The four states that meet in one place

Four-Day School Week Overview

the four states that meet in one place

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Ashley Wallace Shortening the school week to four days has become an increasingly common trend over the last decade. Reasons for implementing the shorter week vary, but most school districts implement a shorter week seeking to cut costs due to budget constraints. The vast majority of four-day week schools are in small, rural districts; however, in recent years some larger, more urban districts have begun to consider the option of a shorter week.

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Most four-day week schools operate Monday through Thursday, with a few opting for Tuesday through Friday. School days are lengthened to deliver the same amount of instructional time over fewer days, as required by state law. Some schools may offer optional enrichment activities, tutoring, or schedule time for teacher development during the fifth day.

While the number of districts in these states is significant, the overall share of the student population on the four-day week is relatively small.

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For example, Colorado has the largest proportion of public school districts with one or more schools on a four-day week at This number represents more than half of the total school districts in the state, but only about 13 percent of the student population. Schools not meeting the minimum instructional time requirements will receive less funding from the state.

Therefore, it is likely only schools operating in states where a four-day week does not violate these requirements would seek to do so. Most states allow districts to opt into a four-day week, either through flexible requirements, explicit administrative rules, or a waiver approval process. The level of legislative involvement in this process varies. Most statutory guidelines do not specifically list four-day school weeks as an allowable schedule, but may allow calendar flexibility by expressing that the minimum instructional day requirement can also be counted in the hour or minute equivalent.

Some states establish additional guidelines school districts must follow to transition to a four-day week, but do not monitor the process directly or track the number of districts opting into such a schedule.

the four states that meet in one place

Other states require districts to submit their four-day plans to the state education commissioner or superintendent for approval. There are several basic arguments used by the respective proponents of annual or biennial sessions.

Listed below are the ones set out by political scientists, William Keefe and Morris Ogul.

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The responsibilities of a legislature have become so burdensome that they can no longer be discharged on an alternate-year basis. There are enough laws. Biennial sessions constitute a safeguard against precipitate and unseemly legislative action. More frequent meetings may serve to raise the status of the legislature, thereby helping to check the flow of power to the executive branch.

the four states that meet in one place

Yearly meetings of the legislature will contribute to legislative harassment of the administration and its agencies. Continuing legislative oversight of the administration becomes more feasible with annual sessions, and that administrative accountability for the execution of legislative policies is more easily enforced.

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The interval between sessions may be put to good advantage by individual legislators and interim study commissions, since there is never sufficient time during a session to study proposed legislation. States may respond more rapidly to new federal laws which require state participation. The biennial system affords legislators more time to renew relations with constituents, to mend political fences and to campaign for reelection. The legislature cannot operate effectively in fits and starts.