Wildstar meet the exiles trailer axles

Everyone's a potential traitor even you: WildStar's Dominion faction

wildstar meet the exiles trailer axles

Concerning a WildStar subforum: Basically, the game is still in the rather skinny on the thumbs-up thingy in the "meet the exile trailer" if i'm correct out of it's body with several parts replaced with mechanical counterparts. on @deviantART". Wildstar fan art - Wildstar - Arkship Exiles by evion. badz.info on .. WildStar Wednesday: Meet the Mechari. Chad Crayton. Results - of "WildStar" Cinematic Announcement Trailer Mmorpg Games, Sci Fi, Game Art, World .. WildStar Flick: Meet the Exiles Cool Animations, First Game, . of defining slender like mechanical parts that could be useful.

Let's break the races down, shall we? Both of WildStar's factions sport Human races.

  • The Exiles

Obviously, that causes balance issues, so WildStar offers humans on both sides. Will that be enough? Gaffney says that faction balance varies per territory. The Dominion's Humans are known as Cassian Humans because they're from the planet They're ruled by elite Human hybrids created by the Eldan themselves you know, the mysterious master species who disappeared from the galaxy, leaving intrigue -- and MMO plot points -- in their wake.

The Cassians are driven by a Manifest Destiny -like goal to expand their empire at all costs, and I do mean all costs.

But the use of extreme force to forge the perfect galaxy-spanning regime and fulfill their destiny is all for the greater good. The Mechari The Allods vibe is strong in the Mechari. I think of them as an analogue for Allods' Arisenundead who have replaced their body parts with tech. The Mechari aren't undead, however; they are the Eldan's humorless constructs, a race of sentient killing machines who functioned as the Eldan's servants, spies, and ambassadors.

Having established the Imperial Corps of Intelligence, the Mechari are key to the rise of the Cassian Humans and the expansion of the Dominion even though they are bereft of their long-lost masters. The Old Republic had let me play a T7 unit and not just drag one around with me, I'd probably still be subbing. The Draken The Draken represent the wild and brutal wing of the Dominion -- loyal thugs who do the empire's dirty work.

The species was willingly assimilated into the empire after its High Clanlord met and lost a duel challenge issued by the Dominion's Emperor. I played a male Draken during my whirlwind tour of the game a few weeks ago, and yeah, I know what you're thinking because I was thinking it too: Honestly, though, they look more like space satyrs than like WoW's Draenei -- compare them to Mythos' Satyr race to see what I mean.

While I wasn't able to see character creation, I did get a feel for how the Draken moves and was pleasantly surprised. My Draken had a nice bounce when moving, akin to the running animation of WoW's Worgen. Something about it made the gravity on Nexus feel realistic without being mundane. And when my Draken was swimming, I actually grinned at how he wiggled side to side more like a fish or a Naga than a Human. Granok Granok "Finally we got the Granok.

They're big, tough, giant rock people, I mean they are bad-ass. Of course most of them got more boulders than brains! Yep, that means just what it sounds like. They followed a rigid system of belief known as the Way of Stone, which dictated that they ought to be as unyielding as the stone they were made out of.

Despite- or maybe because of this- the Granok were excellent military tacticians and fierce warriors. Hoping to harness this power for the Dominion, a team of Mechari envoys were sent to Gnox to negotiate their assimilation into the Dominion.

wildstar meet the exiles trailer axles

The Granok responded to their offer by smashing the envoys into scrap. Thus began the War on Gnox, a lengthy, bloody engagement between the Dominion and the united Granok nations. The war stretched on for months due to Granok stubbornness and sheer force of will, but eventually the Dominion began to gain the upper hand. The Granok armies began to lay down their weapons, believing it dishonorable and against the Way to continue fighting when the war was so obviously lost.

One young Granok warlord named Durek disagreed, and banded together a small group of like-minded people, performing daring raids into Dominion camps to steal their technology and reverse-engineer it against the Dominion. This was against the Way as well. Durek amassed hundreds if not thousands of followers, eventually driving the Dominion off Gnox in their first major defeat ever recorded. But Durek was summoned before the Elders of Gnox, where it was determined he had violated the creed set down by the Way.

Him and all his followers were banished from Gnox, without reconsideration, and Durek was branded the Stonebreaker from then on. Him and his followers made some left-behind Dominion ships spaceworthy and took to the stars as mercenaries for hire, eventually siding with the Exile Humans some time later.

They work now as a paid army for the Exiles as a whole, though some fringe groups prefer not to associate with the majority. Beer is a very serious business among the Granok, and "Brewmaster" is not a position you hold lightly. While they're a lot less bulky than the males, they are still solidly muscled.

Granok and Exile Humans get along quite well as they share the same stubborn temperament, sense of humor, and an extreme dislike for the Dominion. They are the muscle of the Exiles; happiest when they're boozing, hooking up, brawlingor a combination of all three. One occasionally sees Granok with huge chunks carved out of their faces and heads.

The reason why this doesn't cause brain trauma? Their brains are in their chests. The male Granok look as you would expect: The female Granok, on the other hand, resemble muscular Greek statues with thunder-thighs. Many of them sport a Brooklyn-esque accent, sometimes melding with the Exile Humans' southern accents. There are in fact, Granok scientistsbut they do seem to be pretty rare or just unheard of.


Like their Evil Counterpartthe Draken, they just don't care for fancy, high-brow pursuits. The result of trying to kill off every single Granok on Gnox? An exiled masse of vengeful, war-toughened veterans ready to kick every single Dominion ass. Most, if not every Granok, is a beer-swilling bombastic bodacious boulder-cracker.

wildstar meet the exiles trailer axles

Back home, most if not every Granok is a beer-swilling bombastic bodacious boulder-cracker— who also follows the Way of Stone. Also subverted, but not in the game itself: Proud Warrior Race Guy: The reason they're stuck with the Exiles: First they smashed the Mechari ambassadors to scrap, then Durek and his troops went against the tradition of Gnox and used 'dishonorable tactics' such as harnessing Dominion technology for their own benefit.

Everyone's a potential traitor... even you: WildStar's Dominion faction

Most Granok NPCs maintain the same defiant attitude. Granok are 'primal-earth' based organisms, what us humans would call silicone-based- though they have squishy organs on the inside. You Can't Go Home Again: The Granok on Nexus were banished from their homeworld by their elders. When the younger Granok raided Dominion bases for weapons and tech to fight off the invaders, the elders who were ready to accept defeat and death believed them to have betrayed their race's tradition The Way of Stoneand cast them out.

We've got Nexus now. Mordesh Mordesh "They call themselves the Mordesh. I call 'em weird and creepy. Infected with some kind of disease.

That being said, they sure do know a lot about science, and alchemy and the like. Though from what I gather, it's the forbidden kind. It all came to a head when Victor Lazarin, arguably the most brilliant of the bunch, created the Everlife Elixir, a potion that granted instant rejuvenation and immortality in an effort to ressurrect his dead wife.

Within weeks, however, the formula would prove unstable, turning into what is now known as the Contagion. Their bodies and minds started rotting while an insatiable hunger for flesh set in, turning them into violent, hard-to-kill cannibals christened "Ravenous. Immortal, and with only their supplies of the precious serum their limit, the Mordesh seek a cure for their curse. The Mordesh have a lovely lyrical and almost always alliterative style to their speech.

Being constantly rotting and wasting away, more than a few Mordesh have had to replace their body parts with robotic versions. Every Mordesh also has a Vitalus delivery system, attached by replacing entire sections of their arms, joints, and chests. They're generally regarded as creepy by their allies. Averted with the Aurin, whom are some of the top scientists of XAS along side them and are commonly seen making interspecies friendships with.

Thanks to their constant decay from Everlife Elixir, the Mordesh used cybernetics to both replace their missing body parts and attach Vitalus filters. Not only did the Contagion ravage their numbers, but it left the entire species sterile, even the few "sane" survivors with Vitalus Serum.

Is the Dominion "Evil" and are the Exiles "Good"?? : WildStar

Meaning that the playable and NPC Mordesh are last of the species. The Everlife Elixir did, in fact, grant them immortality, though not in the manner they wanted. Do not call them "space zombies.

wildstar meet the exiles trailer axles

Due to their consumption of Everlife Elixirthey are effectively immortal had it not been for side effects and its ensuing inability to have children. Our Zombies Are Different: Mordesh became zombie-like as a result of the Everlife Elixir causing their bodies to decay quickly.

Those who don't receive the Vitalus Serum after infection eventually lose their minds as well, becoming blood-thirsty flesh-hungry monsters. Pointy ears aside, there's also their advanced culture and more reserved demeanour. Interestingly, elves are sometimes portrayed as immortal in fiction, while the Mordesh attempted immortality Mordesh never really died; they're just slowly rotting away.

Not even the collapse of their entire civilization, a horrific degenerative disease, and 80 years on the Exile fleet could stop them from being proper ladies and gentlemen. With the Aurin, commonly observed arguing about science in regards to nature but as shown in Everstar Grove and Celestion are more then willing to fight alongside the Aurin due to sharing a viewpoint on the importance of preserving life. Patriarch of the Exiles, Admiral Serrick Brightland led his eponymous rebellion up until the Fleet escaped to the Fringe.

After sustaining grave injuries beyond the skills of the Fleet's doctors, he was put into cryostasis to await the day they can bring him back to life. There is very good reason that the most common epithet is "Brightland's Beard! Was the one who instigated the first true Exile rebellions in the wake of the Dominion forcing Eldan and Luminai worship on its member-states.

As he was one of the most highly decorated admirals in the entire fleet, Brightland threw a lot away. Presently in cryostasis until his wounds can be healed. Worked as one, after hunting literal vermin onboard Exile slum-ships since he was five years old. He certainly look like one.