5 0 coyote 6r80 swap meet

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5 0 coyote 6r80 swap meet

Be sure to check out this L Coyote Modular V-8 swap guide. and often prefer to use swap meet or salvage yard scores for their projects. The Ford 6R80 six-speed automatic found behind the Coyote in the So, we can all agree that the Coyote engine changed the Mustang game, In the Fox days, running 8s meant you had a full-blown race car, but the Coyote engine, 6R80 transmission, 5. For the intake, Brenspeed used what Ford Performance called at the . by Admin on October 1, - 0 Comments. Ford Coyote Swap Parts & Components | 6R80 Swap Parts BBK Coyote L Swap X-Pipe for Long Tube Headers with Cats. Suggested Retail Price: $

The standard Coyote crate engine center photo that Pawlak used is an all-aluminum 5. Internals include forged-steel crankshaft and rods with hypereutectic pistons. Compression ratio is Engine weight is pounds.

The Aluminator crate engine left photo is basically a Coyote with some aftermarket durability built in. Two versions are available: Both have front covers already modified for supercharger installs. It has all the Aluminator upgrades plus more aggressive cams and valve springs, improved oil pump, quart oil pan, Cobra Jet intake, Boss damper and larger fuel injectors.

As noted in the shop photos, Pawlak installed the engine from below using a vehicle lift. There are reports on the Internet that some installations have been very difficult trying to drop the engine down from the top. Headers have to be removed and in at least once situation, the stock K-member had to be loosened and dropped to provide enough room for the engine to be positioned properly.

5 0 coyote 6r80 swap meet

The ROUSH system includes an intercooler with a standalone coolant system that features a pump, reservoir and heat exchanger. The Roots-style, positive-displacement supercharger is a R TVS series with twin 4-lobe, degree-twist rotors. Shown here is the Tremec Magnum six-speed kit.

How to shift a Coyote mustang

Manual Trans Tips We spent a bit of time on the phone with Bruce Couture of Modern Driveline getting the on manual transmissions that will work with the Coyote 5. Besides the transmission itself, which Modern Driveline can configure for your year Mustang for best fitment, proper speedometer connection, and so forth, Modern Driveline offers a full complement of driveline bits to complete the swap.

From crossmembers, bellhousings, clutch kits, and even driveshafts, plus hydraulic clutch actuation. Couture tells us that to use the late-model GT Mustang six-speed in an early Mustang means having to cut the top of transmission tunnel, change out or remove the floor support, and more to obtain the correct driveline angle.

Modern Driveline is currently working on offering a pre-formed sheetmetal piece with floor support to fit the six-speed in the future. These will work with the correct bellhousing, clutch, and crossmember. The downside is finding a good used one.

Usually these transmissions, due to their age, have a lot of miles and shifts on them and would need a solid rebuild to be viable behind the Coyote, but it is an option. An additional note to consider is that the Tremec five-speeds will work, but these years have an electric speedometer connection only.

Thusly, your only clutch control option would be to utilize a hydraulic release bearing in place of a traditional clutch fork and release bearing. When it comes to automatic transmissions the easy route may be the transmission you already have. Yes, the venerable and ever-popular C4 three-speed automatic will bolt up to your Coyote with the proper bolt-on bellhousing. If your C4 is up to the task Performance Automatic sells everything you need between the trans and engine block separately.

Your next step up in the realm of auto shift boxes is the four-speed automatic overdrive. Performance Automatic offers a Street Smart package that includes a performance-built 4R70W and everything you need to get it behind your Coyote, including Smart Shift electronics, manual lever sensor, block plate, flexplate, converter, and attaching bolts.

Auto Trans Tips Fitting the more modern overdrive automatics into a vintage Mustang is nothing new. However, the same fitment issues still come into play with the modular Coyote bolted in front of these larger transmissions. The tunnel brace often requires minor trimming or flattening, especially on the and its smaller transmission tunnel.

5 0 coyote 6r80 swap meet

While the AOD can fit behind a modular engine with a custom bellhousing, due to the fact the Coyote is a drive-by-wire modular engine, the AOD and its throttle valve TV shift control cable which usually attaches to a mechanical throttle body lever are not suitable for this application. With the 4R70W, Ford really built one tough overdrive automatic. No more dropping a valvebody a dozen times tweaking springs and hoping you got it right.

The Ford 6R80 six-speed automatic found behind the Coyote in the Mustang is an option, albeit one that will require some floorpan surgery and a way to control it. However, there are ways around these issues as well with custom carpet, aftermarket seats, and building your own console.

The biggest problem with the 6R80 is controlling it. While several aspiring builders have used the transmission along with stock wiring harnesses from the F-series truck and custom tuning, there is currently not a plug-and-play standalone controller on the market for the 6R80 transmission. The TCI Engineering system welds into the front framerails and then the suspension pieces bolt to the new subframe, providing ample clearance.


The Roadster Shop offers its own IFS that utilizes modern Corvette spindles, a splined antisway bar, and other high-end goodies for a suspension that not only allows Coyote fitment, but can easily tackle the road course as well. The aluminum subframe structure bolts to the stock frame rails and sandwiches it after welding in the mounting plates. While the dual A-arm IFS setups are a popular route, many Coyote swappers prefer a strut-based front suspension.

One such offering is this strut package from Gateway Mustang. As installed you can see the Coyote clears fine with the shock tower simply trimmed back. Fatman Fabrications has an interesting offering for strut IFS builds. Its modular system uses a series of bolt on tubular supports and stamped metal panels to completely reform the engine bay and offer the maximum clearance for the wide Coyote.

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First thing is to see if it smokes on start-up, and also after idling a few seconds. Excessive smoke from the tailpipes could indicate potential problems. A more thorough examination is via a compression test. This is a key test to ensure the health of an engine.

A compression test examines the health of pistons and rings, valve seals and head gaskets. Solid numbers at each cylinder, and within five percent of each other, means you have a strong base from which to start.


Once the engine was found healthy, the Brenspeed gang ripped into the engine, tearing apart the front half and removing the stock intake. The valley under the intake is usually good for gathering various dead insects, dirt, leaves, and the like. Along with all the performance upgrades planned for the car, Brenspeed makes sure to replace all the old gaskets with new Ford items.

5 0 coyote 6r80 swap meet

The list of parts for the first round of mods is quite lengthy, but many of the mods were aimed at replacing potentially tired components.

Ford Performance was sourced for a front drive kit, which encompasses the timing chains, guides, high-RPM Boss tensioners, and sprockets, but the stock intake is also getting replaced with a Ford Performance Cobra Jet Intake Power Up Kit.

Also being brought on board is a GT cooling fan, an Afco radiator, a Reische degree thermostat, a Meziere electric water pump, and Triangle Speed Shop oil pump gears. Withmiles on any engine, you want to really take a close look at all of these items, and replace as necessary. The timing chain components go without saying they should be replaced, even if the engine was found in good working order, and well-maintained. Ford Performance no longer has the Power Up Kit as one part number, but you can still get these components as single units.

5 0 coyote 6r80 swap meet

A custom tune is required for these components, so if you plan to add one of these to your Coyote engine, make sure to have a tuner on standby. Obviously, this intake is pretty popular with the Coyote-swap crowd, as well.