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Anyone see the new movie "Meet the Robinson's"? The movie, Blades of Glory (violent, homophobic, and totally inappropriate for There are children who struggle with questions about their origins, and wonder about their. D. Ask a partner the following questions: 1. If you could WORKSHEET · MOVIE SEGMENT DOWNLOAD - MEET THE ROBINSONS PART 1. Movie Small Group Discussion Questions. Meet the Robinsons. Movie Summary: Lewis an orphan wants to see what his mother looked like. So he invents a.

Meet the Robinsons is a film that was birthed by an initiative that is no longer in place at Disney. Disney didn't actually own Pixar at the time, as many have assumed. The Mouse House saw how successful these films did, along with computer animated films from other studios, and decided internally that computer animation was their future as well.

So they closed down their traditional animation departments, fired most of the animators, and focused solely on developing computer animation. Their first release from this initiative was 's Chicken Little. The overall intent was to produce successful computer animated films, thus giving them leverage with Pixar so that they could work out a better distribution deal Pixar, at the same time, was intent on no longer working with Disney after the release of Cars.

Then, just like that, management and many other things changed at The Walt Disney Company More importantly, they were able to obtain the talent that had been producing so many quality films over time, headed by Pixar's chief animation guy, John Lasseter. With the buyout, Lasseter assumed the role of leading the animation departments for both Pixar as well as Walt Disney Feature Animation Couple this with the fact that Disney actually wasn't doing so well in their transition to computer animation By the time the Pixar folks became full-fledged Disney employees, Meet the Robinsons was well on its way to completion as the 46th animated feature produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Even though Disney now owns Pixar, the two animation studios will continue to function separately And at that point, taking a look at how the film was shaping up, Lasseter and his Pixar staffers ordered half of the film to be scrapped and redone. It was a shot across the bow of Disney Feature Animation that the status quo would no longer be tolerated The resulting film isn't on the same level as those previously mentioned classics probably due to so many changes along the waybut it's probably the strongest animated film to come out of Disney since Lilo and Stitch.

Overall, a huge step in the right direction See, aren't you glad you read all that? Now, back to the review Overview The idea to "keep moving forward" plays out in the story of Meet the Robinsons as well.

Of course, you probably would never have caught that from the unimpressive trailers promoting the film. I'm not sure what I expected the story to be However, after viewing, I was pleasantly surprised as it was not at all what I expected from the marketing campaign.

The crux of the action revolves around an orphan named Lewis, who is a creative, inventive boy who longs to be part of a family, but alas is still not adopted at the age of He develops a keen desire to find his birth mom, but unfortunately no one knows who or where she is.

So Lewis invents a clever little machine to help him retrieve the memory of his mother before he was placed on the orphanage steps.

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With the help of his roommate Goob and his science teacher, he works to perfect a device called the "Memory Scanner". As he is about to demonstrate his invention at a science fair, he's approached by a fellow named Wilbur Robinson, who is actually from the future! He warns Lewis to watch out for a villain descriptively named Bowler Hat Guy. The bad guys sabotage Lewis' "Memory Scanner", it doesn't work, he gets dejected, and Bowler Hat Guy ends up stealing it -- much to the disappointment of our time traveling Wilbur Robinson.

Wilbur convinces Lewis to travel with him to the future to solve this apparent problem. It's at this point that we see the story borrowing elements from the Back to the Future trilogy. In the future, Lewis meets Wilbur's family, quickly learning that the Robinson clan is crazy, goofy, funny, and most of all, accepting and loving of Lewis.

In Stuart Little, the new adoptive parents relinquish their son to a couple masquerading as his birthparents with nary a legal investigation or a social work intervention. In The Country Bears, the only non-human in the family who is struggling with feeling different asks if he is adopted.

The answer he is given: The movie, Blades of Glory violent, homophobic, and totally inappropriate for children of any age features an adoptive father who abandons his son on the side of the highway when he ceases being a gold medal winning ice skater.

I have to decide which will require more intensive therapy for the children later in life — weird adoption messages in the media, or the lunatic mother screaming in the aisles. I think it is always good to critically examine the messages our children receive from media and speak truth to power. In part because this therapist-mom really does understand that these lost boys and girls of fairy tale fame are metaphors for universal feelings with which all children struggle. I also appreciate that parental death, homelessness, and rejection are perilous dangers that very real children experience.

When something goes wrong, or when someone fails we can often react in a bad way. We might get mad, angry or say the wrong thing. Not only that, but they were happy that Lewis had failed. That is so strange! The way the Robinsons reacted showed Lewis that they loved him, they cared and they believed in him.

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Perhaps you have done something wrong and you think God is going to react badly to you. Remember, He loves you and is always ready for you to come back to Him. He wants to welcome you to Him. What is the funniest reaction you have ever seen or experienced? Do you think we can do something about the way react or is it just an impulse? Have you ever reacted to something in a way that nobody expected?

What happened and how did it make you feel? What does this make you want to do? How can we respond to people that react to us in a bad way?