1st time mom advice meet

A Letter to First-Time Moms To Be - From Another Mother

1st time mom advice meet

Get the practical advice for first time moms you need to hear. As much as we try to prepare, only in meeting our babies for the first time do we. Read on for the best advice for new moms, straight from our readers. We are all doing this for the first time, without an instruction manual, just I have five mama friends I met at my baby group, and our children are still very. The group was established in to meet the specific needs of new moms and the best advice is to be bold and speak up: "Talk to other moms, because the way That's where Laine Ehmann hooked up with a group for first-time mothers .

An easy way to meet your baby's needs for closeness is by using a sling, and as a bonus when you do it means you get to use your arms: I recommend the Ergo Baby Wrap as I used it daily for my now 4 year old daughter and was very happy with it.

30 tips for first-time parents

It takes a little practice to get the wrap sequence, but once you do get it it's a fast process to get baby snuggled up against you in it. How to Soothe Your Baby I wish someone had told me about this technique when I was walking up and down the living room for hours trying to soothe my baby by jiggling and rocking!

Don't get me wrong jiggling and rocking are great, but this seems to help babies settle a lot more quickly. Hold your baby on your shoulder and pat rhythmically and firmly in the center of their back.

While you're doing this put your mouth near his ear and whisper a long "shhhh" sound. Do this repeatedly in time with your patting. Remember not to blow right into his ear as you could damage it, just blow past his ear.

1st time mom advice meet

You may feel a little silly doing this at first but it really works. Young babies also like to be swaddled wrapped up tightly.

14 Tips for First Time Moms

Think about buying a swaddling blanket or just use a sheet. Watch Out for Over Stimulation One of the things that is often overlooked in the early days is that babies can get overstimulated very quickly. Of course, playtime is an essential part of parenting and it's good to have a few cool baby toys to entertain with but be aware not to overdo it in the first few months.

If your baby does get overstimulated you may find it hard to settle him down and for him to sleep when he needs to. This then results in your baby getting overtired. When your baby gets overtired he will cry, scream and get very stressed out and so will you!

1st time mom advice meet

Very young babies can really only stay awake happily for around 30 minutes. Planning for meal times, bath time, trips out, and bedtime make life a lot simpler, especially when you're tired.

For instance, before you bathe your baby, make sure you have everything you will need afterwards, ready beforehand, such as a clean towel, clean clothes, diaper and bottom cream.

When you're taking baby out even if it's only for a little while! You'll do this by creating a bedtime routine which could consist of a bath, PJ's, feed and quiet cuddle. Rather than come back into the noisy living room, it's a good idea to take your baby to the bedroom for his bedtime feed. Have the lights low and don't have your TV on. If you need to do something read a book or magazine instead.

Keep outside noise and stimulation as minimal as possible. You might want to use a blackout blind or heavy curtains so that the room is dark in the summer months. I know that sort of sounds dumb, but seriously if you think something is wrong, go check on your baby.

1st time mom advice meet

You know your baby better than anyone else, so you are the one who gets to make the final decision on things. Find a hobby outside of mothering.

1st time mom advice meet

Blogging is my thing that I love to do, and it helps challenge me and help me to always be learning. You are a good mom having a bad day. Not every day is going to be filled with playgrounds and educational activities and building things out of blocks. Just get through the day, and start the next one off better. You want what is best for your children, and that makes you a good mom, even if you have a hard day.

1st time mom advice meet

Pay attention to yourself. Be aware that postpartum depression happens to a lot of people. Get help before it gets worse. So pay attention to yourself, and if you think you might be struggling with PPD, get help. Yes, your baby is the cutest thing in the world. I want to enjoy the moments I have with them face-to-face instead of being behind the lens of my camera or the screen of my smartphone.

Advice for First Time Moms: Practical Parenting Tips to Follow

I have mentioned this before, but I think social media is ruining family time. So when you are with your baby, be with your baby, not half with them, half on Facebook. Who cares what they are doing? Your kids need you, and putting your phone in a different room while you are with them is not going to be something you regret.

You just pushed a baby out of your body. Jello tummies happen to every new mom. Your body is incredibly. I watched my belly grow and felt my little boy move and kick, and make his presence known to my bladder. I took pictures, wanting to preserve forever the way I looked when I carried him, and to capture the array of emotions I felt as a first-time mother-to-be.

I veered from excited to slightly terrified; from being sure I could do this to, no way, I don't think I'm cut out for this. I remember having to buy new shoes because goodness, feet can still grow when you're an adult. I remember taking off my wedding ring as my fingers swelled in proportion to the rest of me. I remember looking at stretch marks that were not there before, and wondering if I would ever look the same again.

Because when things get hard and they will at some pointyou need to go back to the place where you remember how much you wanted this baby you're now holding.