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tate publishing meet the staff

Tate Publishing & Enterprises Slapped with $ Million Lawsuit, meals while their employees here are trying to hard to make ends meet. Tate Publishing brings the best new writing on art and the highest quality reproductions to the widest possible range of readers. You can find our latest catalogue. I have been working at Tate Publishing & Enterprises (More than a year) Staff is supportive in editing manuscript, providing design for book cover, and providing the lid pulled over their eyes into a subpar job that doesn't meet expectations.

Each will be on probation the next 20 years and must meet prescribed conduct standards and report monthly to the attorney general. They also must reimburse the victims of their scam.

Lead prosecutor John Settle said the total represents only claims against Tate Publishing that are supported by documentation provided by just about a quarter of the 2, former customers who have complained. Related to this story Article: Oklahoma AG says ex-publisher's victims can get music files Settle said remaining claimants still needing to file documentation and other customers who haven't filed a claim still may do so by July 1,meaning that total owed amount could significantly climb.

At a Wednesday news conference, Attorney General Mike Hunter said his office is in the process of setting up a restitution fund for former customers who have shown they lost money, noting his office would be contacting those people before long. Hunter also acknowledged some victims might have wanted the Tates to spend time behind bars.

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But Hunter said his goal from the start was to restore lost funds to the vanity publisher's jilted customers. He thanked former customers for being patient.

  • Vanity publishers sentenced on Wednesday to suspended terms, but ordered to make restitution

The only real requirement was money. In JuneRyan Tate called a company meeting to address the rumors and an anonymous email received by all employees. After issuing insults and threats to employees, the meeting ended with a warning that 25 employees would be fired later that week if nobody confessed to sending the email. An audio file of the meeting was leaked to the press, setting off an international media storm with coverage on a Christian company who bullied and belittled employees before issuing pink slips.

Additionally, the rumors proved to be true: The company opened an office in the Philippines in As new titles pumped from its hour print operations, it appeared evident that Tate was continuing to deliver on its mission to discover, market and assist unknown authors. Did Tate Publishing and Enterprises meet contractual obligations?

Consumer complaints led the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General to launch an investigation in In Septemberthe U. Daniel said the company assured him his memoir would be sold at bookstores across the country. Instead, the retired law enforcement officer who has also worked in the entertainment industry recorded his memories of his mother raising him and his siblings in Oklahoma and Texas in the s and s.

The children spent their childhood in an abusive home but were encouraged by the love of their mother, who was abused by multiple husbands. After publishing his manuscript online, he was encouraged to seek a publisher. Phone calls to Tate were rarely returned. And here it is: The name's a little different--Lux Creative Publishing, rather than Lux Creative Concepts; and the domain name registration info has been anonymized to conceal the registrant.

But the logo--the little torch rising from the book--is the same one commissioned by someone with the username "outate" from 99Designs see my previous update.

tate publishing meet the staff

So I think it's safe to conclude that this is Tate, re-booting under a new name. Shortly after I posted the above update, the Lux Creative Publishing website ceased to be accessible.

If you click the link now, you get a "This site has been suspended" notice. I don't know what it means, but I'm keeping an eye on it. A roundup of the latest Tate news: The reported number of complaints received by the Oklahoma Attorney General currently stands at Will the AG take action?

No word on that as of now. On her blogformer Tate author Heather D. Nelson is featuring interviews with Tate authors. As if it weren't enough that pay-to-play publishing services are stalking Tate authors, it appears that some Tate staffers are as well. I've heard from authors who've been solicited by former Tate editor Liz Cormeros, who is offering "freelance project management", and also by former Tate Marketing Manager Terry Cordingley, who is plugging his blog and his "freelance publicity service.

Rumors of its resurrection have been circulating since late April, when some authors received an email from Ryan Tate who, by the way, provided personal guarantees to both of the companies involved in those seven-figure judgments, and is personally on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars announcing that Tate, like Jesus, was rising from the dead.

Many authors suspected a trick or a scam--but as of today, Tate's website is live again with no mention of its recent troubles and soliciting submissions.

Mustang's Tate Publishing winds down its business amid lawsuit

Throughout this mess, I've said that I'd be astonished if Tate declared bankruptcy, because bankruptcy costs money and makes you accountable to your creditors. I expected Tate to simply disappear, or possibly start up again under a new name. So color me surprised to see this current zombie act. Where Tate will be able to find a new printer--having very publicly defaulted on its debt to Ingram, the biggest in the business--is an open question, as is how it will manage to stay atop its tide of debt with only the cash provided by new author victims.

Writer Beware will be watching. I've reproduced Ryan Tate's headshaker of an email in full below, replete with bogus excuses "the economy hit us hard"smarmy expressions of contrition "I ask each of you to prayerfully consider finding it in your heart to forgive us"ridiculous levels of understatement "We How does he sleep at night? April 25, To our Tate Publishing family, Thank you for your emails, calls and prayers during the recent months.

I am sure you are aware we were forced to temporarily cease publishing operations in what was the hardest and most painful decision we have ever had to make as a family.

tate publishing meet the staff

Our number one priority has been to make sure each author is taken care of. We spent countless hours researching the events which created our problems and issues related to marketing, distribution, and production. Securing the finest legal counsel made it possible for us to put a plan in place to resolve all the issues we were facing at that time in a proper and ethical manner.

Finally, we established a plan for reorganization in order to reinstate full publishing, distribution, and marketing operations immediately. Another priority became very clear; that we establish a plan to assure this would not happen again. It was even clearer other publishers were out to take advantage of our situation. As we mentioned, they wanted to charge fees for work we had already completed for you. In our opinion, they fail to provide you with the partnership services it takes to have any chance at success in this industry.

These heartbreaking months have given us an opportunity to see God work in amazing ways and demonstrate His eternal love. He has given us a renewed passion and desire to fight for each of you in humble dependence on Him.

This experience and battle has given us the opportunity to evaluate what we must and will do differently to more effectively serve each of you as we go forward and make a grand comeback. We want to take this opportunity to make you aware of some changes as well as ask for your assistance. We are thankful for those who have reached out and asked us to reorganize and continue operations. We agree that the best home for you is where we all started this journey together. We sincerely want to remain your publishing home and family; to make you proud of our efforts; and proud that we are not going to quit.

It is our desire to continue this journey together. Before discussing the changes we will make moving forward, I want to apologize. As we look back on the last three years the economy hit us hard as it did everyone in America. We now see that these decisions caused us to stray from the philosophies we established nearly 20 years ago when we first launched the company.

Loss of control of our services, time frame delays in production and manufacturing, as well as our overall customer service experience was negatively impacted by these changes. I ask for your forgiveness. At that time we believed we were making decisions which would serve you best. We love you and understand that the issues mentioned have caused some of you anger, frustration and confusion. In many ways we have hurt you and let you down. It is difficult to admit these things, primarily because we desired to do and be the best for each of you.

To have failed in these respects is painful for us and difficult to accept. I ask each of you to prayerfully consider finding it in your heart to forgive us and continue to work with us. We believe we can once again lead the publishing industry with publishing options authors need. For almost 20 years we led the publishing industry in innovation and creative services no one else dared offer.

That made the entire industry better and we need your help to continue that path of innovation and discovery. If Tate Publishing ceased to exist we believe it would create a significant vacuum in the publishing industry. Once again, please accept our apology.

Tate Publishing – The Journal Record

We pray you will forgive us and give us a renewed opportunity to move forward as we strive to be stronger than ever before for your benefit and success. We want to continue this partnership journey and ask you to allow us to prove ourselves to you. We not only ask your forgiveness for any and all issues, but ask that you see this letter as our unwavering desire to fight for your success no matter what the obstacle. Our greatest desire is to see each of you succeed - the most important part of our comeback.

The following are the changes you can expect from us as we move forward.

Mustang's Tate Publishing winds down its business amid lawsuit

Improved communication and fast response to your phone calls and emails. No production, marketing, distribution, or other work will be done outside of the United States of America. New national book manufacturing partners ensuring highest quality, additional manufacturing options, and timely order fulfillment.

We will not be accepting unsolicited manuscripts. Our primary focus right now will just be YOU.

Cover Story: Fall from grace: Tate publishing authors speak out

We want to ensure that current Tate authors are receiving the care and assistance they need and we have one of the best and most dynamic family of authors in the industry. We want to serve you first and build everything around helping you find success. As we have been praying about how to best serve each of you and reorganize our publishing operations I have been amazed at how much we not only want to improve on our services, marketing and distribution options for each of your titles, but I have been primarily overwhelmed with how much we love being your publisher.