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I didn't laugh very much, but I thought it was a charming movie and I enjoyed it. Tracy and Hepburn have such great chemistry and are so obviously in love it's no surprise everybody knew they were knocking boots off-camera. Even if the movie doesn't always stack up, Tracy and Hepburn are excellent and it's worth a viewing just to see them together. I was surprised Tracy didn't beat the shit out of the guy for hitting on his wife through the entire movie, though.

Chow Yun-Fat is not to be fucked with in this ridiculously awesome revenge picture from Ringo Lam. This one never gets old. Sweet Jesus that he's actually Vinnie Barbarino.

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I swear I tear up a little every time. John Powell's score is fantastic, falling somewhere between Hans Zimmer and Jerry Goldsmith a lot of the time and it fits this ridiculous film perfectly.

Truly John Woo's best Hollywood film. I still think they should've cut the scene where they show the actual surgery, because it's probably easier to accept this stupid fucking premise without having to see the latex Travolta face floating in a jar or whatever. This is pretty goddamn underrated by a lot of people, in my opinion. Personally, I think this is one of John Carpenter's best movies and definitely one of my favorites. I would also rank this as one of the best Stephen King adaptations and I'd say it kicks the book's ass.

Nothing can be said that hasn't been said already, but I tried anyway. Verhoeven is a master. And this movie is pretty fuckin' good. Not the dreary WWII picture I had imagined, but rather a kickass revenge story with tits and sadness. I thought it dragged a little the first time I saw it, but it went by at a brisk pace this time around.

I like that the line between the good and evil, she is blurred. The Nazi who collects stamps and isn't all bad, the guy who seems like the good guy but turns out to be the biggest piece of shit in the movie, and Carice van Houten looks very nice without the clothes. I'd only seen bits and pieces of this on television and I heard it was kind of a classic or something and maybe some stuff about Kathleen Turner being hot.

Now Turner being hot was no news to me. I know how hot Kathleen Turner is, as opposed to current scary Kathleen Turner and what a goddamn shame that is. Things kinda fizzle a bit at the end and Silvestri takes the slap bass and saxophone way too fucking far in some places, but overall I think this is a great movie and it's a shame the soulless fucks in Hollywood are planning a remake. I mean that opening alone is a classic and also sweaty and erotic.

I continue my journey into the world of Martin Scorsese, a filmmaker I claim not to be a fan of even though out of the four or five movies of his I've seen there's only one I don't like. Okay, that last one was a lie. Heard isn't a bad looking guy, but he's not actually crazy in this, he's a normal person and also he's a guy so I wouldn't bang him. Catherine O'Hara, now, I'd hit that. I'd hit it like Rocky hit those slabs of beef. I'd hit it like Ike hit Tina.

But, hey, if John wanted to watch that's his business. He could bring Will Patton along, it could be a pretty good time, who knows? But it's all in good fun and also you get to see Linda Fiorentino's boobies.

Probably the best Scorsese movie I've seen yet. This is a pretty good dramedy about a day in the life of a tabloid newspaper with Michael Keaton dropping f-bombs and flailing around like Beetlejuice and Marisa Tomei is his hot pregnant wife. There's good supporting players like Robert Duvall and Randy Quaid and a few shots of Clint Howard and also the freakish man-women like Glenn Close who I'd bang, but only if I had a couple dozen paper bags to cover up that twelvehead of hers. I don't mind the face so much, but goddammit I am not making sweet Ronald McDonald love to Glenn Close with that fucking twelvehead staring down at me, taunting me.

Also, I hate "Damages. But this movie is good and I thought the scenes where Robert Duvall is like, "Gimme all ya got! Gimme all ya got! So congratulations, Ron Howard. This is one of the ones that doesn't suck. Thank you for giving us Bryce. Bought this a few days back and figured I should probably watch it or something, since I hadn't seen it in years.

The Kevin Smith movies, they tend to get worse the more I watch them, but this one I think I liked a little better this time. The game show stuff doesn't work too well, but the rest I think she is solid. She's good to go. Shannen is cute and sexy in this and the Chasing Amy, she shows her boobs. Boobs always score points. Claire Forlani tries desperately not to be English but she has a pretty face and is generally bangable. But she is not in the movie enough! How do I connect Claire and her boyfriend Tough Shit when she gets three scenes in the whole movie.

The London character, I don't remember which London he is. Anyway, I thought this guy was likable. Everybody seems to have trouble reciting Smith's dialogue.

There are a lot of words in there and sometimes the actors have trouble spitting them out. And Alec Guinness thought he had it bad when he had to say "That's no moon Meanwhile Beverly Hills Dougherty is reciting entire novels at breakneck speed!

Obi-Wan wouldn't last a day in this fucking mall. Kevin Smith needs to write dialogue that people can actually say. You're not in books school, Kevin Smith of this movie. Affleck is a tubby fuck in this. This movie is pretty stupid and I'm giving it a lowish rating, but I kinda liked it anyway. Daniel Craig kicks plenty of ass and even gets to love up on Eva Green in Jimmy 's twenty-first adventure. This was the first Bond movie I ever saw in the theater.

It's also the first one I ever liked. With plenty of punching and Eva Green cleavage. I love this fucking movie. This thing ain't perfect. The script ain't, you know, the tightest around or whatever. Eddie Murphy is funny though and that's what counts. I miss funny Eddie.

Charles fucking Dance plays the heavy, but it's mostly a thankless role. But he's Charles fucking Dance so he makes the most of it. Charlotte Lewis is real nice to look at. God, is she ever. And this movie is just fucking crazy. I hadn't seen this in years, so I never really thought too much about the dream sequence with the horse and the applause sign and shit. How the hell does a scene like that make it into a movie? You couldn't do that today.

That is some crazy and awesome shit. Anyway, this movie is pretty flawed overall but the nostalgia does the trick. I don't really get the hate for this. I saw it in the theater when it first came out and I've seen it a couple times since. It's not, you know, great or anything. I could do without the "Felicity" romance stuff with Rob and Beth. It would be better if that shit was a little more realistic, but I still enjoy the movie. Also, it's bullshit that Marlena dies, man.

I got me some love for that Lizzy Caplan. This shit never gets old. Goddamn if this ain't the funniest Christmas movie about a drunken horny Santa ever made. Billy Bob is funnier than shit and even manages to turn out some good dramatic work in a couple scenes while still being funny, notably his attempted suicide by car exhaust and the scene at the end when Tony Cox betrays him. The kind of movie I can watch any time no matter what mood I'm in.

From a technical standpoint, this thing is a fucking mess. Christ, the continuity errors. But overall it's a movie I still dig the shit out of and it never gets old. Nicholson hits about a 9. Hadn't seen this since I was a kid. Much better than I expected it would be years later and funnier than shit.

Already seen most of this in bits and pieces, first-time viewing all the way through. A nice kid's movie or whateverthefuck. I enjoyed this one. Chuck Norris uses his mullet to combat plane hijackers in this action melodrama.

Lee Marvin is there, too. First time viewing, will NOT be the last. I'm not sure what I watched, but I liked it. Funny, heartbreaking, infuriating, bizarre, weird, weirdly bizarre, fucking crazy, insane, hilarious, ass-fucking hilariously, tragically depressing and nudity. This is a description of the film, I think.

Overall, a more enjoyable experience the second time around. Hadn't seen this in many years. A hell of a lot more enjoyable than I remember. Love that nothing supernatural happens until an hour in, so you get a lot of time to know the main characters. It's no surprise Clooney became a movie star. He's fucking dynamite in this and pretty easy on the eyes, if I may be so bold and handles the physical stuff like it ain't no thang and Tarantino's dialogue seems tailor-made for him.

Even ol' Quinty turns in a good performance as the batshit fucking crazy Gekko brother with a surprise, surprise major foot fetish. Juliette Lewis remains forever weird-looking but nonetheless bangable. This movie is great and Rourke is fucking excellent. Marissa Tomei does terrific work with her breasts, but I'm not sure how that equals an Oscar nomination.

She was good, but not exceptional. The body, on the other hand, that's another story. We need a fucking award for that.

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So this is about as fucking stupid as a movie can get, but it's also pretty damn awesome. Stevenson is a terrific punisher who actually kills people, instead of framing them with fire hydrants and shit. In fact, I think Ray Stevenson kills more people in his first scene than Tom Jane did in his whole movie. This movie is good pure stupid fun. Doug Hutchison and Dominic West overact their hearts out. I love their scenes together. A guy I know at work has a part in this movie, so I was compelled to watch it.

Low-budget, stupid, but I laughed and ended up liking it quite a bit. My favorite Bond film, motherfuck! I love the shit out of this movie. I thought the movie was okay.

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Van Damme is excellent in it, though. This is pretty much as fucking great as everybody said it was. Only Sam Raimi could've unleashed this wacky western onto the world and God bless him. Hackman like a motherfucker. Tarantino's best film and still pretty goddamn unappreciated. Max fucking Cherry, okay? If you're a motherfucker like me who enjoys the movies and shit and the filmmaking process and also watching people like George Clooney fucking around and having fun making movies while not being an OCEAN'S ELEVEN situation where you're supposed to be watching an actual movie but instead you're just watching a bunch of movie stars enjoy the smell of their own shit no worries this isn't a fictional film or anything this is a documentary so it's okay that everybody is having fun they don't actually have to tell a story then maybe that is a little sad but this documentary is entertaining and you can't fuck with that kind of thing.

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You can never ever ever go wrong with this motherfucking classic buddy road movie. Martin and Candy are goddamn magic. A wonderful film that I'm afraid has not aged as well as it could have, but good nonetheless.

Donald Pleasance like a motherfucker. Jamie Lee Curtis may in fact be a man, but that is a man I would fuck. There are more fucking palm trees in Illinois than you would think.

I am going to Hell for preferring this version. I never wanted to watch this. I never wanted to like it. At least I never thought I'd like it. It has really grown on me.

Zombie's best film so far, make of that what you will and fuck yourself if you can't see it. Hadn't seen this in years. Truly an epic mess of a movie, thanks to the douchebags who cut it to shreds, but it is an interesting mess. So many scenes from this film are burned into my brain from childhood. Anyway, I'd like to see those 25 minutes put back in the movie so maybe there will be a coherent third act and a film that makes sense in general.

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