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meet the superhumans video

We're the Superhumans: meet the stars of Channel 4's Paralympics Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats. After producing the multi-award winning “Meet the Superhumans” campaign for the London Paralympics, it's fair to say the British. 'Meet the Superhumans' explored the backstories of a number of GB was found on YouTube after his wife uploaded a video of him singing.

Fortunately, one week before launch, that window emerged.

meet the superhumans video

Inthe broadcaster commissioned research into audience attitudes towards disabled people on-screen to help inform its Paralympic coverage and marketing, the learnings of which helped inform Superhumans 2. To ensure authenticity and that the new ad was not promoting unrealistic or distorted perceptions of disability, the team met with all of its partnered charities before filming commenced. It took roughly a year for the ad to go from early strategy conversations to creative development to shooting.

meet the superhumans video

All crowd scenes in the ad are done via 3D post-production. The biggest challenge outlined by producer Lane was that Channel 4 only had budget for 12 main shoot days, which meant getting all the cast from around the world and elite athletes to London, where most of the filming took place over those 12 days. As a consequence, the broadcaster needed to be economical with filming, shooting 60 scenes and shots.

Despite smashing viewing records onlineChannel 4 is pragmatic and does not expect the Paralympics in Rio to attract the kind of numbers that tuned into London where its live broadcast of the opening ceremony was seen by Its marketing campaign helped London Paralympics become the first of its kind to sell out.

It is about a whole shift in attitude, trying to change global perceptions of disability. Not in a cheesy way, but a real, visceral, beautiful, challenging, truthful way.

Anatomy of an Ad: How Channel 4 told the story of the humans behind the Superhumans | The Drum

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We're the Superhumans: meet the stars of Channel 4’s Paralympics trailer

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meet the superhumans video

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meet the superhumans video

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