Meet the homestuck characters crying

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meet the homestuck characters crying

Trolls are a humanoid race of aliens that appear in both Homestuck and Hiveswap, Trolls' tears are also the color of their blood, but in a more diluted fashion. .. Ring, where they meet up with two of the kids, Rose Lalonde and Dave Strider. gallowsCalibrator, is one of the trolls and is one of the main characters in Homestuck. Vriska about to meet her end at the hands of Terezi. slashing and stabbing him and crying because he won't attack her and is just standing there with. "How many times did you let Mario fall in the pit before he saved the princess? Who weeps for these Marios. In games your characters die, but you keep trying.

Thoroughly displeased, he swiftly dismisses the ruffians by utilizing extreme seriousness.

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His bedroom is messy. Well, messier than usual. The imps have defiled his movie posters, leaving him on the verge of tears. They have thrown his computer out of the window, as well. Vriska pesters John about his sweet movies and insists he is wasting time. She is then embarrassed by a bucket lying on the floor of John's room. John explains it's used for cleaning and not procreation.

As he tosses the bucket out of his room, Vriska tells him "Spinneret" is a fake name, though her real one is "a sekret" John walks onto the balconyfinding both imps and salamanders around his Alchemiter. Nanna is nowhere to be found. Looking up at his house, John is surprised at how much it has grown and how busy his server player has been. She is already aware of the shocking revelations John had in store for her, such as the creation of the paradox babies. Rose states that rather than continue to play and inevitably lose, she intends to break the game.

Her plan now is "To do as much damage to the game as possible. To rip its stitches and pry answers from the seams. Rose comes upon a turtle temple. She retrieves one of her Thorns from Viceroy Bubbles von Salamancerwho also sports sharp new duds, and uses it to uproot the fortress, sending stones and turtles flying into the air.

Rose is contacted by Kanaya Maryamwho reveals that she has been reading her walkthrough. Shortly after Karkat's speech about trolling the Kids, Kanaya asks him if he knows anything about Rose. Karkat says that he will steer clear of her, so Kanaya then agrees to troll Rose. Kanaya has her first conversation with Rose — actually with John on her computer.

Unable to open her viewport in TrollianKanaya is unaware that she is talking to him, not Rose. After Sollux helps Kanaya open her viewport, she sees Rose spring the trap John had left for her. Trying to put that embarrassment behind her, Kanaya goes further back to when Rose is first introduced. Kanaya then trolls John, earlier in his timeline when he still wore his Spade shirt. After conversing with John, and later with Dave and Jade as well, she deems that the conversations did not go well because of their inferior human intellect.

However, her curiosity remains piqued. Kanaya switches the viewport to Rose's house in the winter, where Rose is outside making a snowman with the head of a cat.

Kanaya goes on to say how bright and pretty the Earth is and how nicely Rose is dressed. Rose once again gains a slight upper hand for her fashion sense and "loyal snowlusus". Kanaya has her second conversation with Rose, and, although satisfied with her trolling effort, it is obvious to Kanaya that this Rose is different than before. She believes that her first conversation had simply been Rose toying with her. She has her third conversation with Rose, which does not go well.

Her fourth through sixth conversations continue the trend, leaving Kanaya in a rather bad state as Rose continually out-snarks her. After she asks Dave for adviceshe pulls out her trump card in the seventh conversation with a slightly redacted chatlog of their first conversation. Moving on to the eighth conversation, Kanaya views Rose destroying her first gate.

meet the homestuck characters crying

Shocked at what Rose has done, she quickly questions Rose, who has some questions of her own. Having just made another CosbytopJohn is trolled by Vriska. He starts to blast off with his rocket pack to search for Nannasprite, but Vriska stops him so that he can make him a new outfitsince she has seen him do so in his future. Rose chats with Kanaya while disassembling the turtle fortress she has levitated.

meet the homestuck characters crying

They discuss the information Rose has gathered in her dreams from the Gods of the Furthest Ring. Kanaya informs Rose that her viewport goes black several hours from that point, well before the scratch occurs. Vriska prepares an outfit for John that is almost exactly the same as her own, with a different color scheme and a Green Slime Ghost in place of her Scorpio symbol.

This gets us into Alternian relationships. To say they are complicated would be an understatement. Several pages of text and animations are used to try to explain it all. The suits and colors from a deck of cards are used as the best representation of the different facets that troll relationships can take.

A Mom’s Journey into Homestuck Part 5

It is so long and convoluted that Hussie inflicts the whole explanation at once to on the reader as a punishment. The basics are that Trolls can go from platonic friendship to steamy hot passion or love-to-hate, and all the shades in between.

But this is just one aspect of troll society.

meet the homestuck characters crying

Trolls are insectoid in nature. They are hatched from donated genetic material given to the Mother Grub deep underground, and they spend their first few years fighting to make their way to the surface. The survivors are given to a caretaker, a Lusus. Lusus come in all different sizes and shapes. They can be very difficult for the young trolls to deal with, but the kids care for them just the same, just like real parents.

There were some sad, touching moments with them. The present and future Karkat argument is quite funny, as is the fact that the board updates are often used to ask Karkat for romantic advice.

She tells of their difficult battles and how, when they had completed the session and were just inches from claiming their prize, something catastrophic happened: The trolls are banished from their space and are forced to retreat to the Veil.

They can neither return home nor enter the universe their game session created. This is why they are so angry at the human kids. I really enjoyed this Act, as everyone predicted.

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The trolls are a great, varied bunch of characters. Also like John, he gets a lot of the good, funny moments. I should mention one new character that was introduced in this Act: Before maturity, trolls have dark grey irises, but these fill in with their respective blood colors as they age.

meet the homestuck characters crying

Trolls' tears are also the color of their blood, but in a more diluted fashion. Each troll has a signtypically depicted on their clothing in some form, which is assigned from an alphabet of signs for each Hemospectrum caste.

Should mutation place a troll outside the caste system such as Kankri and Karkat Vantas they will usually lack a sign. In Homestuck, the signs of the twelve main trolls became the signs of the human universe's zodiac. However, trolls in Hiveswap, due to lack of Weird plot shithave been shown to lack this, although some qualities are retained throughout castes Such as the duality theme among goldbloods and the motherly role of jadebloods.

In the run up to the release of Hiveswap: Act 2What Pumpkin released an " extended zodiac " of additional signs, representing at least part of the larger alphabet of troll signs used on Alternia.