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Zoom out to select another city or state. Be sure and be at the Oddfellows* Hall, on a h Januarr, for the Hospital Aid Dance. . L. A. The annual meeting of Fifth Ave. íádies' Aid will be held où Tuesday afternoon at Hamilton, Dlv' sion Ave., for a p¿«clf of badz.info and cake, and to the National Swstem, of Baking. Baptist meeting in At - lanta a short time back and after preaching the pastor .. Out of the heart proceed love and hatred' good thoughts as well as evil, .. Elks, etc., and those who bc'ong to them than 1 have for Masons, Odd Fellows, et c. The Lord then opened my eves to my sinful condition and I saw how merciful He. In my opinion, the property 0 meets 0 does not meet the National Register criteria . . with a bellcast spire and ornamental sawn eave brackets along the top of the tower. . religious buildings in Winston-Salem outside of the Moravian tradition. .. a "Citizens Hall," while Sanborn Maps consistently show an "Oddfellows awl.

Later that day, after the remaining necessary business was concluded, the brethren adjourned to the Baptist church where the officers of the Grand Lodge of Dakota were installed by Theodore S. ParvinPast Grand Master of Iowa. This created - or revealed - a difficulty with regard to Shiloh and Bismarck, they having been chartered by the Grand Lodge of Minnesota instead of Iowa, but things were eventually worked out and those two lodges soon came into the fold, along with Mount Zion.

On June 11,at the 15th annual session of the Grand Lodge of Dakota, the Grand Master[5] reported that Congress was preparing to divide the territory and create the states of North and South Dakota. The Grand Master appointed a committee to study the matter.

The committee met and reported back immediately with the following suggestion: There were 73 lodges at the time in southern Dakota and 26 in the north.

The committee took an inventory of Grand Lodge property, "was pleased to state that their work [had] been characterized by the most perfect harmony and good feeling,"[7] and proposed a proportional division of the property, based on the number of lodges, between the new Grand Lodge of North Dakota and the Grand Lodge of Dakota, which was to continue under a new name as the Grand Lodge of South Dakota.

Ayres being the first Grand Master of North Dakota. The Grand Lodge of Dakota presented the officers of the new Grand Lodge of Dakota with jewels of office as a tender and unexpected gift, and the Grand Lodge of Dakota was then closed in ample form[8] and ceased to be on June 13, This building was for many years the most imposing building in the area.

Planning for the building began in when the local masonic organizations started a construction fund. The cornerstone was laid in and the building was occupied one year later, in June The building was faced in Menominee red pressed brick and trimmed in Little Falls granite.

Calaméo - zion's watchtower and herald of christ presence

It featured over 55, square feet of floor space, a banquet all which seated and a two-story, 1,seat auditorium. There were lodge rooms, a kitchen, billiard room, library, and offices. Intwo years after the building was opened, Maj. Mm Vtxxik Crooks, Clerk. Resilience, in Sew aome's Addition. Calls answered promptly, day or night.

Good accommodations at all stations, and Fine Wines, ups ond Ciis. Particular attention given to freight and express. Swain Bear Creek J. BoK'ie Rosland Alex Mcintosh. Stock Inspector of Crook County. Passenger and Freight Service.

Our sieamart have been put m thorough repair, and facilitias added lor the comfort and aasa ol patron. Too mnca cannot be sa.

It fa altnoet noorfe to say that "It is down the Columbia. We are at all times prepared to handle carefully freight ot alt kinds, with prompt nesa.

Wool ud wheat ahipmeola especially aoUcltad. M will always be fonnd aa low aa the lowest, aad always aa low aa la possible to miki them. Oar aim is lo endeavor lo keep In line with our former policy, ana nake it in fact aa weil as name, "TH Kbt. Depot The Dalles, Or. I -eaves Shaniko at 6 P. M Leaves Prineville at 6 P. Also makes connection at Shaniko with trains lor Portland and all Eastern points. Good accommodations along the road. I rac-e roaches, and now have the best equipped Btage line in Eastern Oregon for Uie accommodation of the traveling!

All persons wishing passage must way - others will not be received. Express must Company will not be responsible. Tbe Company will take no risk on money transmitted. Particular attention given to delivering express matter at Prlnevill mni all Southern pomta in Oregon, and advance ehargas will be paid by the osapany.

I3SI We have recently pnt on new thorough- public. Storms continue throughout the Lake region. Henderson, the negro murderer, was burned at the stake. Chapelle will remain In the Philippines for the present.

The Twenty - seventh volunteers have returned to San FranciBco. England Is sending foodstuffs to Pretoria to feed the Boers after the surrender. In the opinion of a large cattle dealer, prices of stock will never de- cline to the low level of several years ago. The last convention of Oregon wcol growers. Is dead at Kansas City, aged He was for 13 years consul to the Falkland islands. A passenger train was ditched near firhlrllor Kan In whlrh 11 nnRKnsrera were injured.

Carnegie announces his retirement.

1879 zion's watchtower and herald of christ presence

Cherry, of Den- ; jn a reared collision early today be ver. Sherman Harris, a negro, was lynched, at Spellman.

Rowan, the ex-matri monial agent, has been found guilty of an attempt to bribe United States offiriala at Milwaukee. Sheldon, of Washington, has been appointed receiver of tbe suspended First National bank at Niles. Twenty thousand dol- lars of forged paper has been found, Tk. In Tavbm adopted a resolution recommending that conrreaw provide an assistant t the secretary of agriculture to have charge of livestock interests. Joe Turner and Joseph Wilson, who were implicated in the Milwood.

Rosa Hudson in the first degree. Pekin The Idaho legislature baa journed.

Grand Lodge of North Dakota

The Thirtieth volunteers arrived at San Francisco. There is friction between British and Russians in Pekin. Carnegie denies that he is going to Europe with J. China appeals to the United States for protection from Russia. The ministers have prepared an other list of guilty Chinese. The great Manila Ice plant will be controlled by civil authorities. Provincial government was estab lished at Lucena. Two men were killed and several: Louis brokers, filed a deed of assignment. John Hare, the English actor now playing in Chicago, announced that at the conclusion of his present tour, five weeks hence, he will permanently retire from the Btage.

The Brooklyn bridge authorities are contemDlatins: The cost will I be in the neighborhood of f 1. Jessie Morrison, whose first trial! The Washing for the murder of Mrs.

Grand Lodge of North Dakota | Revolvy

Olln Castle ton state sugar factory, owner of the resulted in no verdict, was committee ' beet sugar establishment at Fairfield, to iail at Eldorado. Holland gave Wilhelmina a new crown costing 20, A Chicago cattle company boughtacres of grazing and mineral land in New Mexico.

An animal heretofore unknown, re sembling both the horse and the ze bra, has been discovered in the Congo forests. New York commission merchants are sending representatives to Cuba to purchase products for shipment to this country.

Sir Francis Cook, who in mar-! At a meeting of glass tablewear manufacturers at Pittsburg it was de cided to advance the price of tumblers from 10 to z5 per cent. In California they have a pioneer society composed entirely of women who crossed the plains in ox teams prior to There are thirty names pn the charter roll.

Provincial Government Established In Tayabvs. The United States army transport, with the Amer ican Philippine commission and their party on board, arrived off Lucena last eveuing. This morning the com. The commission then proceeded with the first organization of a provincial government in South ern Luzon.

The Province of Tayabas has long beea noted for the pacific conditions existing there, in contrast to the neighboring provinces, which still pur sue a rebellious course.

Colonel Gard ner, late of the Thirtieth volunteer in fantry, was today appointed civil gov ernor of this province. Colonel tiara ner favors the maintenance of friend. Coionel Gardner, when in command of the j Thirtieth infantry, was in control ofthis district ,and as a result of his policy, a population of active insur- jents has been transformed Into I'rieudly natives, whose patriotism to the United States was considered to j j De more urmiy emauiiaueu iuau turn.

I I The first organization of the federal party outside of Manila was effected in Tayabas province, and all the na tives joined. The arrival of the com mission with Colonel Gardner, whose regiment was recently given a pub lic farewell here, returning as civil governor, was enthusiastically cele brated.

The people of Sorosgan, a seaport on the extreme southern end oi l. The commission will son, ninth president of the United mtnn fhprp Inter. Suddenly the time freight from St. Paul crashed Into the stock train caboose and plowed through into the next car ahead. Instantly the wreck took tire. The crash aroused the village, and the volun- teer fire department responded to the and assisted In taking out the dead and in lured.

The caooose and three cars were burned, and a number of head of stock killed. The doors to the other cars containing stock were jn the meantime opened and the frightened animals allowed to run at large.

A relief was started from Cht- CagO as soon the wreck rePorte! A special dispatch from Dawson, dated March 1. JThe order made available hundreds ""of laDRed claims, unsold ad-iones. Under the new I regulations the first man to arrive application for the ground gets it. Some of the unfortunate fel i lows who went out misread the of ficial notice and staked claims that j were reserved by notice In the proc!

Their four days' vigil in a temperature 40 degrees below zero was a frightful experience for many of the stampeders. From Ju neau comes the report that there is a gigantic trust being formed with many millions of capital, which will aosoiutely control every fish cannery and the fish industry of the entire Alnska territory. The report is to the effect that Mr.

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The fish indus try ranks next to mining in Alaska, Seven canneries were In operation last year. The output was In addition to the ibove. The ship was not taken out to deep sea. On her return under a moderate forced draught, the ship s indicator showed her speed for two hours' mn to ivn i r 9. China Appeals to America. There is reason to believe. Nothing has been heard from Russia since the verbal commu nication by Count Casslnl last week setting forth the rectitude of Russia's objects In China generally, and in Manchuria In particular.

Minister Wu has been almost a dally caller at the state department, and it is evident that the Chinese are impressed by the belief that the crisis has been reached, and that the destiny of Man churia depends upon the immediate action of the powers. His death quiet and painless, there being a general sinking until the end came, which was marked by a single gasp for breath as life departed from the body of the statesman.

None of General Harrison's chll- ulcu wcits cicocu,uro ueaiu. Neither Russell Harrison nor Mrs. McKee had reaches the city, although both were hurrying on their way to the bedside or tneir dying father as fast as steam would bear them.

Eliz abeth, the little daughter, had been taken from the sick room by ber nurse before the end came. His father, John Scott Harrison, was third States, who was the third and young est son of Benjamin Harrison, one of the signers of the Declaration of In dependence, from Virginia.

He w married October Scott, who was then president of Oxford female seminary.