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Junior Design Awards Meet the Judging Panel, influencers, instagram, In , Pearl designed a capsule range of dresses for the high street missing her kids, that she came up with the idea behind Scamp & Dude. Fall Meet Schedule Sept Judges Invite- Pirates Cove Classic (at Scamps Gymnastics in Kenosha) Event Assignments Meet Info for Judges and. R. Good Friday Prophecy of Judge Floro: “R O P E” Judge Floro met Briblery Judge Philbert Iturralde at El Kabayo Equestrian Center, And Angel, the scamp, just smiled and said, "They're not delusions; they're illusions.

During the six years she was with him Akers attempted suicide nine times. Doolan invited his friends to his house to have sex with Akers, reprimanding her when she said no. And although she left him several times, she always went back to him. Although it was a lie and her mother denied it, Akers became paranoid.

On the day she killed Doolan, in Octobershe had been drinking heavily in her local pub, becoming increasingly distressed. Doolan had been sending abusive and threatening text messages. Nick has ruined my life,'" said Akers. She decided to confront Doolan, and drove to his home, taking a knife with her for protection.

When Doolan opened the door she stabbed him.

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Although Doolan did not attack her on that occasion, his abuse and threats had terrified her. Akers is full of remorse.

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I just wanted him to stop tormenting me and my family. Alicia Crown Alicia Crown not her real name has been in prison for more than eight years. Her tariff was originally nine years, but was reduced to seven and a half in to reflect the evidence of violence and abuse that led her to kill. For Crown the stigma of being labelled a murderer brings an added burden.

Recently she has lost her appeal against deportation to Jamaica, a country she had escaped because her life was in danger from a violent ex-partner as well as the ghetto violence that had led to her brother being murdered.

Crown met Andrew Semple shortly after arriving in the UK in while working in a club, and moved in with him. But Semple soon became possessive, violent and controlling, often threatening to report Crown to immigration for overstaying her visa. Sometimes he would punch her when she was least expecting it, and he once threatened to push her under a train. In March Crown moved out and the relationship seemed to improve for a while, continuing on a more casual basis, but Semple remained jealous.

In May that year, Semple asked Crown if they could meet and sort out some problems in their relationship. When Crown arrived she could tell Semple had been drinking. He noticed Crown had a sore on her lip and accused her of having syphilis. In the ensuing argument, Semple started punching her in the face and threatening her with a fruit knife. Crown grabbed the knife when Semple dropped it and stabbed him during a struggle, running barefoot and injured from the scene, crying for help.

The flat revealed evidence of a struggle between the two, and a police doctor who examined Crown two days later found injuries partly consistent with her account of having been attacked by Semple.

Crown pleaded self-defence at her trial, but the jury convicted her of murder. Following her conviction, the judge said the evidence suggested she may well have killed in "excessive self-defence". In law, the force used in self-defence must be equal to the threat and there should be no obvious means of escape.

But the reality is that in a typical domestic violence relationship, where one partner is physically stronger and more confident in the use of violence, the victim may have an exaggerated fear of the danger.

In cases where women kill, a knife is often used to defend against a fist, and sometimes a woman may kill to prevent a further attack. At Crown's appeal it was accepted that she had experienced a lifetime of abuse and violence when growing up in Jamaica. However the argument by her defence that she could claim diminished responsibility due to having post-traumatic stress disorder at the time she killed Semple failed.

Crown was described as "remarkably resilient".

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Marai Larasi, an expert in domestic violence and Jamaican women, wrote a report for the court about the often racist stereotyping of black women who suffer male violence. In my experience black women are particularly susceptible to being viewed as 'strong', able to cope and somehow not vulnerable. She continues to challenge the court's verdict as well as the prison move. She had been reluctant to go out to celebrate with him because she was wary of his heavy drinking and cocaine use, which often led to violence.

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But on Bull's insistence, the couple went out in the late afternoon to meet friends in a pub. Bull drank heavily and took cocaine. When they returned home they started to argue, and when Scamp tried to stop him from drinking more, Bull began punching her and pulled out clumps of her hair.

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She left the flat to let him calm down, and sat on the steps outside the front door. She then overheard him on the phone "slagging me off" and went back in to confront him. At that point, Scamp says, he turned "really nasty". Therefore, enter our exciting line-up of esteemed judges who are not only experts in their field, highly respected social influencers and of course, stylish parents themselves - but each one has been hand selected to ensure that Junior continues to showcase the best-of-the-best.

Judging will take place in late June overseen by the Junior editorial team with this highly-respected panel Meet Pearl Pearl Lowe, designer and founder of Petite Pearl Lowe After leaving school, Pearl chose music over fashion and was the lead singer of 90's indie band, Powder during which time she had a baby and three more to follow. As her children grew up, Pearl wanted to carve out a career for herself that would provide her with more time with her children, so she returned to her original passion for design.

Best known for her love of vintage interiors and fashion, Pearl has created her own unique design signature, which is both traditional yet brought up to date with elements that hint at glamour. Inshe launched Pearl Lowe Interiors, selling lace curtains, cushions and bedspreads. Lace curtains led to designing lace dresses, which were sold at Liberty and independent boutiques. InPearl designed a capsule range of dresses for the high street chain Peacocks which sold out within 24 hours.

In OctoberPearl launched Petite Pearl Loweher luxury clothing and dress-up collection for girls aged 2 years at Harrods, creating a new category in childrenswear. This year will see Pearl launch her debut wallpaper collection Pearl lives in Frome, Somerset with her husband musician Danny Goffey, three children and her beloved dog, Angie.

In October the same year, Jo suffered a life changing brain haemorrhage. Meet Tracey Tracey Samuel, founder of the bonnie mob Fashion designer Tracey has a wealth of fashion business knowledge. As a Central St Martins graduate, Tracey started her career with many international designers, including over ten years as head of knitwear at Sonia Rykiel in Paris. Tracey then went on to launch her debut label bonnie baby in after the birth of her daughter to acclaimed success.