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meet the medic pyro magazine

Trailers: Team Fortress 2: Meet the Medic Still want meet the pyro. . I love how the pyro in the waiting room is trying to set the magazine on. "Wait, wait the Medic said, turning to look at the Pyro with an inquisitive The Pyro is reading a magazine with "The Insult That Made a 'Jarate. The next TF2 video will star the Medic, according to a fan who recently visited Valve's offices. News · Reviews · Hardware · Indie · Best Of · Magazine · Pro; More. Podcasts · Meet the Only the Pyro and the Medic are left. The last TF2 video valve put out was Meet the Spy, and that was over a year ago.

While the Chargin' TargeSplendid Screenor Ali Baba's Wee Booties can help survivability, using grenades and stickies to destroy buildings and crit opponents is almost always more favourable than attacking enemies in melee range, which quickly puts the Medic in danger and undermines the Demoman's primary job of wiping out entrenched positions.

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For a secondary weapon, the stock Sticky Launcher is often the best choice, as the Scottish Resistance 's slower bomb priming makes it easier for enemies to avoid the explosives. While his large size and slow speed makes him easy to follow and keep track of, they also easily attract the attention of enemy players. When in combat, his significant close-range firepower helps greatly in protecting the Medic.

When charged with the Kritzkrieg, his Minigun can shred targets in almost any situation, whether the fighting is inside or outdoors. When on the offensive, a Heavy is best off equipping a more mobile primary weapon, such as the stock Minigun or Tomislav. Whether a Heavy should carry a Shotgun to protect his Medic while on the move or a Sandvich to provide him with a free health pack depends on several factors, and both can be useful in different situations.

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Pyro The Pyro is built for close combat and will need to be exposed to enemy fire to deal the most damage. With a Medic providing a continuous source of healing, a Pyro can take a beating while easily incinerating his foes. As such, it is usually better for a Medic to heal Pyros when in defensive situations, where there is a reduced risk of encountering enemies. Unless a Sentry Gun is just around a corner, it will still be necessary for the Medic to walk ahead of the Pyro in order to draw fire from the Sentry Gun.

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Because both members of the pair remain vulnerable for the duration of the KritzkriegPyros are generally not good recipients for it.

It generally does not matter what loadout a Pyro is using when paired with a Medic, though having a Shotgun is more effective at protecting the Medic than using flares. Typical Medic "baddies" It is generally unwise to choose the following classes as a Medic buddy. These classes are usually not found on the frontlines of the battlefield, where most healing is needed, due to their low health and specific roles. They all lack the crowd control capabilities of the more ideal Medic buddies, making defending the Medic more difficult.

While a Medic can use any of the available Medi Guns to match the Scout's fast speed, the Scout cannot provide the same degree of protection that a typical Medic buddy can, especially if he is using a primary such as the Force-A-Nature or Soda Popper. Still, he will often be injured and run back to be healed.

Even so, an unbuffed Scout may have difficulty dealing with clusters of enemies, making him a poor Medic buddy. Engineer Because Engineers will build Dispensers and stay away from the front lines, having a Medic nearby does not accomplish much.

meet the medic pyro magazine

A Medic specifically healing an Engineer would only occur in special situations, such as when an Engineer is trying to repair a Sentry Gun under enemy fire. Engineers with the Widowmaker or Gunslinger can be decent partners in desperate situations, thanks to the increased on-demand firepower provided by these items. Sniper The Sniper tends to sit at the back of the battlefield, so it is rare that a Medic will heal him.

Still, there are situations where healing a Sniper may be beneficial to the team. If locked in a Sniper duel, an overhealed Sniper cannot be killed with a fully charged bodyshot or even an uncharged headshot, giving him a strong advantage.

A Sniper carrying the Huntsman will often fight close to the front lines and will require healing. It is notable that when under the influence of the Kritzkrieg, the Sniper can effectively deal headshot damage with a bodyshot, and does not even need to use his scope to do so.

Another Medic Although Medics do regenerate health over time, they cannot use their Medi Gun to rapidly heal themselves. While it is important that Medics heal each other to stay alive, it is unwise for them to accompany each other as Medic buddies in an offensive push. The Medic, with his moderate health pool and fast speed, has above-average survivability but low damage output.

Spy Because the Spy relies on stealth and disguises, healing him while he is disguised as an enemy will usually blow his cover unless he is disguised as an enemy Spy. Medics should use discretion and heal offensive classes before the Spy. Different situations will call for different classes.

The Heavy deals respectable damage from short to mid-range, shredding anything nearby. So, right now, we're looking at: Engineer and Demo can't really be placed at that time.

Just some thoughts on when the videos might occur. Yes, both contain half a sandvich and a bottle of beer.

meet the medic pyro magazine

Just because your neighbour's refrigerator has the same contents as yours does not mean that it is suddenly your refrigerator. It is pure speculation, nothing more. In Meet the Sandvich, the floor is wood. In Meet the Medic, it's ER flooring. Meet the Sandvich has 3 bottles next to the sandvich. Meet the Medic only one. It is a reference at best, but I doubt it is more then just model reusing. Log story short, we can't say anything about Meet the Sandvich. Update before Meet the Medic, chronologically speaking.

The video shows the first ever Ubercharge, so it definitely takes place before any of the updates, because the standard no longer prototype medigun has been in the game since release. So we have a minor contradiction. Should this be noted in trivia? Update and the Engineer Update would take place before Meet the Medic. Not trivia worthy, if you ask me, as it can be explained by Valve wanting to make the video a bit prettier. I watched it, curiously, and noticed that the Heavy mows down many people, or rather many soldiers, just after 0: From what I've watched, this is the only other video I have seen with the Heavy killing mass amounts of soldiers.

Perhaps I'm looking too far into this in fact I probably ambut maybe Meet the Medic, specifically just after 3: But I could see why they would put several different classes when they are focusing on the heavy, but only one when the heavy isn't the focus. But then again, in Trailer 2, he's the focus and only kills one type of enemy. It's only an assumption.

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If you contact a Valve employee and they say it was on purpose, however, then heck yes. Neat catch either way. In the cabinets in the background, there are various items in there, one of them is the Medic's Solemn Vow seen right next to his armand there's also a purse hanging on the wall to the right of his head, should either of these be noted? Also, other than the various bottles in there, what are those other objects?

meet the medic pyro magazine

I'm not sure about this one; perhaps if we get another yes we can add it. It sounds a lot more like Schweinhund to me, and it'd make more sense considering the Medic's German background. Demoman has one eye. A lot of people call him cyclops. Is it worth mentioning the humor that the Medic puts his surgery gloves on after the surgery? In that it isn't. You see, the heart of a small animal beats very rapidly even when the animal is in a resting state.

So could this mean that the Scout got the Loch Ness Hamster heart, or the smaller unlabeled one?

meet the medic pyro magazine

Oh, and as soon as Archimedes the Dove coos inside his chest, the sound of his heart stops. I thought it was neat enough to mention. That his heart stops when Archimedes coos is observational. Both aren't trivia according to the Style Guide and thus will be removed when added. The Heavy's heart is the largest and his health is the largest Should this be noted or not -- Mardamien24 We don't know whose heart is biggeer. The heart used in MtM as a replacement heart was merely a way of showing how powerful the Uber device is.

Ryokyon I listened to it and I agree.

meet the medic pyro magazine

Also in it I noticed a second mistake I had not seen in the p version. Not only is the Heavy wearing an old decal in the team pose picture, but so is the Demoman. Probably reading too much into it, but I thought it was cool. I kinda see what you mean though - how do you notice stuff like that? At least half of the rockets in the video travel in arcs, similarly to those fired by "the matador" in Mechatheslag's advanced weaponizer. Could this be a hint from Valve, or just cinematic effects?

Any relation with the AW weapon is a mere coincidence. Just like in the clip Meet the Medic. I think the head of the Spy is an obvious reference to the movie and this information should be included in the Notes.