Meet the pyro eltorro64rus soldier

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meet the pyro eltorro64rus soldier

Spynapple Pizza. Wooden Doom (Soldier's Dispenser Collab Entry) A video about how Soldier drank petrol instead of water. (EARRAEP Meet The Pyro. Redraw of a scene from Lazy Mountain by Eltorro64Rus I was lacking creativity and thepyroaccount simply said “Indiana Jones” and I went with it. Thanks man. Eltorro64Rus is a Russian Garry's Mod video creator. His videos contain a expression in Meet The Pyro when the RED Medic decides to call another Medic.

Soldier gives one to Grandpa Sniper after asking for help. Sniper is not amused. Soldier "dies" this way after getting touched by the Spyder in Desert, complete with Adventure Island music. In the beginning of Scout's Amazing Adventures, it took a few seconds for the Scout to suffer any sort of effect after stabbing himself with a Spycicle during a Five-Finger Fillet game. Further still, the Spycicle takes 22 seconds to freeze him, instead of instantly as it does in-game.

Later, Heavy is left staring dumbfoundedly after turning on the radio while the BLU Soldier who is in front of him freaks out and explodes into Ludicrous Gibs near Scout, leaving the latter's head as his only remnant. Only after Spy kicked the radio away did the Heavy realize that the two people in front of him have died.

Scout's head is still alive for some reason, while the BLU Soldier reassembles himself later on. Happens to Scout in Scout's Amazing Adventures.

This is even more so with his "body part reassemble" ability, and despite Scout's head being what's left of him.

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Devoured by the Horde: An injured moose in Natural selection ends up being devoured into nothing but a pool of blood by bats and doves. He ends up in what appears to be Japan.

meet the pyro eltorro64rus soldier

The titular Scout in Scout's Amazing Adventures, despite having been reduced to mere head temporarily. Smallineer is thrown into Mount Rushmore after calling Grandpa Sniper ugly. Scout during his amazing adventures, starting from the encounter against the BLU Soldier.

It doesn't help that he prefers to run away from his allies after his fiery fate thanks to Heavy. Heavy in most of the videos. Duck Season, Rabbit Season: The former seems to be aware of this trope, as he uses it to his advantage just so the latter ends up surrendering Scout. The Giftthe very first Eltorro GMod animation ever, and compare it to a later one, like, say In-engine flailings are more common in the former and if there are any stop-motion parts, they tend to be much choppier compared to his newer works the bizarreness still exists even in the older videos, though.

Thus, the animation quality has reached the level you've seen today. For a character-specific example, Medic Soldier as depicted in his debut Soldier Thinks He's A Medic looks more like a Medic-wannabe Soldier, complete with a line fitting him "Doktoberfest, maggot!

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Fast-forward to Heavy is Bacon, and Medic Soldier becomes a creepy doctor with a Thousand-Yard Stare who simply slides along the ground on his stiff feet to move around. In fact, his entire body except his face, but only during his "treatment" is now stiff. He had to be patient and wait for him to come. Shortly after, Scout woke up and saw Medic coming in from the sky exclaiming, "Woohoohoo, Good to gooo! Medic landed face down on the ground but it didn't seem to hurt him. Archimedes came out of his medigun, dead.

Medic looked up to find Scout lying there, motionless. He was excited to begin another procedure. He slide across towards Scout giving him a scary look. However, Medic reassured Scout's safety. I promise I will heal you," Medic said calmly. He took out a trumpet from his back to begin the operation. Scout braced for impact, worried that Medic might hurt him. Medic hit the light bulb in Scout's mouth as he hard as he can with the trumpet. Scout opened his eyes hoping that the light bulb would be gone by now.

meet the pyro eltorro64rus soldier

Medic continued to poke the light bulb with the trumpet. Medic uttered something in German and continued to poke around even more. He became even more frustrated until he couldn't take it anymore. Medic realised that it was another unsuccessful procedure. Medic needed to resort to another form of operation to help Scout.

meet the pyro eltorro64rus soldier

The other medic was not unlike the Medic he knew. He began to regret all this. Meanwhile, Blu Soldier answered Medic's call from across Granary. He marched out of the supply room, through the warehouses, upstairs and eventually out of the window. Soldier lifted himself up from the fall looking more menacing than before. Scout became even more worried. Soldier made his way towards them, collecting the unusuals along the way. Soldier bent over slowly, coming face to face with Scout.

Scout let out a worried laugh. Soldier let out a blood curling scream and a large insect came out and made its way into Scout's head through his ear. Scout could only manage a silent scream. His head began to mess up and he had wierd visions and dreams of a man on a swing, laughing and coughing. Scout is about to become the Pyro He woke up on a hospital bed after the nightmare.

Scout found himself in a fireproof suit with gloves and boots. The light bulb was still stuck in his mouth. A robotic hand carried a mask, ready to put it on Scout. Soldier was on the opposite side of the room holding a remote. He gestured towards Engineer, awaiting his signal. Soldier pressed a button, activating the machine. Blue mist began encircling Scout as the machine placed the mask on him.