depicted with some kind of logic to it, to have some kind of twisted explanation for every unconventional gadget, location, and action.

Otherwise, such a world is simply weird for weird's sake, with no point and no purpose except seemingly to put up as many bizarre things all chained together in a stream that could be best described as non-sequitur.

Meet the Hollowheads – USA, 1989

It not only gets tired very quickly, it's a frustrating experience; frustrating because not only does the movie seem determined not to properly define this word, but that throughout the movie you can't help but see a great deal of comic potential. Why, for example, do the Hollowheads keep their grandfather in their basement? It is hinted that it's illegal, but if so, why is it illegal? For that matter, why do they keep him strapped to a chair, and why do all the family members dread it being their time to feed him, especially when said task doesn't seem to take that long nor be particularly disgusting?


If there had been proper explanations for these questions, this seemingly pointless, by the way subplot could not only given more light onto the Hollowhead universe, it could have provided additional zaniness to the movie - and zaniness with some actual meat to it, since it would have been plot-driven than driven by randomness.

Occasionally the movie does find an appropriate way to show off something wacky, and these particular scenes are the highlights.

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Take an early scene when Billy comes home with a black eye, and his mother insists he let her give him a home treatment for it with a gadget despite his objections.

Though it's a throwaway scene, it manages to deliver some laughs; the scene has a clear objective the removal of a black eyea gadget with a purpose that is clear, and we are given enough information about this device to know more or less how it works in a gleefully queasy way.

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With no questions in our mind after all this explanation, there is nothing left to potentially get in our way from finding amusement. Though as I said before, most scenes never get close to their comic potential. While that's the main problem with Meet The Hollowheads, there are also a number of other smaller problems that get in the way. The biggest of these is that the movie is cheap.

No, I don't mean it's the typical low-budget genre movie that can't quite stretch its budget enough - I mean it's cheap. The Hollowhead residence not only looks like it was built by high school students, it looks like it was built and slapped together with duct tape on their auditorium's stage; you feel like any second a wall will fall down or you'll see spotlights on the ceiling. I realize an expensive and glossy look would have been counterproductive, depriving the movie of a lived-in look that would have made this world more believable, but a few extra dollars would have created the happy medium this movie needs to be in.

The rest of the minor problems generally occur just once or twice and don't really need to be detailed, except maybe for Anne Ramsey's cameo her last screen appearance before her death of throat cancer. Though Ramsey was having voice problems near the end of her career, she was still understandable in her speech, making me wonder why her performance here was graced with the vaguely-insulting use of subtitles. I say "vaguely", since it's not just her who gets subtitles in this scene, but everyone else for no particular reason, unless there was some equal opportunity enactment imposed on the movie during production.

Still, despite this and any other problems minor or major that come up between the beginning and ending, the movie remains strangely watchable all the same. Though the problems generally stem from a poorly written screenplay, it is boosted considerably by being performed by a likable cast.

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Even the cast members who show weaknesses in their acting Glover seems somewhat bewildered to be in this environment still give enough warmth to charm us. One exception is Portnow, though not in a negative way. Playing a rather despicable lout, he goes all-out to make his character utterly rude and heartless, yet so over the top that you can't help but laugh at him doing things like slapping Billy around or chasing Henry all over the living room.