Meet the teacher night ideas for students

How to Make Meet-the-Teacher Night Fun and Stress-Free | The TpT Blog

meet the teacher night ideas for students

Cute idea for back to school night/open house School Opening, Welcome Back Gifts popcorn and note to send home with parents/kids at Meet the Teacher!. Learn how to prepare for a successful Back-to-School Night or Open House! . systems and fun activities you have planned for the students (Fun Friday, etc.). No matter how long you have been teaching, Back-to-School Night can be fraught . Before you can introduce yourself and your classroom to your students' .

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Placing a sign at the designated area where you want parents to turn in the forms would also help avoid any confusion and free up your time to meet other students who are arriving. Because Meet-the-Teacher Night can also be exciting and very overwhelming for students and parents, I always do my best to keep it simple for them. Labeling different learning areas will help parents and students navigate through the classroom with ease while becoming more familiar with it.

Once you have this important information, you can begin making dismissal tags or lists before the first day of school!

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I do this directly on the sign-in sheet. Since students are likely to bring in their supplies that very night, organizing school supplies can be a very time consuming task.

Enlist help from parents and students!

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Not only is it fun for the students, it also gives you a good idea of how much supplies you have coming into the beginning of the school year. Placing labels throughout the classroom with bins or baskets for parents and students to simply drop their supplies in has always been a BIG help for me.

And help does not have to end with organizing school supplies! If you would like for parents to sign up to volunteer in the classroom or at your school, this is a wonderful opportunity to encourage them to do so!

meet the teacher night ideas for students

No matter if it is returning leveled-books back to the library, reorganizing your classroom library or cutting out lamination, this is the perfect time to enlist help!

Have parents and students walk away from your classroom filled with excitement and joy for the new school year!

meet the teacher night ideas for students

Whether it be photo booth or a simple gift for students to walk away with, leave students with a happy memory of the evening! The furniture is in place, the classroom is organized, and new friends hop, skip, and jump through the classroom door. Ready or not, here they come!

meet the teacher night ideas for students

I meet and greet students and families during Open House using these simple steps: Provide a Sign-In Table I designate a location in the classroom to collect important information. I arrange an area on this table for parents to record end-of-day transportation plans.

meet the teacher night ideas for students

I want to know how my students are getting home each day. I remind parents to record accurate information and to seek out this information from the main office if necessary.

Teacher Tips ~ Meet the Teacher / Parent Night

Separate sheets are provided to record the dismissal plans for buses, day cares, walkers, and car riders. Having the dismissal information organized prior to the start of the school year will help ensure a happy and safe end to the first day of school. Welcome Volunteers Parent volunteers assist during the first week of school. I provide a sign-up sheet for parents or family members to organize first-day supplies, assist with clerical duties, or help students in the cafeteria.

meet the teacher night ideas for students

The welcome letter provides information regarding lunch money, student snacks, the daily folder, and the schedules for physical education, music, and art.