South park meet the internet stars episode 5

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south park meet the internet stars episode 5

Every South Park episode has its own celebrity cameo, from Tom Cruise to Kanye West. He appeared in season 19, episode 5: “Safe Space”, as Butters starts filtering That's where they meet Charlie Sheen, along with other celebrities like Michael .. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. "Canada on Strike" is the fourth episode in the twelfth season of the American animated In a plan to raise money from the Internet, the boys post a video on " YouToob" over who is more famous, most of the other Internet celebrities kill each other. IGN's Travis Fickett stated that "It was probably inevitable that South Park. The latest episode of South Park "Canada on Strike" features a segment where the South Park kids visit the Department of Internet Money and.

south park meet the internet stars episode 5

I had the chance to finally watch Canada On Strike! Basically I didn't know most of the YouTube stars that appeared in this episode just Afro Ninja, the panda and the chipmunk but when I watched that part it was hilarious however for me and I really think for many others there are better characters that thanks to YouTube we know, for example Chiru http: What I'm going to write has nothing related with this episode however for me is quite amazing to hear everywhere phrases that YouTube characters made famous, again I did not knew for example the hilarious song Chocolate Rain or the Star Wars kid but I did the "tengo miedo" video http: Other more famous is the Canaca http: This man died like 3 weeks ago and believe me his dead was big news http: And to end the famous Edgar http: Anyway, lets focus on this episode: Now Canada wants more money, "some of that Internet money".

However this strike seems to be not affecting anyone and is less the concern when Danish people are there to reaplce Canadians. But if our boys from South Park want to end the strike is for something. Kyle suffers by watching his little brother Ike all alone supporting his country without being successful.

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Is hilarious to see that the only Canadian in South Park is Ike so basically a very little boy is trying to convince the whole town and of course even that Ike is a genius things are quite difficult. Jeff Goldblum appears in this episode as a scientist researching the alien life forms, which parodies his role in the thriller, Independence Day.

south park meet the internet stars episode 5

He is the one to reverse the polarity and decipher the message sent from the aliens using an absolutely ridiculous word association method.

Jeff also had a came in "Britney's New Look", standing right behind Gerald and Sheila Broflovski as they make their way into the front of the crowd of photographers in the shocking scene in which Britney meets her maker. Butters appears on the Maury Povich Show with some fake testicles on his chin, to try and win a prize.

People believe his disguise, and he is welcomed into the Freak Union, and is later asked to join them in their strike against having the lime-light taken away from them.

south park meet the internet stars episode 5

Before her appearance in this episode, Liza was referenced in the South Park: Who am I going to pretend you are, Liza Minnelli? Samuel Loomis in the Rob Zombie remake of Halloweenand its sequel.

south park meet the internet stars episode 5

South Park helped him achieve that goal, though, with him narrating season 4, episode The book he holds is Great Expectations, and the episode follows that plot loosely, before reaching its own South Park style conclusion. Burton appears as one of the many disgruntled celebrities in season 14, episode 5: Tim Burton is ridiculed for having Johnny Depp play main characters in all of his movies, and for using "the same crappy music" meaning Danny Elfman in all of his films.

south park meet the internet stars episode 5

Though referenced several times throughout the series, 16th President Abraham Lincoln appears in only one episode. In season 11, episode Kennedy was seen, along with his son, as a resident of Hell during the song, "Christmas Time in Hell", in "Mr.

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He was seen in season 5, episode Trump seemed impressed with the idea. The other presidents in the show are: Duck President and Mr. Garrison's class to explain that Kim is not a hobbit. What you might not know about him though is that he has been a South Park fan and supporter since day one - he shared the very first South Park short, "The Spirit of Christmas", with his friends way back inhelping it become one of the first "viral videos" on the web, and helping the show get picked up for series.

Canada on Strike

Two years later, the show debuted on Comedy Central and George Clooney made his first appearance, in season 1, episode 4. Yep, he actually provided his own voice. Clooney then got a speaking role in the South Park movie: