4eat to 5mt swap meet

RS NA 4EAT swap to 93 Legacy 5MT | MNSubaru

Now, tired of dealing with not being able to repair an automatic, I decided to replace it with a 5MT gearbox. This would give me less driveline. From a roll: Judging from the very few 4EAT vs 5MT races that I have studied .. all still doing the same things, but it's been years since I last met them). . left my stock airbox intact despite peer pressure and good swap deals. RS NA 4EAT swap to 93 Legacy 5MT .. I feel quite confident that this project will meet my goals and I will be very happy with it.

Matching front axles- for the Impreza, 'early '04 axles were female and ''07 axles were male. I sprang for an XTD Stage 3 six-puck clutch and matching pressure plate.

4eat to 5mt swap meet

I replaced it with an organic clutch. I used a pedal box from an '04 which has fancy silver pedal pads. This is a good time to upgrade to an aftermarket short shifter since the stock Forester shifter is so tall! This is also a good time to upgrade all your shifter bushings. Trans mount good time to upgrade to Group N Forester-specific 5MT transmission crossmember- good time to upgrade to stiffer crossmember bushings The easiest method of obtaining these parts is buying a used "transmission swap" package deal from an Impreza owner who is doing an STi 6MT swap.

This way, you know all of the drivetrain parts are from the same car with the same amount of mileage in the same condition. Avoid the '02 5MT because it had weak gears.

I suggest finding the lowest mileage 5MT you can from a stock car that doesn't have performance mods putting more torque on the transmission. Be careful buying used transmissions. The following section is where things deviate.

It also eliminates some other electrical issues which will be discussed later. More specific parts list: The part number for the flywheel bolts is and you need 8 of them. The tapped hole is already there with an inserted plastic plug. The bolt is part number Two flange nuts for where the master cylinder connects to the clutch pedal box linkage through the firewall, part number Bolts for attaching the pressure plate to the flywheel, part number and you need 6 of them at least for the '02 flywheel.

You'll probably want to press a new pilot bearing into a used flywheel. The pilot bearing is part number You also might want to replace the rear main seal while the output shaft of your engine is exposed. Rear main seal for the EJ is part number The transmission axle seals probably need replacing.

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I can't find the part number for this one. The rear differential axle seals also probably need replacing.

(''05) How-to: wire your 4EAT to 5MT swap - Subaru Forester Owners Forum

I'm sure I'm missing some random nuts and bolts so feel free to chime in. This would give me less driveline loss and better overall acceleration performance, and I was tired of being harangued for not knowing how to drive one. The auto tranny has its definite advantages — but it was time for me to move to something else.

4eat to 5mt swap meet

It had about k miles on it… but it was already out of the donor car and sitting in the garage of a friend, attached to the motor. I pulled it, deadlifted it into the back of the Audi, and brought it home.

2001 2.5RS NA 4EAT swap to 93 Legacy 5MT

The front final drive was now dropping to a 3. I decided to do the latter. I obtained a 3. Again, the price was right — it was free for the taking, since he needed to clean out his condo. Conditional on this was that I take the axles off his hands too — spares for the rally car! We also rolled a 1. Clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate were out of a WRX with approximately 9k miles, and were nearly pristine. I got them for free from a little birdie at a local dealership, as they were removed from a vehicle under the clutch shudder TSB.

I also received an STi short shift linkage without lever for free from another birdie at another local dealership.

4eat to 5mt swap meet

Throwout bearing, vehicle speed sensor, some wiring harnesses, and other miscellaneous bits were ordered new from Exeter Subaru and Manchester Subaru. I also bought a lot of nuts and bolts. We removed the stock 4EAT and rear diff by following the instructions in the manuals, more or less. We had hard copies of the factory transmission and wiring manuals, as well as the Haynes Legacy manual. The remainder of the important manuals chassis, primarily were electronically available on a laptop in the garage.

The rear diff was re-geared, put back in with the new subframe bushings and locking kit, and the rear suspension was reassembled.

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While the 5MT was separated, we swapped out the stock Legacy linkage for the STi short-shift linkage. Particularly, this involved removing a double spring pin that held the linkage joint to the main shift rod. Using a punch and hammer, drill, mallet, etc. No lubricant would penetrate, and the metals appeared seized together. The smaller inner pin drilled out with no problem, but we broke drill bits trying to drill out the bigger one.

We ended up using a small bolt, C-clamp, and O2 socket, as well as a ball joint puller and breaker bar, to force out the spring pin. Conservative calculations say that it took about 30 tons of force to get the pin out — wow.

The 5MT went in by following the manuals as well, with the new mounts going in. The front pair of holes for the 5MT transmission crossmember had little plastic plugs in them, but were pre-drilled and tapped.

Saab 92 Forum : badz.info / 92x aero auto to 5mt swap.

Score another point for parts-bin engineering. We did the up-pipe in here too, which involved draining all the coolant, as it was all coming out of the turbo lines anyway.

The hydraulics went in, as did the pedals. Once again, parts-bin engineering prevailed, as the holes were already cut in the firewall and the firewall insulation for the clutch master cylinder.

4eat to 5mt swap meet

The WRX propshaft rear section was perfect length from the bearing to the diff, but the front section is about 1cm too short. The only way to do this right is to use an Impreza rear section and a Legacy front section, or to lengthen my existing one.

I might do this if it proves to be a problem as time goes on. All synthetic oils… expensive, but I need all the protection I can get.