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meet the robinsons finger family hulk

League · Legends of Cthulhu · Madonna · Married With Children · Meet the Robinsons · Metallica · Miami Vice · Michael Jackson · Modern Family · Motorhead. Meet the Robinsons - PB&J sandwiches · Meet The dinner The RobinsonsDisney Movie NightsFiGSandwichesFinger sandwiches!!FICUS. Listen to 78 - Meet The Robinsons With Jodi Crossan And Max Weisman and 84 other episodes by Plus, Ross remembers who Hulk Hogan is! .. of Coraline would look like, and gush over the Other Father Song for a big ol' chunk. .. 36 - The Iron Giant with How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?

Miller resigned, to be replaced by Michael Eisner. Roy Disney, now back on the Board as its Vice-Chairman, convinced Eisner to let him supervise the animation department, whose future was in doubt after the disappointing box office performance of its big-budget PG-rated feature, The Black Cauldron. Inthe studio collaborated with Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckisproducing Who Framed Roger Rabbita comedic detective caper that mixed live action and animation while paying homage to the Golden Age of Cartoons.

Disney characters appeared with characters from Warner Bros. The film was a huge box-office success, winning four Academy Awardsreviving interest in animation made for theaters, and popularizing the in-depth study of the history and techniques of animation. Several aging legends in the business, such as Chuck Jones and Friz Frelengsuddenly found themselves the center of attention, receiving acclaim and accolades after decades of being virtually ignored by audiences and industry professionals alike[ citation needed ].

Additionally, the release of many older Disney features and short cartoons on home video, and the launch of the Disney Channelrenewed interest in the studio. Mermaid was a huge critical and commercial success, won two Academy Awards for its song score, and became the first of a series of highly successful new Disney animated features.

The studio invested heavily in new technology, creating the Computer Animation Production System to be used in tandem with traditional animation techniques. Beauty and the Beast would eventually become the first animated feature to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy and the first animated feature to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picturefollowed by 's Up.

InDisney released The Nightmare Before Christmasthe first feature-length stop-motion animated film. As ofThe Lion King ranked as the 22nd highest grossing motion picture of all time in the United States. At the turn of the century, films such as Atlantis: At the same time, the high level of popular acclaim bestowed upon Toy Storythe first film animated entirely using computer-generated imagery CGIsparked an industry trend.

Based on the commercial success of Pixar 's computer-generated animated films and other CGI fare especially DreamWorks' Shrekwhich contained numerous jabs at Katzenberg's former workplace and bossDisney came to believe that CGI was what the public wanted—so it ceased producing traditional two-dimensional animation after Home on the Range, and switched exclusively to CGI starting with 's Chicken Little.

Public rifts grew between the animation staff and management, as well as between Michael Eisner and Roy E.

Roy resigned from the board of directors in with a scathing letter that called the company "rapacious and soulless", adding that he considered it to be "always looking for the quick buck. After Disney's acquisition of Pixar inPixar executive producer John Lasseter became Chief Creative Officer at both Pixar and Disney, with a plan to reintroduce two-dimensional animation, starting with The Princess and the Frog in Television animation [ edit ] After 30 years of resisting offers to produce television animation, Disney finally relented once Michael Eisner, who had a background in TV, took over.

Breaking from standard practice in the medium, the productions enjoyed substantially larger production budgets than average, allowing for higher-quality writing and animation, in anticipation of recouping profitably in rerun syndication.

Hidden Disney moments almost no one notices

While The Wuzzles only lasted a season, The Gummi Bears was a sustained success with a six-season run. Its success spawned a theatrical film entitled DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp and an increased investment in syndicated cartoons. Treasure of the Lost Lamp, which is not considered by the studio to be part of the Disney animated "canon". This was a reversal of the long-standing studio policy against sequels to animated films which did not apply to live-action films ; Walt Disney has often been quoted on the subject as saying "you can't top pigs with pigs", a reference to how the Three Little Pigs short managed to get more than three sequels.

The latter brought the Sherman Brothers back to the studio for their first Disney feature film score since Bedknobs and Broomsticks in Sullivan Bluth Studios Don Bluth 's company had been driven to bankruptcy twice: Bluth formed Sullivan Bluth Studios with backing from businessman Morris Sullivanwhile film director Steven Spielberg —a long-time animation fan who was interested in producing theatrical animation—helped Bluth to produce 's An American Tail.

Fievel Goes West without Bluth. In order to gain more creative control, Bluth parted company with Spielberg on his next film, the release All Dogs Go to Heaven. While the film had the misfortune of opening the same day as Disney's The Little Mermaid, it fared much better on home video.

Hidden Disney moments almost no one notices

The remaining work needed to complete the film—thirty percent of the total—was finished by a Hungarian studio, and Bluth and Goldman took their names off the film. Bluth and Goldman returned to the United States a year earlier to discuss the creation of a feature-animation division at 20th Century Fox ; the studio's three previous animated films FernGully: Fox Animation Studios closed soon afterwards; nearly all Fox feature animation was produced by its Blue Sky Studios unit until the Fox Animation Studios imprint was revived, without Bluth or Goldman, in Animation After parting ways with Bluth, Spielberg turned to television animation, working with the Warner Bros.

Animationto produce Tiny Toon Adventuresan animated series that paid homage to the Warner Bros. The popularity of Tiny Toon Adventures among young TV viewers made the studio a contender once again in the field of animated cartoons. Not only did these cartoons bring in new viewers to Warner Bros. Batman quickly received wide acclaim for its animation and mature writing, and it also inspired a feature film. Combined, these four Warner Bros. When Disney's feature animation surged in the s, Warner Bros.

The perennially-popular Looney Tunes characters made a comeback. While the older shorts continued to enjoy countless reruns and compilation specials and a few compilation filmsnew Looney Tunes short features were made in the s.

meet the robinsons finger family hulk

The film received mixed reviews, but was a major commercial success. Other modern Looney Tunes projects were in a different vein. Unlike the original shorts, Taz-Mania and Baby Looney Tunes were aimed primarily at young children, while Loonatics Unleashed was a controversial revamping of the characters in the distant future.

meet the robinsons finger family hulk

The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries and Duck Dodgers were very well received shows and were relatively more faithful to the original shorts. The Looney Tunes Show was a modern more adult-oriented sitcom and Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production was a modernized series of Bugs Bunny shorts in the Looney Tunes tradition, but both shows still got a slightly better reception from audiences than Baby Looney Tunes or Loonatics Unleashed.

Ralph Bakshi [ edit ] Ralph Bakshidirector of ground-breaking animated films like Fritz the Cat and the original Lord of the Rings film, returned to animation after taking a short break in the mids. The music video put together a production team at Bakshi Animation whose next project was the short-lived TV series Mighty Mouse: Bakshi and company worked on several other projects in the late s, but his biggest project, 's Cool Worldwas a critically panned commercial disappointment.

Bakshi suspended production on the film in[29] but resumed in after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Writing, character design, and storyboarding would be done in American offices. Storyboards, model sheets, and color guides would then be mailed overseas.

This would sometimes cause troubles as none of the final product would be seen until the completed cels were mailed back to the United States. While budget became much less of an issue, overseas production houses would be chosen on a per-episode—or even per-scene—basis depending on the amount of money that was available at the moment. This resulted in obviously different levels of quality from episode to episode. This was particularly noticeable in shows like Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Serieswhere at times characters would appear wildly off-model, requiring scenes to be redone to the dismay of their directors.

First-run syndicated animation[ edit ] The older Bugs Bunny and Popeye cartoons made way for first-run syndicated cartoons such as He-Man and the Masters of the UniverseRambo: The following year, the two shows aired together under the umbrella title The Disney Afternoon. InDisney added another hour; the block aired in syndication until These cartoons initially competed with the nationally broadcast ones. In the s, national TV only aired Saturday morningsnot competing with the weekday and Sunday blocks of syndication aired by local independent stations but; however, by the s, Fox and then WB started airing weekday afternoon blocks.

By the end of the s, both syndicated and national TV ended up losing most of its children's market to the rise of cable TV channels like NickelodeonDisney Channel and Cartoon Network which provided appealing children's entertainment throughout the week at nearly all hours.

meet the robinsons finger family hulk

Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network The late s and s saw huge changes in the Saturday-morning landscape. By now, the once-prosperous Hanna-Barbera Productions was beleaguered by several factors. First of all, its dominance over the networks' schedules was broken by other studios' shows. Finally, its ability to successfully exploit older characters like The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo with new shows was coming to an end; Scooby-Doo would end a near-continuous year first-run after its most recent juniorized version, A Pup Named Scooby-Dooended its run in The theatrical release of Jetsons: Great American wanted out of the entertainment business, and Hanna-Barbera was sold to the Turner Broadcasting System in Ted Turner had expressed that he mainly wanted ownership of the studio's back catalog; its launch of Cartoon Network on October 1, provided a new audience for Hanna-Barbera cartoons, both old and new.

At first, the studio was constantly under threat of closure.

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These shows were designed to appeal to adults as well as children, and thus incorporated plenty of "adult humor", such as pop-culture references and veiled sexual innuendos. Time Warner acquired Turner inand thus inherited the rights to all of Hanna-Barbera's creative properties. Adventures, love, pain, everything starts to happen as this new family begins. Rated M for future chapters.

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meet the robinsons finger family hulk