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wiki meet the gimp

As in the last years, GIMP hackers and GIMP users will meet at the congress. You are invited to join us. Please let Mitch and/or Sven know if. The GNU Image Manipulation Program -; GIMP Wiki - org; GIMP Bugzilla - GIMP UI Redesign Wiki Meet the GIMP!. 'Get the Gimp': Breaking Down 'Pulp Fiction's Most Notorious Scene .. We haven't yet met Winston Wolf (Harvey Keitel), but when he appears.

The foreground select tool is an implementation of Simple Interactive Object Extraction SIOX a method used to perform the extraction of foreground elements, such as a person or a tree in focus. Users can use paths to create complex selections, including around natural curves. They can paint or "stroke" the paths with brushes, patterns, or various line styles.

wiki meet the gimp

Users can name and save paths for reuse. The more common tools include a paint brush, pencil, airbrush, eraser and ink tools used to create new or blended pixels. The Bucket Fill tool can be used to fill a selection with a color or pattern. The Blend tool can be used to fill a selection with a color gradient. These color transitions can be applied to large regions or smaller custom path selections. GIMP also provides "smart" tools that use a more complex algorithm to do things that otherwise would be time consuming or impossible.

Clone tool, which copies pixels using a brush Healing brush, which copies pixels from an area and corrects tone and color Perspective clone tool, which works like the clone tool but corrects for distance changes Blur and sharpen tool blurs and sharpens using a brush The Smudge tool can be used to subtly smear a selection where it stands. Dodge and burn tool is a brush that makes target pixels lighter dodges or darker burns Animation showing three docked and tabbed dialogs: Layers, layer masks and channels An image being edited in GIMP can consist of many layers in a stack.

In an RGB image, there are normally 3 or 4 channels, each consisting of a red, green and blue channel.

wiki meet the gimp

Color sublayers look like slightly different gray images, but when put together they make a complete image. The fourth channel that may be part of a layer is the alpha channel or layer mask. This channel measures opacity where a whole or part of an image can be completely visible, partially visible or invisible.

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Each layer has a layer mode that can be set to change the colors in the image. Text layers can be transformed in several ways, such as converting them to a path or selection. GIMP operations can be automated with scripting languages. These are external programs that are executed and controlled by the main GIMP program. There is support for several methods of sharpening and blurring images, including the blur and sharpen tool.

The Unsharp Mask tool is considered to give more targeted results for photographs than a normal sharpening filter. This initial introduction does not yet exploit all of the capabilities of GEGL; as of the 2.

Full support for high bit depth is included with new actual Gimp 2. For accelerations OpenCL is available for some operations. Import and export capability can be extended to additional file formats by means of plug-ins. XCF file size is extended to more than 4 GB since 2. An open source plug-in, UFRawadds full raw compatibility, and has been noted several times for being updated for new camera models quicker than Adobe's UFRaw support.

Forks and derivatives[ edit ] Because of the free and open-source nature of GIMP, several forksvariants and derivatives of the computer program have been created to fit the needs of their creators. These variants are neither hosted nor linked on the GIMP site. CinePaint is used primarily within the film industry due mainly to its support of high-fidelity image formats. All the versions of the program are designed for drawing in indexed color mode, up to colors.

A palette editor allows very precise operations on the image and its palette. These functions are precious for console or mobile game graphics where some specific color indices in the palette are required for special effects: Palette swapColor cyclingtransparent color for sprites. The user interface is mouse-driven with a toolbar for common tools, and some modal dialog windows.

For increased productivity with frequently used functions, an extensive system of keyboard shortcuts is available. The user can split the editing area in two: Drawing in the zoomed area allows finer mouse control. The basic drawing concepts are clearly inspired by Deluxe Paint, they involve: It's one of the built-in monochrome shape, or a piece of colored bitmap grabbed by the user.

The brush appears 'stuck' under the mouse cursor, it gives an accurate preview. Freehand drawing, straight line, circle, curve, airbrush

wiki meet the gimp