No data meet the selection criteria for project

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no data meet the selection criteria for project

In the mass maintenance transaction MASS- Sales documents (Object type BUS) the following message appears: "No data meet the selection criteria". An entry level administrative officer role's selection criteria might look like the following: Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, set priorities, and meet deadlines, You might think, especially if you have no work experience, that you couldn't . recently when I worked in a group of 6 people on a school science project. There is no longer a requirement for applicants to provide a addressing all of the selection criteria in detail.

Contact us Writing your address of the Selection Criteria Your address of the selection criteria is your opportunity to showcase your skills. The document must be clear and concise. It should highlight what you bring to the role. To help you write your application we are going to take a look at some general selection criteria and build an application around it. Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, set priorities, and meet deadlines, accompanied by an ability to handle a number of tasks concurrently with minimum supervision.

A high level of keyboard skills with demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in operation of computerised information systems. Well developed interpersonal, verbal and communication skills, especially the ability to communicate with management and staff at all levels of the Agency Demonstrated ability to achieve results at the individual level and as a member of a dynamic team.

It is important that you look at the selection criteria and analyse the skills required it is useful to look at the Role Duties in line with the Selection Criteria as this will give you better context.

Next it is useful to draw from the selection criteria the key skills.

XD99: No data meet the selection criteria

In the example above the key skills are highlighted yellow. The selection criteria will also indicate the level of experience required for example above under criteria 1- sound knowledge is required indicators of experience are highlighted above in blue. Your next step is to align your skills to the selection criteria. Brainstorm Your school subjects e. Did you complete a work experience program?

Have you done volunteer or community work?

no data meet the selection criteria for project

The way you set out your address of the selection criteria is also important. Make sure you first write out each criterion in full and then underneath write your address or answer. This makes reading the application as easy as possible for the selection panel. Method for Addressing Selection Criteria Talk about your knowledge of the criteria using school, work experience or any personal examples you think are appropriate Give 1 or 2 examples of where you have utilised this skill, use the SAO technique.

Where and when did you do it? What did you do and how did you do it? What was the result of your actions? Write a short conclusion for each criterion — remember to relate your conclusion back to your ability and aptitude to do the job.

There is no rule around how much to write. If you can address the criterion in 2 to 3 paragraphs that is fine. Writing Your Address of the Selection Criteria Sound knowledge and experience of administrative practices, procedures and processes.

XD No data meet the selection criteria

This criterion is asking you to write about any knowledge or experience you have of administrative practices, procedures and processes. Administrative practices are those tasks undertaken in an administrative role e. Procedures and processes refer to the rules that are applied to those practices e. If you have undertaken typing or computer based courses at school you will have some knowledge of administrative practices.

You can talk about your typing ability and speed. If you have completed some work experience use this in your response to this question.

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As a wrap up you should illustrate your ability to quickly learn processes and procedures and speak about your positive attitude. Often, in an entry level position, hiring managers may be happy to take someone with less experience if they have the right attitude.

EXAMPLE My study at school, whilst not directly related to administration in a business environment, has exposed me to some of the processes and procedures that surround administration.

I have completed assignments and have developed strong typing and computer skills which could be transferred to a work environment.

A good example of the development of my administrative skills was in assisting in the coordination of the old scholars afternoon. As part of this process I helped develop the letter to old scholars inviting them to attend the old scholars afternoon, mailed out these letters, compiled the rsvp lists and then assisted in the coordination of food and beverages for the afternoon.

I also assisted as an usher and assisted on school tours for the old scholars, explaining to them recent changes to the school and recent school achievements. The afternoon was a great success and we received many compliments from the old scholars for our coordination of the event.

no data meet the selection criteria for project

Whilst I have not worked in a business environment I believe my existing skills, coupled with my ability to quickly learn and keen attitude, make me an ideal candidate for this role. This question can be easily answered using school examples. Think about the brainstorm you completed earlier in preparation for writing your address of the selection criteria — e. EXAMPLE My time at school has allowed me to develop excellent prioritisation and organising skills and I have had experience in meeting deadlines while submitting school assignments by their due dates.

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I have also been exposed to handling a number of tasks concurrently, illustrated by my involvement in the school hockey team which required training times a week which became more difficult when completing end of year grade 12 exams.

An example of my ability to meet this criterion occurred mid last year when I was juggling hockey training, mid year exams and completion of my school work experience. To meet the challenge of such a busy period I prioritised my time around both hockey training and my work experience.

I set out a plan for each day itemising what study I intended to do that day and what preparation needed to be completed for the next day.

no data meet the selection criteria for project

This enabled me to study effectively whilst still completing my work experience and attending hockey training and hockey competitions. I did extremely well in my mid year exams, our hockey team continues to win our weekly games and I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience without worrying about study. I believe this was a great outcome. Read each criterion carefully and highlight the key words, such as High level written communication skills, with the ability to write memos and reports for senior staff For each criterion, brainstorm for ideas and write down all your relevant knowledge, skills, abilities, training and experience.

Think of specific examples where you have used your skills, abilities, etc. Consider them in terms of: Focus on your key achievements and note these down, for example: In this case, give the document a heading and include the following details: Content Your statement addressing the selection criteria needs to demonstrate how your previous experience, skills, education and training have equipped you to meet the requirements of the position for which you're applying.

Below are some guidelines on what to include in the statement you write for each criterion. Highlight your relevant skills and experience by describing your major responsibilities in current or previous employment this may include relevant non-paid work.

no data meet the selection criteria for project

Where possible, mention the same kinds of tasks and responsibilities as are listed in the advertised position description.

My responsibilities have included organising meetings, researching background information, taking minutes, and preparing and distributing agendas, reports and minutes.

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