Meet the millers cop scene dumb

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meet the millers cop scene dumb

in this philosophical comedy, yuppie Daniel Miller's (Albert Brooks) 39th And no one ever touched my feet before"); there were further uncalled-for insults: " Freak! of impersonating Lawrence's younger idiot and spastic brother - " monkey boy" .. the Aspen-bound plane had departed; the scene of a motorcycle cop pulling. A description of tropes appearing in We're the Millers. Bait-and-Switch: When the Mexican cop says he'll the Millers go if in exchange for Veers into Too Dumb to Live territory, except he doesn't get killed. . Insane Troll Logic: The entire scene where David tries to convince Kenny to perform oral sex on the Mexican cop. Read the We're the Millers full movie script online. some kind of cop? He's not a cop. He's This is fucking dumb. (GROANS) .. it's making a huge scene.

When it turns out that he's gay, David orders Kenny to suck his dick. I Call It "Vera": Edie's vibrator is called "Joe Morgan". Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: During the scene where the Millers are fleeing the mechanic shop, Pablo Chacon and One-Eye shoot at them.

None of their shots hits any of the Millers, nor does it seem to damage the RV at all. David's transformation from drug dealer to wholesome American father. The entire scene where David tries to convince Kenny to perform oral sex on the Mexican cop. You go over there, you pretend it's a girl's dick.

Any girl's dick you want. I'm not sure I agree with that logic. The Millers are drug smugglers, not dealers. The video that Casey takes of Kenny's swollen testicle becomes a popular internet video by the end of the film. Also, the film begins with David watching a bunch of silly Youtube videos.

Brad Gurdlinger also definitely qualifies. The gang who attacks Casey and robs David, which sets the plot in motion never faces any repercussions. Though he's never seen on screen, she mentions later in the film that he left her after maxing out her credit cards and taking all the money in her bank account. This helps explain why she was so distressed at the eviction notice, along with why she suddenly decided to help David in his wacky plan and asked for a seemingly large sum of money.

In the plane before takeoff Casey lists off a bunch of "typical" teenage girl issues she's worried about, before turning it into a crass joke. Near the end of the movie, Don disarms and subdues a Mexican drug cartel enforcer using nothing but a mug. After hearing that they were smuggling drugs, Don says that he'll have to arrest the Millers.

However, because of everything that's happened up to that point, he says he'll do it right after he hugs his wife and daughter.

He then hugs them a very long time, which clues them in to escape. Don does this again for David in the next scene, after the latter delivers the drugs to Brad. During the escape from the garage, David clubs the one-eyed henchman in the head with a heavy monkey wrench.

The one-eyed henchman shrugs it off easily. Getting run over by a large RV apparently doesn't faze him much either, and he's able to get up and shoot at them moments later.

meet the millers cop scene dumb

Kenny, who is easily the sweetest character in the entire movie. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! He recruits his stripper neighbor Rose Anistona homeless punk Emma Robertsand a sheltered neighbor kid Will Poulter and soon the "Millers" are on their way to Mexico.

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My big concern with any "family" movie is, well, the family part. And well, OK that does sort of happen but it doesn't shove your nose in it. It happens in small doses and usually comes with some raunchy humor to soften the blow and remind you, "Don't worry, this is still a movie about drug smuggling and there's a stripper.

meet the millers cop scene dumb

Each of the four main characters has the family deficiency issue and have their reasons to embrace their situation. David's a drug dealer and a bit of a loser, and he's reminded of the fact when he sees an old college buddy in the beginning of the movie who became a family man.

Rose is a stripper but it's obviously not where she wants to be. Casey's a runaway, living on the streets with her iPhone, and Kenny's been home alone since his mom went out for a drink with friends two weeks ago. So, the seeds are all there for the finale we all expect but it's nice to see it's all thought out better than I expected from a drug comedy.

The main reason this movie works as well as it does it the casting. He handles it well. David Clark[ edit ] [Speaking to Brad on the phone] I'm here to pick up a smidge of pot. This is not a smidge of pot! You got me moving enough weed to kill Willie Nelsonman! Dialogue[ edit ] Rose: You're not a neighbor.

You're a drug dealer. Whose apartment smells like cheese and feet? Yeah, it's a candle I got from Anthropologie. So I heard you and Miss O'Riley fighting. Its called flirting, Kenny. What the hell you doing up. Its almost two am. Uh, She went for a drink with a friend.

So I got my whole place to myself.

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Rolling Han Solo for the weekend. Um, speaking of rolling, I was wondering I don't sell to kids, Kenny. I'm 18, Im gonna get my own place soon. I'm not a kid, David. Yeah, you are, take care. Hey hey hey hey easy easy, whats going on here? Mind your own fucking business old man. Oh my god, you're a dude. I was like, what the hell, I mean your voice was much deeper that your bone structure.

These assholes are trying to steal my iPhone. Wait, you have an iPhone? Not clear who she says this to] David: Okay, this was fun, carry on.

We're the Millers - funny cop scene

These guys are picking on this girl, and it's not fair. What the fuck are you gonna do about it white boy? You some type a hero? The street thug is caucasian] David: No, he's not a hero, he's just a dumb kid. I got an idea, leave the girl alone.

You three just move along huh? What do you say? What are you, some kind of cop? No, he's not a cop. He's actually really cool. He's a drug dealer. Give me your bag pack. I don't wanna fight. Oh, there's not gonna be a fight. See, you either give me your backpack, or I'm gonna stab you in the fucking neck, and take it. So it's a real Sophie's Choice here huh? Alright, okay, back pack it is you want Are we still out tonight or what? I'll call the cops. Who the fuck is Pablo Chacon?

Yo soy Pablo Chacon. You don't get a lot of respect from the Mexicans when your name is Brad Gurglinger, right? Although you are forgetting one thing. You don't have a fucking choice. So, now you gotta be an even bigger drug dealer?

Drug smuggler, Kenny, there's a difference. Well, you know you probably gonna get searched at the border, I mean, no offence, but you look like a total drug dealer. You could wear a disguise.

We're The Millers

Okay, thats what I thought you said. So, a disguise, so what I should dress like, I dont know, whats hot this halloween these days. Maybe I could wear a mask like Bane, from Batman something like that on some of my fucking face. Hey, pardon me, sure hate to bug you fellows but I'm trying to get the fam off to the zoo and I'm all lost so if you could help.

Yeah, fuck off real life Flanders. Thank you dick heads! So, what has she said? The fuck do you think? So it's like I guess a father and son bonding trip to Mexico. Are you kidding me?