2008 portland swap meet

Portland All British Field Meet Celebrating 42 Years - Just British

2008 portland swap meet

Glennon is a Portland native who played football at San Francisco City Clinic ( CA) badz.info 3 Stones River Region Swap Meet (TN) badz.info edition of Portland Swap Meet will be held at Portland Expo Center. July 25th - 27th AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, at Mid-Ohio Sports Car AHRMA vintage racing, the largest Swap meet in the Western Hemisphere, demo Sunday, Picnic, Oaks Park, Area 3, near the Sellwood Bridge, Portland, OR.

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He's pretty easy to spot at our show. Just look for the the guy wildly gesticulating about how awesome some obscure Japanese Saturn game is to a group of gamers, and you've likely found yourself a Gerald. Not a completionist collector by any means but stays up with the current console as well as a wealth of knowledge on the older and random stuff. During a show it's hard to tell you where Jake will be, he may be at registration helping to distribute badges and then in a flash he is introducing our next panelist when you thought you just saw him hosting a console tournament.

He is unmistakable when you spot him in the wild though as he is always wearing his top hat. Along with Lacy, Jake helps to organize the 1-Ups, our awesome volunteer army. He has been volunteering at the show since John Hancock The Force is strong with this one. John Hancock is a long-time video game collector, enthusiast, and historian - by which we mean he has entirely too many games that he never stops talking about.

We know he has been collecting games for many years because his name is on some really old legal document that lots of people get mad about around election time. He has been a visible face for the retrogaming crowd for some years, mainly because he is usually hovering, vulture-like, over the rarest thing on a given vendors booth. We're reasonably sure he has some kind of psychic game radar.

John is friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastically shares his love of gaming with everyone.

2008 portland swap meet

He and his impressive game collection have been featured in several media interviews and articles over the years. John's game room can only be described as staggering. He often gets lost in it for weeks, and lives in constant terror of earthquakes and he lives by three volcanos - go figure. Despite having around 5, games and hundreds of consoles, he somehow manages to have a wife and son who is already sorting his building blocks by color and rarityand he works as a counselor with mental health patients.

Many of the people he works with have done remarkably well with his help, usually on the promise that he please, please stop talking about his new Odyssey 2 multicart.

Anybody know when the 2008 Portland Spring Swap Meet is?

One word of advice - don't ask John for his signature. For some reason, he gets annoyed when people bring it up. He has a plus 4 to agility with a specialization in mediation.

2008 portland swap meet

Jon is very comfortable with his nerdom. If he is not ranting about how everyone needs to watch the entire Battlestar Galactica series at least once, he is getting excited about some 30 year-old strategy game with a manual the size of a Sears catalog for his impressive Atari 8 bit collection In all seriousness, Jon the jack of all trades of the group.

Jon is a skilled writer, gamer, and enthusiast that enjoys classic computing, pocket handhelds, strategy board games that are generally more complicated than IRS tax lawand most of all, wheat free, gluten free organic food in biodegradable packaging. They discussed rare games, systems, and how he found the rare items. Corey has been a long time supporter of vintage, retro, classic and Americana notions. In his spare time, Corey enjoys cars, sports, movies and music.

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  • my portland swap meet find!
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Corey's passion for American pop culture, natural ability to find almost anything for anyone, and a large collection of records, video game gear and other rarities inspired him to open up a variety store in As the proud store owner of Classics and Oddities in Kelso, Washington, Corey provides locals with nostaliga for the pop culture items of their youth.

British Vehicles For Sale.

2008 portland swap meet

Slalom registration opens at 10 am and continues until full. It is recommended that you register on Saturday. Spaces are limited and may all be filled on Saturday. A Jaunt in the Park Who: Daring teams of two wanting to explore the obscure beauty of urban Portland.

2008 portland swap meet

We will start just east of turn nine inside the main PIR gates. Registration begins at 8am. A drivers' meeting will be held at 8: This year's Time Speed Distance rally will twist and turn car, navigator and driver throughout Portland's stunning urban sprawl. Participants will experience all the variety that Portland has to offer in public parks from a historic viewpoint as well as a family friendly perspective. Because Portland is a city known for its bridges, we feel compelled to allow you to see the beautiful architecture of two of them during our rally!

We even have a volcano on route! Participants will find themselves cleverly navigating little known scenic roads all within the Portland city limits.

2008 portland swap meet

We look forward to a great group taking in the sights, sounds and smells of what makes Portland a great city to live in. Awards for winning driver and navigator who take First, Second and Third Place positions. Our Rally is scheduled for Sunday, August 31st. The starting line is located at the straight area just east of turn nine inside the main PIR gates.

Let the fun begin!

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Jaguars only JCNA-sanctioned slalom on the infield. Inquire at Jaguar tent Saturday and Sunday for starting times and eligibility. Experience Off Roading in the Northwest! Groups will be divided and will follow either mild or moderate trails.

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The mild trails will be more scenic in nature, but off the beaten path. Please contact Pamela at p2e2d2 comquest.