Tom and jerry the movie meet robyn

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tom and jerry the movie meet robyn

Tom and Jerry: The Movie () Howard Morris and Rip Taylor in Tom and Jerry : The .. [drive in a direction that soon is later to reveal a path Robyn's Nest]. Tom and Jerry then meet a girl named Robyn Starling, who explains that her mother died when she was a baby and is left behind with her evil guardian Aunt. Jul 30, Just when we think they will embark on a series of adventures worthy of top billing, Tom and Jerry meet Robyn Starling (Anndi McAfee), a poor.

After Tom and Jerry end up in a massive food fight with Ferdinand and stumble across a telegram confirming that Robyn's father is still alive which Figg hides from Robyn, Figg sends them to an animal shelter run by Dr.

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Applecheek who turns out to be a cruel animal kidnapper and the true employer of the two dogcatchers who caught Puggsy and Frankie. Reuniting with Puggsy and Frankie in the cells, Tom and Jerry plan an escape, free all of Applecheek's captured animals among them Droopy and rush to tell Robyn the news.

Elated, Robyn becomes determined to find her father in Tibet and they escape the city on a raft in the river but the raft is suddenly struck by a ship and they end up separated. Robyn is then found by Captain Kiddie, the owner of a failing amusement park to which he houses her until seeing an advertisement for the reward on a milk cardboard with the help of his parrot puppet Squawk, whereupon he traps Robyn on a ferris wheel and contacts Figg.

Tom and Jerry then find Robyn and they flee in a paddle steamer as Figg, Lickboot, Applecheek and the dogcatchers arrive resulting in a long chase that ends with the dogcatchers ending up trapped in the ferris wheel and Kiddie and Applecheek being left stranded in the river. Tom, Jerry and Robyn arrive at Robyn's summer cabin built by her father, but Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand have arrived there first.

In the ensuing scuffle, a lantern is accidentally knocked over starting a fire engulfing the whole cabin. Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand flee the burning cabin with Figg knocking the door down, but they unwittingly stumble on Ferdinand's skateboard to which they fall on Kiddie's paddle steamer; the steamer goes out of control after Ferdinand inadvertently moves the ship's rudder, sailing the trio away. Tom and Jerry manage to get Robyn to the roof just as her father arrives in his helicopter.

tom and jerry the movie meet robyn

Meanwhile, Robyn's father Mr. Starling is notified that his daughter has run away and immediately returns to America to find her.

tom and jerry the movie meet robyn

Tom and Jerry end up separated from Robyn after their raft crashes into a ship. Robyn is found by the owner of a local amusement park Captain Kiddie and his talking hand puppet Squawk. Meanwhile, Tom and Jerry find Robyn's locket and look around wondering where Robyn is. Captain Kiddie then gives Robyn milk and cookies.

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Squawk notices Robyn's face in the milk carton and begs Captain Kiddie to step out who then realizes who was with him and decides to call Figg. Tom and Jerry see Robyn in the milk carton that Captain Kiddie threw at them.

tom and jerry the movie meet robyn

Applecheek blames Figg for the escape of Tom and Jerry. Figg then hears her phone ringing as she and Dr.

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Applecheek to argue and answers it, she was delighted that Robyn is in Captain Kiddie's carnival and returns to find Dr. Applecheek already left having overheard of the million dollars on Robyn.

tom and jerry the movie meet robyn

Applecheek decides to get Robyn before Figg and the million dollars on Robyn will be his unaware that Captain Kiddie has already been waiting for Figg to get the money and is promptly thrown out by his henchmen for not sharing the money and is almost run over by Lickboot.

Meanwhile, Captain Kiddie shows Robyn his carnival and rides her in the Ferris wheel and traps her there while waiting for Figg. Starling finally arrives at the USA base called "Starling Enterprise" and hops on his helicopter and discovered that Figg has planted a million Dollar bounty on his daughter.

tom and jerry the movie meet robyn

Tom and Jerry find Robyn in the Ferris wheel and returns her locket back. Figg then arrives who then confronts Captain Kiddie demanding to return Robyn back. Tom, Jerry and Robyn trap Dr. Applecheek's henchmen on the Ferris wheel and escape on a boat with Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand give chase. Applecheek then arrives on an ice cream motorbike which he stole after being thrown out earlier and follows them leaving his henchmen behind on the Ferris wheel, he then crashes into Captain Kiddie and Squawk when the bridge was accidentally destroyed by Ferdinand's skateboard.

Robyn Starling

Robyn tells Tom and Jerry that they are heading to her nest the place that she told them about. Meanwhile, Figg, Lickboot and Ferdinand got lost and found themselves on an intersection road. Lickboot then realizes and explains to Figg knowing where Robyn, Tom and Jerry are going; they turn right which leads to Robyn's nest.

Robyn, Tom and Jerry sail their boat down the water and finally finds her cabin and she explains to Tom and Jerry that they come at the cabin every summer; Robyn enters her cabin to find Figg already there.

Tom and Jerry are locked outside by Lickboot along with Ferdinand. Starling finally arrives on his helicopter seeing his cabin burning, realizing he is too late seeing that Figg and Lickboot have already set the cabin on fire and finds Robyn, Tom and Jerry on the roof. He successfully saves Robyn but is unable to rescue Tom and Jerry and the cabin burns to the ground.

They land the helicopter on the cabin's dock which was not destroyed and find Tom and Jerry emerged from the wreckage alive and unharmed.