Meet the worlds worst superheroes of all time

The Greatest Superhero Hideouts & Headquarters of All Time

meet the worlds worst superheroes of all time

Empire counts down the 50 greatest comic book characters in the pantheon. The energy fuelling it, however, is not and if Spawn ever exhausts his reserves In the often simplistically macho world of superheroes, these two were . the girl who appears in Scott's dreams before he meets her, Scott is an. Total Nerd The Most Ridiculous Superheroes Ever. List Rules Superheroes with the silliest powers and names initially featured in comic books. Ridiculous comic book superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. RELATED: The Worst Supervillain Costumes of All-Time Join us as CBR brings you the A-List of the Z-list when it comes to truly terrible superhero names. When we first meet Arm-Fall-Off-Boy in "Secret Origins" back in , Before he turned his attention to the world of super heroics, Puck was a.

If you are also claiming that this is not, in fact, a superpower, then you would also be correct. Still, that did not stop him or any of the group's other members, for that matterfrom joining Section 8. This ragtag group of crime fighters were all about as pointless as they come, but Dogwelder stands out as being, not only one of the most useless, but one of the strangest as well.

Color Kid, aka Ulu Vakk, possesses the power of color manipulation, meaning he can change the color of both people and objects. Color Kid's ability certainly would come in handy as a means to potentially confuse the enemy, but outside of temporary disarray, this hero serves very little purpose, even among the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Dogs and the innately colorblind are among Vakk's fiercest enemies as this character truly possesses no other real power. The only thing saving Color Kid from landing on the top spot is the fact that this comic book B-list hero can camouflage himself with his manipulation of colors.

meet the worlds worst superheroes of all time

With the ability to detach his own limbs and use them as weapons, you could see why this character has not yet launched his own television series complete with his own with film franchise.

Still, even in the realm of cult comic heroes, Arm-Fall-Off-Boy has really yet to catch on.

meet the worlds worst superheroes of all time

Yet another member of Section 8 cracks the countdown, as Friendly Fire reigns as arguably the most pointless hero of all-time. Even on a team of completely useless crime fighters, this misfit stands out as being the most hopeless.

With the power to shoot bolts of energy out of his hands, this superhero has the ability to easily be Section 8's strongest team member, but, as his name would imply, Friendly Fire can only strike his own allies.

World's Worst Superhero

Both could have worked if it settled on one or the other, but it ends up failing to execute either one very well. The main villain is a horribly CGI-ed monstrosity as we see in so many superhero movies, we care nothing about the characters, and Jared Leto's Joker is totally misused. Spirit of Vengeance" Directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor I guess nobody got the memo that Nicolas Cage is not appropriate for this character, because a sequel was made.

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To be fair, it's an improvement from the directors of the "Crank" moviesbut not by much. Nicolas Cage as a superhero?

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Nicolas Cage as this superhero? So imagine my surprise when I found the sequel to be the exact opposite.

The Most Ridiculous & Lamest Superheroes Ever

The best part of the film is Jim Carrey, but he's in it for maybe three minutes. Well, the atrocity that is "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" ensured that wouldn't happen. This is the movie with will. Directed by Richard Lester After two of the best superhero movies of all time, Christopher Reeve continued being Superman — to unimpressive results.

meet the worlds worst superheroes of all time

Directed by Joel Schumacher Bat-nipples. Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr.

The Greatest Superhero Hideouts & Headquarters of All Time

Some of the worst dialogue in superhero movie history. Batman and Robin play hockey with a bunch of Mr. Freeze's henchmen, because they apparently have ice skates built into their boots.

meet the worlds worst superheroes of all time

The Quest for Peace" Warner Bros. When Wolverine died, Storm became headmistress, a role she still occupies. Nowadays, the school is located in Central Park. The home of the Fantastic Four, the Baxter Building houses everything from rocketships, to Negative Zone portals, to an entire school dedicated to educating the brightest, most intelligent young minds in all of Marveldom.

meet the worlds worst superheroes of all time

Spider-Man — a one-time member of the Fantastic Four himself. At least, that is, until Peter lost his financial assets. Over the years, the Mansion served as a permanent residence to many Avengers, including Captain America for several stints in his career.

Though the mansion was destroyed several times over the years, notably when a veritable army of Masters of Evil razed it to the ground, it was always rebuilt, often better and with more amenities than before.

Of course, the mansion was eventually rebuilt again, this time with Stark selling it to Luke Cage for one dollar, to provide his nascent Avengers squad with a home of their own. More than anything, the Fortress of Solitude represents a place where Superman can be his true self; not the Clark Kent of Smallville, or the Superman of Metropolis, but Kal-El, lone survivor of a doomed world.

The Batcave 14 of 15 Could the top entry on this list have ever been anything but the Batcave?