Oh the people you meet

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oh the people you meet

Enjoy Stories for Travelers, Foodies, & Philanthropists seeking authentic local. Michaela's Map: The Best of Cuba · by Michaela Guzy · 0 0. Michaela's Map. OhThePeopleYouMeet is a content site for travelers, foodies and philanthropists who have an eye for authentic local connection.

He enjoys visiting other European countries by plane, train and automobile, often combining work and leisure. Charles oversees marketing at European boutique travel outfit JayWay Travel. Contributor Lucy McCormac St. Louis has to offer.

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Some of his favorite underwater photo subjects are sharks, mantas, manatees, coral reef scenes, and macro subjects like blennies, crabs, and coral abstracts. Post college in Iowa he worked in politics and non-profits. When not obsessing over design whether it be art, architecture, fashion or objects they love seeing live music to fuel the soul and traveling to inspire the mind. Despite her family thinking she is slightly crazy she would not swap this life for the world!

Contributor Mary Gostelow Mary Gostelow is owner-editor of the unique and universally-revered bible of the hotel industry, the monthly Gostelow Report market intelligence. She also produces the daily Girlahead travelogue.

You might find her roaming the mountains of Bulgaria or enjoying a pint of Guinness in the west of Ireland. Keren is of Israeli decent and lived all over the world including Peru. The only thing Keren may love more than jet-setting across the globe, is shopping. Not only the major fashion brands, but those local designers in each location that have yet to be discovered. Her impeccable taste extends far beyond the amazing outfit she has on…to hotels, where to be seen.

Between living in New York City, the greatest city in the world, and working in a career that takes her on the road quite often, her love for exploration gets fed almost everyday.

With yearly trips back to England, she was bitten early by the travel bug and is always ready for an international adventure. Having lived in Chicago and London, Amanda has now settled in New York City and combines her passion for travel with a career in destination marketing. She travels often and is always looking for a way to truly immerse herself into the destination— through interaction with the local people and their culture. Her keen understanding and love of luxury hotels has enhanced her passion for traveling to new places, often with her Toy Australian Shepard, Joplin, in tow.

Episode 111: Oh, the People You'll Meet

She is putting her analytical and organization skills to good use as Director of Operations where she guides the day-to-day of the business. Danielle was bitten by the travel bug in college and has since explored Europe, Australia, South America and North America.

She graduated from Temple Law with a juris doctor. And with that comes generous vacation policy so she is able to bring us her stories from road, plane, train, tram, boat or whatever form of transportation is readily available.

oh the people you meet

Good habits start young. With this experience, Michaela offers a unique perspective on cultural connections, food, and events in the Los Angeles area.

When not traveling for volleyball or studying in a cafe, Michaela can be found hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains or sweating at Core Power Yoga. She began working in marketing because they made shit up, and then moved into comedy development. She traded in the Blackberry for Final Draft and is now happy to be pursuing her true passion in comfy clothes that can be thrown up on.

oh the people you meet

Videographer Ben Dishun Atlanta, Georgia Ben lives in Atlanta, GA and has been working in the local film and television industry for the past three years. He graduated in from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelors degree in film and television with a concentration in Cinematography.

She was raised traveling the globe, calls New York City home, and has lived in Jakarta and Singapore. Contributor Jordan Ashley LA to NYC Jordan Ashley is the founder of Souljourn Yogaa non-profit dedicated to raising funds and awareness for girls education in developing countries through global yoga retreats.

Contributor Doyun Kim Seoul and NYC Doyun grew up half in the Pacific Northwest and half in Seoul, which she believes is reconciled by the fact that she has a special interest in moody cities. Her passion for travel journalism started as a contributor for a monthly magazine geared toward foreigners in Seoul.

Currently, she lives in New York pursuing a career in media and strongly believes that stories can change the world. His production company, Nimblefox Productionsis a collective for content creation that specializes in producing branded content, short films, fashion pieces, music videos, and documentaries from initial conception through post-production. After his departure from the label world, he set out to create a space where he could entertain his two passions; nerding out on sound and creating music.

Although Cristina is a native New Yorker, she lived and worked in Barcelona for five years and spent two years in Boston teaching at an international high school there.

She has experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

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Born and raised in Guatemala City, Marianne has more than one country to call her home. A firm believer that no place reveals its true self in three days or on a tour bus, Marianne is currently living and exploring in Berlin.

It is all part of her scope and fodder for visual narratives. But I have traveled to many far away places and logged more hours on buses, trains and boats than I care to admit.

oh the people you meet

All in searching of that brilliant, sublime moment that haunting photographs are made of and to collect stories that makes me weep in my sleep. I live under an alias. Pravassa specializes in small group tours and custom wellness travel planning that allows travelers to relax, restore creativity, and be completely changed by travel.

You can connect with Linden via Instagram. Anisha is also a co-host and style expert for Sports Illustrated. She resides in NYC with her husband and rescue pup, Midas!

Her favorite destinations to send clients to are Belize, Southeast Asia, Canada, Cuba, or anywhere else that offers adventures and unique travel experiences. Outside of travel, she enjoys spending time exploring the Twin Cities restaurant scene, biking, spending time outdoors, and attending MN United soccer games. Perhaps the most enlightening part of travel for her, is the more places you go, you realize there is so much more to see and so many great adventures awaiting you.

oh the people you meet

Hoping you enjoy and looking forward to hearing about your stories from the road. I just had the most hilarious and mortifying experience of my entire life.

oh the people you meet

To set the stage: Can I re-emphasize very formal? I follow her into the changing room. They instruct us to get naked via hand gestures. Ok, so you think, this is the worst of it. Ever heard of a hammam treatment? Well this was even more outrageous. I say goodbye to my colleague and am lead into a room by a fully clothed Moroccan — MAN. About 5 minutes later he reenters in what we in America would refer to as see through boxers and escorts my colleague in she was wrapped in a towel by the way- I was not given the honor.

My heart is in my stomach. He gestures for one of us to come up and of course she nudges me. He then gesticulates that I am to lay on the floor face up! He proceeds to rub every and I really mean every square inch of my body for 20 odd minutes. He then takes out the equivalent of a loofah and scrubs me down.

Back on the floor I go all slimy with soap. He literally grabs me by the feet and pulls my wet body over the floor until he has me just where he wants me. Did I mention he made little kissy noises each time he spread my legs? I mean I was seriously crying I was laughing so hard.