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4 jetsons meet

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Rosie is the Jetsons' household robot. She's an outdated model, but the Jetsons love her and would never trade her for a newer model. Rosie does all the housework and some of the parenting. She is a strong authoritarian and occasionally dispenses pills to the family.

Excluding a scene from the closing credits, Rosie appears in only two episodes of the original s show, but makes many appearances on the s show. Astro is the Jetsons' family dog.

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Prior to being a Jetson, his name was Tralfaz and he belonged to the fabulously rich Mr. Astro is one of George's best friends, next to his work computer, R. He is able to speak in a rough sounding English resembling dog barks and growls, a manner of speaking which voice actor Don Messick would later reuse for the role of Scooby-Doo.

4 jetsons meet

He has the ability to express his emotions by changing color. This character was introduced in the s version of the series, but didn't appear for the third season except for one cameo or any of the movies. His company was founded in Newfoundland in He is a small man with thinning black hair and a bad temper, and is the main antagonist of the series. Spacely always comes up with ideas to bring in more business, but they backfire.

4 jetsons meet

George, whom Spacely has known since childhood, [16] gets blamed for most things that go wrong. A series' running gag involves his kicking George out of his office shouting, "Jetson!

Spacely is sometimes helped out by Uniblabthe company's robot assistant.

4 jetsons meet

He owns Cogswell Cogs company and causes a lot of trouble for Spacely and George. To a lesser extent Cogswell is another of the series' antagonists. He and Spacely are always finding ways to bring each other's businesses down. Cogswell has often tried to steal Spacely's ideas and make them his own to gain an advantage only for it to backfire on both bosses. He's also not above firing his employees when any little thing goes wrong. Cogswell's first name, "Spencer", is revealed in the s version of The Jetsons.

Cogswell slightly resembles Mr. Slate of The Flintstones. His name is an acronym for Referential Universal Differential Indexer. He has a human personality and is a member of the Society for Preventing Cruelty to Humans. Spacely's rival, Cogswell, has been stealing Spacely's business ideas, putting their jobs in jeopardy.

Spacely orders George to go spy on Cogswell where George finds out that Cogswell's robot computer, S. George tries to report to Spacely, but R. Fred ignores their advances that he plans to take the girls someplace better, meanwhile at work Fred tells Barney Rubble that a poker tournament is being held at the Water Buffalos lodge and wants to go, but Mr. Slate shows up and tells them that due to them going on vacation, they must work the late shift.

4 jetsons meet

They later disobey Slate's orders and go to the poker tournament, but they see that Slate is playing there too, so they disguise themselves. Fred plays against Slate, but he loses to Slate, then a spider exposes Barney. Furious, Slate has them both fired. While back in the future, Elroy completes his time machine. The Jetsons decide to use it to take a trip to the 25th century to relax.

The Jetsons Episode 4 - The Space Car

Right before Elroy gets the machine working, his dog Astro accidentally sets the switch to "Past". With no job, the Flintstones and Rubbles are forced to settle for a camping holiday. As Fred and Barney set up the tent, the Jetsons arrive from the future. Fred and George eventually communicate and the families become friends.

Fred is amazed by George's futuristic gadgets and decides to use them to help Mr. Slate in a competition at the upcoming company picnic. Fred introduces George to Slate, claiming George is a distant cousin. Slate is reluctant at first to trust George, but since rival businessman Turk Tarpit's cheating has set him back, Slate accepts their help in exchange for giving them their jobs back.

George and Fred use future technology to help Slate win several games, but in the last event, Astro and Dino's actions causes Tarpit to become the winner. In the end, Slate refuses to trust Fred and Barney again.