Rahm emanuel meet the press video

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rahm emanuel meet the press video

We'll ask the president's senior adviser Rahm Emanuel. THE PRESS Minute, archival footage of Dr. King's last interview on MEET THE PRESS from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel speaks during an interview with the Associated Press in Beijing, Thursday, July 12, Emanuel, on a. Former Obama and Clinton aide Rahm Emanuel is warning that Trump could Obama's first White House chief of staff, says in an interview. Nicolas Maduro talks to the media after a meeting for signing an agreement on.

Howie Klein has suggested that Emanuel's congressional campaign strategy was short-sighted, as it "contributed to the massive G. Democratic Caucus chairman After his role in helping the Democrats win the elections, Emanuel was believed to be a leading candidate for the position of Majority Whip. Nancy Pelosi, who became the next Speaker of the House of Representativespersuaded him not to challenge Jim Clyburnbut instead to succeed Clyburn in the role of Democratic Caucus Chairman.

In return, Pelosi agreed to assign the caucus chair more responsibilities, including "aspects of strategy and messaging, incumbent retention, policy development, and rapid-response communications". Caucus vice-chair John Larson remained in his role instead of running for the chairman position.

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Social issues Emanuel is generally liberal on social issues. He has maintained a percent pro-choice voting record, supports LGBT rights including same-sex marriageand is a strong supporter of gun control, rated "F" by the NRA in December Big Ideas for America, [66] Emanuel advocated a three-month compulsory universal service program for Americans between the ages of 18 and An expanded version was later proposed by Barack Obama during his campaign.

Iraq war During his original campaign, Emanuel "indicated his support of President Bush 's position on Iraqbut said he believed the President needed to better articulate his position to the American people". Expedited withdrawal from Iraq was a central point of Cegelis' campaign and Duckworth opposed a withdrawal timetable. At a pro-Israel rally in Chicago, Emanuel told the marchers that Israel was "ready for peace" but would not get there until Palestinians "turn away from the path of terror".

Emanuel remained close to Clinton since leaving the White House, talking strategy with her at least once a month as chairman of the DCCC. Asked in Januaryabout his stance on the Democratic presidential nomination, he said: I'm very far under the desk, and I'm bringing my paper and my phone.

He's tough, but fair, honest, direct, and candid.

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Ezekiel Emanuel has written, "The impatient, pushy Emanuel style is so well known that during a recent job interview I was asked, point-blank, whether I had the level-headed temperament the position required. After the remarks were quoted in a front-page story of the Wall Street Journal[85] and after he was criticized by Sarah PalinEmanuel apologized to organizations for the mentally handicapped for using the word "retarded".

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Emanuel advocated a smaller plan because it could get bi-partisan support. Emanuel wanted to expand coverage for children, and increase the number of single mothers eligible for Medicaid.

For that reason, it was called "the Titanic plan". Emanuel has since apologized for his role, saying, "Thank God for the country, he didn't listen to me", after the Supreme Court upheld "ObamaCare" in During a staff meeting, when Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra gave uniformly upbeat reports, Emanuel is said to have looked at him and said: He was also the focal point of criticism from left-leaning Democrats for the administration's perceived move to the center.

By Septemberwith the Democrats anticipating heavy losses in mid-term elections, this was said to precipitate Emanuel's departure as chief of staff. Emanuel's eligibility for office was challenged on the basis of his lack of residency in Chicago for one year prior to the election. A divided Court of Appeals reversed the Circuit Court, holding on January 24,that residency for purposes of a candidate is different from residency for purposes of being a voter.

At his inauguration were outgoing Mayor Richard M. Daleybrother of the outgoing mayor and who would later serve as White House Chief of Staff. On the other hand, he was supported by the business community and most elements of the Democratic party. Chicago mayoral election, Emanuel announced in October that he was running for reelection indespite low approval ratings and some potentially serious challengers.

Despite most Aldermen opposing cuts to library workers and the closure of mental health clinics, they ultimately supported it, calling it "honest".

rahm emanuel meet the press video

He personally lobbied to cut the size of the Recovery Act to below a trillion dollarsbelieving more was politically unrealistic. As the race got going, with unemployment stuck around 10 percent for the entire year, his moderates from the class of were a major force behind the Democrats' pivot to austerity and deficit reduction.

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The result was that the party's congressional majority was wiped out. Ironically, the exact same moderates were most of the victims — including most of Emanuel's class of To embrace austerity during a depression is political suicide, but Emanuel and his Blue Dogs were too captured by neoliberal ideology to see where their own political self-interest lay.

Of course, one must always tailor candidates to districts. And when running in wealthy suburban ones, it will probably be necessary to admit rather milquetoast figures like Georgia's Jon Ossoff. However, more working-class and poor rural districts are far better-suited to barnstorming populists, like Rob Quist, who has pulled the race for the House seat in Montana to a near-tie.

rahm emanuel meet the press video

Such places are just as worth contesting — indeed, vitally necessary to solidify the foundation of a wise political strategy. In retrospect, the year was the last moment when it was just politically possible to paper over the immense cracks in American society. Running a centrist campaign against an unpopular failure of a president was good enough to win. But directly after that election, the housing bubble began to deflate, leading to recession by the end ofand then financial crisis and economic free-fall.

rahm emanuel meet the press video

In the years since, tremendous momentum has built up behind action to completely fix the damage from the financial crisis, reduce inequality, finally provide actual universal health care, attack racial, gender, and other inequalities, fix climate change, and drastically expand the welfare state. To win and maintain a majorityDemocrats must actually fix the tremendous problems besetting the American people from every side. The party as a whole must see that full-throated populism is both a moral and political necessity.

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Heck, even Ossoff is running hard against the wretched Republican health-care plan, which is polling at in his district.