Shredderman 3 meet the gecko

SHREDDERMAN: MEET THE GECKO by Wendelin Van Draanen , Brian Biggs | Kirkus Reviews

shredderman 3 meet the gecko

User Review - Flag as inappropriate. Students in grade 2 to 4 really enjoy this story and the characters. It is so quick that they ask for the second and third book. Overview -. This is the third entry in the Shredderman series, which features short chapters and lighthearted, fast-moving stories, starring Nolan Byrd, cyber-hero. Meet The Gecko (Shredderman, #3) By Wendelin Van Draanen. Shredderman: Meet The Gecko By Wendelin Vaun Draanen Is About A Book.

I've told him that calling him Alvin will get me pounded. Mike McDermish got dared to do it once and was nothing but Mike-mush when it was over. Now it's "Sure, Bubba" and "You betcha, Bubba" whenever he talks to him. My mom and dad used to try to get the school to do something about Bubba.

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They talked to teachers. They even talked to the principal, Dr. Voss, a bunch of times. Voss isn't assertive enough. Voss thinks I'm not assertive enough. She says that kids like Bubba help us get ready for life. Now that I'm a fifth grader, my dad tells me not to worry about Bubba.

He says that I've got a lot more on the ball than Bubba does, and that one day Alvin Bixby will be working for me. But he's wrong on two counts. First, that's forever away. And second, I wouldn't hire Bubba in a million years. Wouldn't that be cool? Just kick him out and tell him to never come back. I could eat lunch without him flipping over my tray. Play four-square without him hogging the ball.

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Line up for class without him taking cuts and shoving the rest of us back. School without Bubba would be a whole new place. I have to admit that our teacher, Mr. Kissing turns out to be way more complicated than the romance novels would have you believe. In the end, the playful title and premise are matched by tender and convincing storytelling. Joey Banks is a walking adventure. Luckily, Rusty Cooper knows how to keep a secret. But then comes a secret that is at once too terrible to tell and too terrible to keep.

A secret so big it threatens to eat them alive. What would a true friend do now?

shredderman 3 meet the gecko

Wendelin Van Draanen has written a richly layered book that offers a thought-provoking look at the boundaries of friendship and what it really means to be true. Take that, Nancy Drew! Last night, one of the bad guys caught up. Last night, someone followed Sammy up the fire escape and pushed her from the third story. But most of all. Wendelin Van Draanen is the author of the popular "Sammy Keyes" mystery series for young readers, featuring an indomitable tomboy with a penchant for landing herself in trouble.

The misunderstood heroine, whose formal name is Samantha, often starts out as the primary suspect in some sort of minor crime and finds the real culprit through efforts to clear her own name. The middle schooler also combats some tough family and social situations with the same sense of humor and adventure. Van Draanen's first book in the series—only her second ever published—won the Edgar Award for Best Children's Mystery in Until she was in the fourth grade and her sister was born, Van Draanen grew up the sole daughter in a family with three children, having an older and a younger brother.

The situation provided the inspiration for the intrepid, tomboy protagonists of her books, though the future author described her own juvenile persona as tentative and shy. Entering adolescence was a time of added uncertainty for Van Draanen. Her coming-of-age adventures formed the basis for the comical problems she later forces Sammy Keyes to suffer.

shredderman 3 meet the gecko

When Van Draanen was in college, a catastrophe in her family inadvertently opened up a new door for her: For a time, they were financially ruined, and Van Draanen was troubled by feelings of anger and helplessness.

She began to have problems sleeping, and to help alleviate some of the stress, she decided to write about the incident with the hope of turning it into a screenplay. Van Draanen discovered that writing was not only cathartic but enjoyable. What she found most rewarding, she later noted, was the ability to create a happy ending, to have her characters make positive gains through personal difficulties.

Van Draanen eventually found her vocation as a high school teacher of computer science, but she also had ten finished novels, each around four hundred pages long, by the mids.

By then she had married and had begun a family of her own in California. Van Draanen was inspired to try her hand at writing for children as a result of a chance gift from her husband of Ray Bradbury 's Dandelion Wine. It is Van Draanen's first work for young readers before her "Sammy Keyes" series, and the works share a heroine with pointed similarities.

Carolyn, the narrator of How I Survived Being a Girl, is a tomboy who feels somewhat alienated from the girls in her neighborhood and at school. She much prefers tagging along with her brothers and their friends, especially a neighbor boy named Charlie.

During one particular summer, Carolyn spies on neighbors, digs foxholes with Charlie, steals a book, and helps her brother with his paper route.

The setting of How I Survived Being a Girl is vague, but reviewers seemed to agree that Van Draanen placed her story at some point in the relatively recent past.

shredderman 3 meet the gecko

Girls still wore dresses to school, for instance, and were strongly discouraged from becoming newspaper carriers—official and unofficial biases that had vanished by the end of the s. Carolyn manages to skirt the skirt issue by wearing shorts under hers; meanwhile, she derides her peers who play with dolls and wear frilly, impractical clothes.

shredderman 3 meet the gecko

Yet, as she begins a new school year in September, Carolyn finds that some of her attitudes are beginning to change. She sees Charlie in a new way, and starts to speak out and become more politically active.

She even starts a petition drive to force some changes at her school. When a baby sister arrives in her family, this softens her attitude, too. A Publishers Weekly contributor called How I Survived Being a Girl an "energetic first novel" and "a sunny, funny look at a girl with a smart mouth and scabby knees. The first of these, Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief, arrived in Here, readers are introduced to the feisty, intelligent title character who lives with her grandmother in a seniors-only apartment building.

Because of this, Sammy is forced to sneak around just to get to school; naturally, her social life is severely curtailed as well. Sammy lives with her grandmother, readers learn, because her mother, whom she refers to as "Lady Lana," has moved to Hollywood. Sammy has some formidable enemies. One is the nosy Mrs. Graybill, who lives down the hall; another is a girl, Heather, who torments her daily at school. To keep herself amused at home, Sammy often observes the goings-on of the outside world with a pair of binoculars from her fifth-floor window.

She then sees the man rifling through a purse while wearing gloves. As Sammy tells it: For a second there I don't think he believed his eyes. He kind of leaned into the window and stared, and I stared right back through the binoculars.