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meet the millers funny scenes from dumb

The movie, not so much, aside from a few lines. ubiquitous trailers for “We're the Millers” for the past several weeks, this is the comedy admission to a film that is borderline racist and for long stretches unfunny and dumb?. in this philosophical comedy, yuppie Daniel Miller's (Albert Brooks) 39th And no one ever touched my feet before"); there were further uncalled-for insults: " Freak! impersonating Lawrence's younger idiot and spastic brother - "monkey boy". As a comedy couple, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis aren't exactly But that last query—which again consumes me, now that Aniston's latest effort, "We're the Millers," has arrived in theaters—is a doozy. That the most discomforting scene involves mere kissing shows . The Long Dumb Road.

I have older siblings, too, and they used to tell me the most outlandish things and I would be completely convinced. Did your older siblings do that to you? Tell me any lies? That was a pretty cruel trick.

meet the millers funny scenes from dumb

It lasted for a long time. Friends was such a huge show when we were growing up.

meet the millers funny scenes from dumb

It was really bizarre. I thought she was amazing—so funny, so gorgeous. I am a massive Friends guy. And obviously that scene was totally weird.

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I just felt sorry for her, really. Poor lady, but she was very sweet about it. That scene felt so much longer for all of us. It was so awkward. You do it again and again because of the camera angles and takes and whatnot. All the anything is totally drained out of it.

You have another exciting film coming out. I play this guy called Gally, who is one of the older, more experienced kids in the Glade, which is this manufactured wilderness that these boys are trapped in by foot walls. It was really fun to do. Did you read young adult books when you were a teenager?

Not really, I barely read.

meet the millers funny scenes from dumb

Rather than reading, I used to sit in front of the TV and watch black-and-white cowboy movies. It takes me like an average of three hours to read a script, which is pretty poor. You went to the same school in London as Robert Pattinson.

Is it a performing arts school? We had two awesome drama teachers—Laura Lawson and Simon Parker. Laura in particular was amazing to me—she believed in me so much, far more than I did. Drama was at least something I loved and was really passionate about.

She got me my first audition, which happened to be an independent movie called Son of Rambow, which ended up getting bought by Paramount and went to Sundance. It must have been difficult auditioning after that—when your only experience is success. So you can imagine how many times you hear no.

I love the process of auditioning and having the chance to play a million different characters in one week. The waiting room is interesting. For example, I remember going up for one role and it was for the teen heartthrob. Did you know you were auditioning for an Arab prince? It happens in small doses and usually comes with some raunchy humor to soften the blow and remind you, "Don't worry, this is still a movie about drug smuggling and there's a stripper. Each of the four main characters has the family deficiency issue and have their reasons to embrace their situation.

David's a drug dealer and a bit of a loser, and he's reminded of the fact when he sees an old college buddy in the beginning of the movie who became a family man. Rose is a stripper but it's obviously not where she wants to be. Casey's a runaway, living on the streets with her iPhone, and Kenny's been home alone since his mom went out for a drink with friends two weeks ago.

So, the seeds are all there for the finale we all expect but it's nice to see it's all thought out better than I expected from a drug comedy. The main reason this movie works as well as it does it the casting. He handles it well. I love his sense of humor and his comedic timing, and some of his line deliveries had me rolling. The other highlight is Nick Offerman as a fellow RV vacationer whose family the Millers meet and can't seem to shake.

An All-American sort of dad with a distaste for profanity and the ultimate family man, Offerman's hilarious as he goes from leading his family in campfire songs one minute and offering the Miller's the chance for a little swinging the next. His wife Edie is played by Katherine Hahn and the two work perfectly together. The rest of the cast is fine enough. Aniston still seems a little odd delivering the raunchy dialogue but she's still hot, and so is Emma Roberts.

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Despite any flaws, the film works because the main four Sudeikis, Aniston, Roberts, and Poulter had a real good chemistry. It was a fun comedy to help close out the summer and it sets itself up for a sequel with the Millers that, honestly, I'm not adverse to. I'd be down for another adventure with the family.