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Doux Reviews: The X-Files: Syzygy

syzygy x files review meet the

Season 3, Episode 13 Date of airing: January 26, (FOX) Chris Carter apparently liked Darin Morgan's episodes so much, he tried to put. Juliette Harrisson reviews 'Syzygy,' an episode of 'The X-Files.' I was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals. Final Analysis: I still love it. Four out. The X-Files meets Carrie Instead, when the clock strikes 12 and the syzygy is over, Mulder and The X-Files Movie Part 2: I had you big time. . PS – I've been reading your reviews during my rewatch and they are great!.

Before this however, Scully gets some bad news from Skinner.

syzygy x files review meet the

Scully steels herself and goes to leave. Her emotion manifests in her discussion with Mulder about the Piper Maru. She marvels at the way he insists on working through ridiculous evidence that so many other agents would just throw away.

I love little exchanges like this. She chooses to deal with a lot of things alone, and yet I think she draws strength from the tenacity of her partner, knowing that in his case nothing but the stone cold hard truth would ever be enough. They head off to San Diego and examine the burned men. Their conditions are deteriorating. The doc says only one of the men was well enough to leave — Gauthier, the guy who steered them into port. They go to look over the ship itself, which is being examined by naval investigators.

They review a tape of the dive and spot the submerged plane. Scully identifies it immediately as a North American P Mustang. Apparently her dad and brothers used to build WW2 model planes when she was smaller.

She reckons she knows someone she can ask about what the dive crew may have been exposed to. Gauthier, back at his house, is searching wildly through some files.

His wife arrives home and goes to greet him. He attacks her, turning on the freaky black eye things. When she leaves the house later, her eyes are similarly glazed over. The Talapus was referenced in the episode with the hybrids and death camps and medical experiments, but the alleged downed Russian sub made an appearance in the episodes with the shapeshifting bounty hunter.

Our heroes split up at this point, with Scully following up her lead on what the dive crew may have been exposed to. When she reaches the base he lives on, she sees children playing together and has flashbacks to playing games with her sister.

Her eyes well up. Johansen is old and at first appears to be a bit infirm. She then starts talking about the base stirring up memories of playing games outside when she was little. She asks Johansen to give her regards to his son, a school friend of hers, and heads off.

However, as she leaves the base, Johansen stops her. He tells her his son is dead. He refers to conscience as the voices of the dead, and eventually reveals that he remembers the downed plane.

syzygy x files review meet the

He was sent to find it when he was younger, as an officer on the submarine Zeus Faber. The plane was part of an escort for an atomic bomb but they crashed before they could reach their target.

Scully calls Mulder to update him.

Review of "Syzygy"

While Scully was at the base, Mulder went looking for Gauthier. He found the house all torn up and, while sifting through papers, retrieved a letter marked with the name Kallenchuk Salvage Brokers. Gauthier is lying disorientated in one of the other rooms.

When Mulder tries to question him further, he refuses to say anything and asks to speak to the French Consul General. Mulder goes on the Kallenchuk trail instead. He finds an office but is informed by an assistant calling herself Geraldine that Mr Kallenchuk is out of town.

Syzygy 3×13: Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Unbeknownst to Mulder, she has a sawn off shotgun trained on him from under the table. Mulder parks outside and keeps watch. A bunch of French agents roll up later, but Geraldine slips out in her car. He follows her to the airport, where she boards a plane to Hong Kong and he gets the aforementioned call from Scully. Your inability to give even the slightest hint of a fuck is what makes you bulletproof. At least in my eyes. He tells her about his time on the Zeus Faber sub.

They found the downed aircraft, but were prevented from leaving by a Japanese destroyer. Within a few days, some of the crew began to develop burns. The injuries were like nothing any of them had seen and they began to suspect it had something to do with the plane. The captain however refused to leave the area. He decided mutiny was their only shot at survival and sealed the captain who, presumably unbeknownst to Johansen, had the creepy black eyes thing going on in with the sick men.

When they got back to Pearl Harbour, the men in the room were either dead or dying. Only 7 men out of a crew of lived. They never received any explanation. Out in Hong Kong, Mulder catches up with Geraldine. He takes her to the Kallenchuk office in Hong Kong and kicks in the door.

syzygy x files review meet the

Jerry is wonderfully irritated when she realises Krycek and Mulder know each other. When they hear the kerfuffle outside, Ratboy does a runner. Anyway, Mulder manages to free himself from the handcuffs and bolts out the window before the agents burst in.

They see him across the street but before they can pursue him, Mrs Gauthier — who followed Mulder to Hong Kong — turns on the freaky eyes and leaves them all wailing in the hallway with severe burns.

syzygy x files review meet the

Being the excellent human he is, he attempts to intervene but is shot in the chest for his troubles. My beloved is laid up in the hospital for the foreseeable future.

Scully gets a call from his secretary, and immediately hightails it to the hospital to keep an eye. Mulder catches him, headbutts him beautand takes his gun. Pull the other one, you little shit. Unless you had a gremlin on your shoulder you were the only one reflected in that bathroom mirror. Mulder agrees and sends him into the bathroom to clean himself up before they catch their flight. Mrs Gauthier follows him in, unseen by Mulder, and flashes the black eyes at him.

When Ratboy emerges, he too is afflicted. Fade to black; another cliffhanger. Lots of detail here, but what a tremendous episode. I kinda wish all of them were about the alien conspiracy thread s tbh. OK, so, to recap: Does that seem about right? The craft dug up from that site yielded alien bodies or specimens of some kind, to boot.

These were used in the experiments at the death camps by the Japanese. And a Japanese destroyer ringed in the Zeus Faber when she tried to salvage the plane. Is that fair to say? Ratboy, I just…I despair. Thanks for cutting your hair, though, I do appreciate it. Your eyelashes are your best feature. This leads them both to be back at the police station, where everything goes haywire and Mulder seizes on the idea of locking them in a room together, at which point everything calms down, and the episode ends with Mulder musing about planets and their affects, while Scully drives them out of town.

Syzygy is a bit of an odd episode overall. On the most basic level, it reads like an attempt to cross a Darin Morgan style comedy episode with a more traditional horror episode, and the crossbreeding is It's never as funny as some of the best Darin Morgan episodes can be, nor as scary as the series can be at it's peak. But it doesn't do either of those things particularly poorly, and it's certainly a memorable episode.

Indeed, I knew a girl in college who would often go on at length about how she thought the episode was using the girls psychic powers as a metaphor for the burgeoning feelings for each other. And I admit, I can see where she's coming from, given that the powers seem to mostly lash out at guys and that they play a lot of their conflict like a lover's spat. It's also one of the only episodes I can think of that centers around teenagers. But honestly, the episode isn't particularly interested in the actual plot.

Oh it runs it through its paces very dutifully, but it never seems to have more than a passing desire to keep the plot running. It's much more interested in the other effects of the space Specifically, it's very interested in how the cosmic energy is effecting Mulder and Scully. This is pretty fun because all of their weird annoying affects are extensions of their established personalities; Mulder is overly sarcastic and unprofessional, Scully is rigid and overly skeptical.

This is already a great metaphor for the way being close to someone for a long time can accentuate their minor flaws, but it's also just a solid way of demonstrating what I think a lot of us know in our heart of hearts. That actually having to work with someone like Mulder or Scully would probably wear on you. I may love how Mulder's first instinct is to break into a house full of cockroaches, but in real life that would get old, fast.

But it's also just straight amusing to watch Scully seethe every time Mulder undercuts her, or watch Mulder shrug and abdicate responsibility every time anything happens. The episode mines some other humor out of it, such as the way Detective White keeps hitting on Mulder, or the mob that forms, but honestly, just watching Mulder and Scully snipe at each other is great, even if the plot as a whole kind of recedes into the background during those bits.

It's got its share of issues, most of them related to the somewhat odd attempt to graft humor into an otherwise serious episode.

The Satanic Panic Mob subplot is interesting, but it kind of gets lost in the shuffle, and the stakes feel somewhat low all around. Yeah people are dying, but we never get to meet anyone who dies before they do, so I can never bring myself to care. It's a strange little episode overall, but it's not really a bad one, just kind of sloppy.

War of the Coprophages is such a classic, almost anything would have felt like a step down, but I do usually enjoy this one. Overcoming some sloppy writing and tone shifts through good energy and some amusing lines isn't what we usually associate with The X-Files, but it's not that different from overcoming it with some scary scenes and good filmmaking, so I guess I can give this a pass. I dunno about you, but any wake that includes the phrase "Junk like that" is probably a bad wake, even if also includes the phrase "Kick some butt.

The episode where two girls propose a threesome to Ryan Reynolds. The mechanics of the two girls literally sitting within sight of the rope Ryan Reynolds hung himself with and not getting caught are probably weird, but whatever. This is the second episode in a row that has made very unique use of Anderson and Duchovny's chemistry. I love their catty dialogue. Honestly, the school's mascot is the most Satanic school mascot in human history.

Is that Black Phillip? I'm sorry, Ryan Reynolds' character goes by the nickname "Boom"?

syzygy x files review meet the

And we're all just okay with that? Scully is slamming the sarcasm hammer down on the local detective about the Satanic cult stuff. Gillian Anderson just sitting there during the interview with an increasing incredulous face brings me so much joy. I dunno how anyone could think a town in New Hampshire could support a secret Satanic cult, given that there are 2 only cities with populations of over 50, in New Hampshire. Wouldn't everyone know everyone? The psychic really amuses me, pretty much constantly.