The swap meet oahu hi

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the swap meet oahu hi

You're currently on: Home OahuThings to Do. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is the perfect place to find unique items and Hawaii- inspired Due to the Hawaii Bowl the Swap Meet will close at 12 pm on 12/ reviews of Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace "This place is awesome !! It has everything you need. Looks like back home which we call the flea. Discover ideas about Pearl City. Spent a lot of weekends here. Pearl CityMilitary BratKey WestOahu HawaiiMeetKey West Florida. More information. Saved by.

Sincethe Aloha Stadium Swap Meet has become Hawaii's premier outdoor market, featuring over vendors, crafters, artists from all over the world, a true melting pot of Aloha. The swap meet encircles the entire Stadium on weekends. It is also open on Wednesday, although it attracts fewer vendors. My other big suggestions are: Early to avoid the heat, and early to find the bargains. Please remember to bargain, and if you are the first customer of the day, Shop Until You Drop A good walk around the Stadium is about a mile, with tons of bargains and variety of local goods and food.

It is good luck in most Asian cultures to treat the first customer and sale of the day with kindness and respect. It portends a successful day of retailing. So, after we pay our 50 cents per head to enter, we park our car in the shade.

This is a must do.

Vendors upset over sudden closure of Kam Swap Meet

Then make a strong mental note of where you parked. Or better yet, put it in your memo pad of your blackberry or raspberry, whatever you have. Repeat, before you arrive and park. Start by taking a slow walk in a clockwise fashion. I assume you have the good sense to dress properly for the heat, and wear comfortable shoes. The first order of business is the buy a hat to protect you form the sun. All shapes, sizes, colors, and styles are available. Might I suggest a summer straw for the ladies, and a Hawaiian themed baseball cap for the guys.

The children can get the cute little hats with propellers, or Star Wars It is impossible not to buy something for everyone back home! I now pronounce you ready to shop, bargain, and have some great fun. By getting there early, some vendors may not quite be ready to sell. It is not uncommon for tours to be booked solid several days in advance, though some tickets may be available up until noon on the same day of the tour.

The 20, 40, 40A, 42 and 62 buses from Waikiki all make stops at Pearl Harbor; the ride takes about an hour. Eat shave ice No visit to Hawaii is complete without an afternoon shave ice. This Hawaiian treat is somewhat like a snow cone, only with smaller ice slivers that hold syrup better. For a really authentic incarnation of this treat, ask for a splash of Li Hing powder on top -- a kind of sweet and sour topping made from dried plums -- or condensed milk.

Azuki beans sweet red beans and ice cream are also delicious accompaniments. While it's sure to be delectable just about anywhere on the island, San Lorenzo Shave Ice in Haleiwa is particularly yummy. Cheer as surfer dudes conquer the Banzai Pipeline Oahu is a surfer's paradise and home to some of the most exhilarating -- and dangerous -- waves in the world. Here, it's not unusual to see daring surfers sliding underneath curling waves of the variety normally reserved for magazine covers and "Blue Crush.

Located on the less developed north side of Oahu, the Pipeline is near the Mokule'ia Beach Park coming up next. The 52 bus from Honolulu goes to the Pipeline; the ride takes a little over two hours. To get to Mokule'ia Beach Park from the Pipeline, take the 52 bus back toward Honolulu for approximately 15 minutes.

the swap meet oahu hi

Get lost in awe at "Lost" locations Most of the hit television series "Lost" was filmed on Oahu and fans can visit everywhere from the mental institution where Hurley lived to the home of the mysterious Smoke Monster. Many of these sites are free: For a quick infusion of "Lost" mystique, visit the Hawaii Convention Center in downtown Honolulu to see where the cast filmed scenes that supposedly took place in the Sydney Airport.

For the quintessential "Lost" experience, visit the site of the fictional Flight crash. Mokule'ia Beach Parkthe filming site for most of season one, is on the north shore of Oahu, and a great place to visit along with the Banzai Pipeline.

Anime Swap Meet 2018

The north side of Oahu is less developed as a tourist destination than the south side where Waikiki is, so it's not unusual for the beach to be empty though don't be surprised to see a sea turtle napping on the shore. Beware that the intense surf on Oahu's northern beaches often makes swimming dangerous, and no lifeguards are on duty.

By bus, take the 52 to the Wahiawa Transit Center and transfer onto the Get off at the Papailoa Road stop on Kamehameha Highway. Make a left onto Papailoa Road and walk about five minutes to the public access point for the "Lost" beach. Tour the Dole Plantation It opened as a fruit stand inbut today, the Dole Plantation is a well-trodden tourist attraction that pays homage to one of the island's most iconic foods: Access to many parts of the Dole Plantation are free, including a garden where children can roam and see different varieties of pineapple growing.

To get to the Dole Plantation, take bus 8, 19, 20, 47 or 58 from Waikiki and transfer onto the 52 at Ala Moana Shopping Center; ride time is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Slurp some noodles After a hard day of touring, a hearty meal is always needed. Marukame Udonlocated right in Waikiki, is a Japanese cafeteria-style restaurant known for its homemade udon noodles -- a kind of thick, chewy spaghetti -- and the line out the door.

the swap meet oahu hi

Marukame Udon does not take credit cards. The line moves quickly, and the food is worth standing outside for.

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