Tv show meet the hutterites episodes

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tv show meet the hutterites episodes

TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show American Colony: Meet the Hutterites anytime, anywhere. "Meet the Hutterites," a National Geographic documentary series about a reality show on the National Geographic Channel misrepresented life on want a public apology and a pledge that the 10 episodes never air again. for an episode of National Geographic program "Meet the Hutterites". Instead , Mr Hofer said, the producers turned it into a reality TV show.

John Hofer told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Collins arrived at the colony, found their life too boring for TV, and persuaded them to do things they never would normally do.

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Our simple way of life was not exciting enough to him. Bertha Hofer, a mother of three children who was featured prominently in the series, said the first three episodes were accurate depictions but then producers began presenting them with story lines.

She said they rejected some ideas but went along with others. We just fell for it," she said. Hofer said the elders from Canada told them they wanted the colony members to tell the truth. But Hofer said she also feared that she would be punished after the show followed her and her daughter Claudia looking at a college in Great Falls.

tv show meet the hutterites episodes

She said she is fighting for a full education for her children, while the elders believe in an eighth-grade education for most colony members, she said. The ed "We're just waiting to see what will happen, it's just day to day," she said. Colony spokeswoman Mary-Ann Kirkby said the levels of Hutterite education differ by colony and by sect.

American Colony: Meet the Hutterites

In general, she said, the elders are not against education but are concerned that young Hutterites who leave for public school may never return to the colony. Claudia Hofer wrote in a statement released by the Hutterite colony through a spokeswoman that most of the scenes she was in were staged and scripted. Another colony member, Wesley Hofer, said in another statement released by the colony that an episode in which he was rushed to a hospital for what was believed to be a heart attack was staged.

tv show meet the hutterites episodes

Collins denied creating story lines, saying that life on the colony is so foreign to a newcomer that there is no way to make up stories for them, and they wouldn't have gone along with it, anyway. Collins also said he believes the statements from colony members disavowing the show were coerced by elders who have threatened members with excommunication if they don't write them.

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Except the air freshener came from the spice cabinet and looked awfully looked like Pam, the cooking spray. And then the victim of the so called sabotaged threw away his jerky and then make a new batch. Well, you just don't throw jerky in the over and bake it. It has to go through a marinading process and then you have to dry the jerky. It takes about days to make jerky, a lot shorter than what the show showed.

In another scene, when a girl was acting as a server, it showed that she fell down while delivering food. Well, if you put it in slow motion thank goodness for DVR you can tell this was a complete fake fall. She put the serving tray down first and then fell down, all smiling. Further, why isn't she wearing a uniform or a nametag?

tv show meet the hutterites episodes

Another fake scene- the kid in the show shoots and kills a deer. They go down to get the deer with their guns but when they bring the deer up and through the river and up hills, the uns disappear. Then when they get home from hunting, in their ATV, they didn't have their guns with them. Several other problems with the show.

It seems like they picked the people with the stupidest accents for the show and the accents go from Swedish to German accents. These people didn't come to from Germany, they were all born in the U.

English on the farm. So why do they have such thick accents? You never see them pray and they swear a lot. Hardly, Hutterite behavior, especially by the young kids.