Meet the spartans best scenes from caddyshack

The movie that defines each top 25 college hoops team

meet the spartans best scenes from caddyshack

From ill-advised sequels like "Scary Movie 5" and "Caddyshack II," to two What critics said: "By turns laughably simplistic and confoundingly muddled as it charts the "final battle" between good and evil. . What critics said: "There isn't a scene in 'Cocktail' that isn't cheap and . "Meet The Spartans" (). The Way-Too-Early Top 25 rankings for next season in college classic, the Wildcats will only survive and reach the final stages of the NCAA But what makes "The Aviator" so good is that just as many of its best scenes show Howard seen "Caddyshack," we're going with "Groundhog Day" because the. One of my favorite Han Solo moments-I am suddenly overwhelmed by an intense desire to watch Star Wars again. Best things about this is that it was ad-libbed!.

For a drama, if you have the right tone, you really can't mess it up too badly. I guess I'd say they are both "fun" to do though. One thing that is particularly fun about scoring a comedy is working with the writers and directors. Since they tend to have a great sense of humor, they tend to be joksters and that keeps the process fun.

So working on comedies, because of the people involved, keeps the pressure levels down? It lightens the pressure a little bit. For action or dramatic films people tend to take much more notice of the music.

meet the spartans best scenes from caddyshack

Now if you look at some of the all-time best comedies like: Stripes or Caddyshack, and you can see how integral the music was to the effectiveness of the comedy. In listening to the music on CD you won't think its comedy at all. At a certain point, it is actually funnier if you play the music straight. For a parody, how do you decide where to draw the line with just how close you write your score to what the original was?

Parody film

It's not really one or the other. It's the stereotypes of that genre. That way I got to write my own score, so I wasn't copying any pieces specifically. I was using things that were stereotypical about the genre. Is it easier to write a score for a parody or a comedy that is not a parody? I think they both have their challenges. In one sense, there might be a little less originality when doing a parody, because there are certain things that you just have to do: For that one, we had to decide things like: They won't surrender, however, without a fight.

Don't bet against them. He probably doesn't sit there, unshaven, in a film room, listing his requirements for sanitized cookie delivery. But what makes "The Aviator" so good is that just as many of its best scenes show Howard Hughes thinking big, pushing boundaries and innovating with abandon -- a man driven by some unseen force that even he barely understands.

meet the spartans best scenes from caddyshack

Sound like a coach you know? Plus, if Hughes were still alive, he would totally take a private jet to a Drake concert.

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He'd fly it himself. Like Hill, Self didn't exactly plant roots at his previous stops: His previous longest stint as a head coach was four years at Oral Roberts. But just as Hill fell in love with River City, Iowa and a certain librarian in itSelf fell in love with another small Midwestern town. And the citizens of Lawrence have returned the favor, thanks in large part to Self's run of 12 consecutive Big 12 titles.

The Cavaliers' style of play, "while grotesque and incomprehensible" to fans who want to see an up-tempo game, has helped produce two No. North Carolina Tar Heels: If they are good, the critics will carp that the academic scandal that has been tailing the program for years ought to have long ago rendered the Tar Heels obsolete.

A winning North Carolina program only serves to further invoke the ire of the multitudes who can't understand how allegations against the men's basketball team were removed from the NCAA's amended notice of allegations. In Bernie Mac's version, Ashton Kutcher ain't exactly what his girlfriend's family expects when he first meets them. Even though the Ducks reached the Elite Eight last season and bulldozed the Pac for three months, they're still mentioned after the blue-chippers in conversations about national title contenders.

If, by the end of this season, Tyler Dorsey and Dillon Brooks have carried Oregon to another Pac title and deep NCAA tournament run, the Ducks might finally earn the respect they did not receive in On a literal level, they have very little to do with Royal Tenenbaum's elite Manhattan family. That's not the point. The point is that "The Royal Tenenbaums" is one of the best ensemble movies we've ever seen -- a film, like much of Wes Anderson's canon, in which no member of the cast is weak and almost everyone is super-strong.

That's the biggest reason to be optimistic about the Badgers next season: Their entire team which only hit its stride midway through last season, after a start is back, and both the sum of the parts and the whole look promising.

And considering Murray's son Luke, who happens to be a Musketeers assistant, hasn't seen "Caddyshack," we're going with "Groundhog Day" because the same thing seems to keep happening with coach Chris Mack's program. It's not a bad thing by any means, but the Musketeers are always steady, having gone to the NCAA tournament in six of Mack's seven seasons.

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Mack has never advanced past the Sweet 16, however. A trip to the Final Four, which seems possible this season, might break the Punxsutawney loop. The Spartans' historic loss to No. But they already look primed to bounce back next season and again be considered a national title contender. Issues off the court and losses on it made the coach a less-than-popular man in Bloomington.

The coach merely pushed his glasses back onto the bridge of his nosequick-stepped his way down the sideline, ignored the noise and went to work.

A team that finished No. But he has extended the legacy of a program that Lute Olson championed for nearly 30 years in Tucson. Ramis succeeds very well in his purpose, which is to entertain and make us laugh.

Meet the spartans- Dance-Off

There's a range in the humor from the crude to the subtly satirical. Ramis dips lower than the Brits and doesn't fly as high, but there's some wit and for a few moments the Old Testament gets taken for a bracingly wild ride.

The basic joke, well emphasized in the colloquial dialogue, is the contrast between the modern sensibility of the two protags and the ancient settings they roam through. Ramis gets off to a good start by combining the crude, boisterous Jack Black and the dry, fey Michael Cera as buddies from a stone-age tribe: Zed Black and Oh Cera are outcast members of a hunter-gatherer village: Zed is full of bravado, daring to sample the apple of the tree of knowledge, for all the good it does him which is nonebut still a totally incompetent hunter.

Oh is a multi-talented gatherer, the smartest guy in town, though as he says, "that's a low bar. Oh and Zed, Cera and Black, provide a running series of jokes about masculinity and intelligence throughout.